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Saturday, October 22, 2011



I read your comment on Mud's blog, and first of all, thank you for thinking I'm the brightest "LIV" in the bunch.

As for passing on a world to my children that is ruined, do some research on Mud's story.  He conveniently omitted the pollution data on rare earth oxides.  Have you ever seen a movie where the "man" is burying toxic waste?  That waste comes from rare earth, not oil or coal.  I do believe we can do a better job of protecting our planet, but I don't believe "green" energy is the answer.  Personally, I am in favor of going back to a 1700 energy plan - cut your own firewood and raise your own food.  Build your own shelter, educate your own children.  Fight your own enemies.  Simple times.  But then, I have an advantage in that scenario - I have all the necessary skills to thrive in that environment.

Pollution is not forever, Jeff.  As soon as we stop polluting, Mother Nature starts to clean up after us.  The planet is a remarkable, living thing.  We are insignificant, like a summer cold.  The Earth will shake us off, and go on without us.  But for each other, we should limit our impact as much as is practical.  Stopping the use of "fossil" fuels before we have a suitable, lesser polluting replacement is foolish.

And as for the side note to uptheflag, are you referring to the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Libya?  I guess we should all be a little more careful about what we wish for, eh?


  1. Anyone embracing the Owl Gore line of s h i t is an idiot and should be ignored as a fool and a moron.

    As for going back to a 1700 lifestyle? HELL YEAH! It would be fun to watch the libs die off as useless appendages in our society. Or, they might make great slaves since they are so willing to sell themselves into it with the Left.

  2. Tenth,

    You must have a real masochistic streak. Reading Mud's blog? You must do it for the comedic relief.

    After begging many of us to come to his blog, I went over there to "duel" (Mud's word - he's very dramatic that way - remember "lone wolf?") After making his Marxist mates look like buffoons, I get a message from Mud telling me that I'm banned.

    You can't get them to talk about any serious issues. They want to name call. It was pretty humorous. Jeff is the most ridiculous of the bunch.

  3. Reading Mud's blog? You must do it for the comedic relief.

    Really, CS?? That's quite an interesting statement. Stupid, but interesting. It places you in a most interesting category.

    You can't get them to talk about any serious issues.

    Is that so, CS? We are the ones who don't discuss serious issues??

    Have you checked the posse blogs lately to compare the topics?

    Just because you don't LIKE the topics we choose to discuss, doesn't make them irrelevant or frivolous. It seems to me that the 'themes' of the posse are generally denigrating the President pretty much 24/7.

    And why is that, CS? What's the point of doing that 24/7? Seriously. It ought to be obvious to you, Tenth and all the rest of the posse that you all hate him.

    Why is it necessary to repeat that day after monotonous day?

    Do you think that, if you skip a day of denigration that it might suggest that maybe you don't hate him as thoroughly as your posse expects?

    Look at blogs- that's all you people do. It's nauseous. It is almost as if you are obsessed, that you suffer from OCD.

    Why don't you all just declare on your blog a permanent statement which any reader can see? For example, here's a suggestion:

    Mr. President, the only letter that we the American people are interested in seeing is your letter of resignation. That will give everyone an immediate lift. Fire Joe Biden and then resign.

    There, how's that?

    Then, after that is permanently posted, then you are free to move on to some more important more substantive, blog topics.

    ...jut trying to help

  4. Mud,

    We can "talk" about whatever you want to talk about. I have answered every time you have challenged. Typically you quit as you can't compete on the field of ideas. You just insult, evade, and hide behind fantasy.

    You completely missed the point of Tenth's post - but then you always do. The "crisis" in rare earth metals is being driven by things that we don't need (windmills, electric cars) for which the American taxpayer is being fleeced (subsidies and tax credits) to solve a non-existent crisis that is manufactured by your buddies (Global Warming, shortage of oil).

    When you live a lie - you have to be prepared to be called a liar Mud.

    You challenged me to come to your blog twice - I came both times. The last time your fellow Marxists looked so foolish in comparison that you banned me. I don't care - arguing with morons isn't really my thing. But every time you reached out like a rational being, I responded in kind.

    Johnny provided a good neutral area to scrimmage. You challenged, I responded. You have plenty of time for drive-by insults but none for actually discussing true, honest, ideas. It's been more than a week since your challenge and you haven't presented a single cogent thought - only excuses and a couple of clarification questions.

    You are all mouth and no intellect. You are a fraud.

    As before, "Mud Rake" would imply a search for truth - you are nothing of the kind.

  5. "And as for the side note to uptheflag, are you referring to the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Libya? I guess we should all be a little more careful about what we wish for, eh?"

    I was referring to the redistricting in Ohio and replacing certain representatives. But you are absolutely right, it would apply to the national governments of those countries, also.

    (And observations like that are why you don't fit in with certain LIV groups.)

    I have more to add, but I've learned that discussing issues with you requires a little more research on my part. As the saying goes "you're a hard nut to crack!" Did you notice that you can have an intelligent opposing discussion without name calling?

  6. Just out of curiosity, do Republican's use the term "Low Information Voter" as much as Democrats?

  7. Johnny,

    I haven't ever heard "LIV" anywhere except Mud's blog. In fact, I had to pay very close attention over there until someone defined it for me, or I would still not know what it meant. I don't think that anyone on either of these blog networks can accuse the others of being "low information voters." The real LIV's are the ones Jay Leno interviews, the ones that can barely identify America on a world map.

  8. Jeff,

    I would really like to have a discussion that doesn't revert to name calling. As both sides say, it doesn't solve anything.

