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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Voter