    Having said that, I will make it a practice to give better than I get.

    As for Ohio's redistricting, I think we'll see a lot of that in the next census as well. As soon as someone gets this economy rolling again, millions of people are going to go where the jobs are. Hopefully that won't be Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, or Libya.

  9. Did a little research on where the term LOW-INFORMATION-VOTER came from; I've heard the phrase in many places. Seems it's been around a while but doesn't describe what it's name says. Someone with information, but bad or incorrect information, would be called a LIV. I'm sure a certain blog comes to mind when the term "passing incorrect information" is heard. I wonder if the person passing the bad information to others would be called a LIV?

    The joke goes: How can you tell a LOW-INFORMATION VOTER? Ask them if they watch FOX News. (If they do, then they probably could be called a LIV.)

  10. CS- NWOhio wrote to you, Did you notice that you can have an intelligent opposing discussion without name calling?

    That's interesting.

    I wrote a lengthy statement about having a discussion of 'serious issues' [your phrase] and you retorted with these words and phrases:

    a liar Mud;

    arguing with morons;

    You just insult, evade, and hide behind fantasy;

    your fellow Marxists;

    You are all mouth and no intellect;

    You are a fraud.

    Well, CS, I guess that we now more completely understand your modus operandi.

    Thanks for clearing it up for alll of us.

  11. Mud,

    It's very hard to understand sometimes what NW Ohio is doing. He didn't address his comment to me - so I ignored it. I went back to read it - still not worth commenting on.

    That's an interesting list - why on earth would you consider being called a "Marxist" an insult? If you don't like it - then you need to change your philosophy to avoid that label. I didn't consider it an insult - rather it was accuracy.

    Go back and look at those comments by your posse - the only one that made any sense was the engineer guy. The rest just swarmed around with insults, ridiculous assertions and semi-literate babble about their "rights."

    I assume that you wouldn't have cut off the debate if you considered it valuable - but you ended it - not me.

    You come out here with all this mock outrage - that's hysterical. The pages of discussion and attempts to reason with you don't seem to have registered any response. All the other bloggers were right - you are a waste of my time.

  12. CS - It was addressed to people like you. Your type accuses others of doing things that you are the most guilty of. You said your mother and her christian friends (not the non-christian friends) were offended by some of the language used by the commenters. You are the one using the foulest language. And your mother doesn't get offended by little Bill, but by others? An example: Does the dear old lady use language like "shitbird"? Sounds like quite the lady.

    You whine about being blocked from blogs, yet you do it first and the most often. You complain about unsubstantiated facts, but you throw them out there all the time. And when you're called on it, out come the "red herrings".

    The reason I refer to you as "Sgt. Price" from the Stalag 17 movie is you hit the hardest when it's you who are the counterfeit one.

  13. NW Ohio,

    Still nothing worth commenting on. If you have something of value to contribute - please do.

    Your insults fall on deaf ears - I simply consider the source.

  14. Same here.

    (Uh, they're not insults, just observations.)

  15. CS- you, sir, are a cream puff disguised as a wolf, to mix a biblical metaphor.

    How does one feel after eating cream puff? Bloated, and nauseous.

    Sorry, but that's pretty much it when it comes to listening to what you have to say. Your 'spin' is greater than a gyroscope, requiring massive doses of Dramamine.

    You have no logic, no serious debate skills, no sense of fair-play. What you do in comment after comment is spin and spin, with a heavy dose of insults.

    That's it. No substance.

    Cream puff.

    May I direct your attention to the subjects of your recent posts on your blog? Cream puff stuff filled with anti-Obama hate, offered as what? Substance? Information? News?

    It is hate-Obama 24/7.

    Cream puff. And do you know that people quickly get tired of eating cream puffs 24/7?

    Why don't you try to post something of SUBSTANCE on your blog just for once? Let me help you with a few discussion starters:

    * Compare health care in the U.S. with the rest of the world.

    * Compare the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to the the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933

    * Compare the benefits and disadvantages to the citizens of the U.S. of a flat tax compared with a graduated tax system.

    * Compare the foreign policy of GW Bush to the foreign policy of Obama.

    * Defend the role of injecting religious tenants into government policies.

    * Defend the free-trade policy of the U.S. and China

    Anything whet your appetice, CS?

  16. Mud,

    We are engaged (or at least I was) in a number of conversations. Why don't you finish the one you started at Johnny's?

    We are discussing Health Care elsewhere (you're latest post was hysterical - the UN WHO?! LMAO), and we have compared George W. Bush's highly successful foreign policy with the amateurish mess that Obama has made of things in a number of locations. You might recall that was our "duel" (your word, your challenge) when you sent:

    "Sorry pal, but I have banned you from posting on my blog"

    Now NW Ohio will accuse me of whining - let me be clear - I don't care now and I didn't care then - but don't pull that crap and then tell me I'm running.

    I'm not hiding - to spin it otherwise is dishonest. Indeed you are stalking me for the most part. I seem to be giving your life meaning. Be thankful. You owe me.

    You (and NW Ohio) make accusations about me lying - you never back them up. You tell me I insult you by calling you a Marxist - well - stop acting like one.

    Just because you have a passion for a subject, doesn't mean it has substance. Who do you think you are exactly?

  17. in other words, you have nothing to offer, as usual.

  18. Mud,

    Health care:

    Mortgage lending crisis:

    Obama's foreign policy nightmare:

    Economic of the phony banking crisis:

    You're always the guy who cuts and runs Mud.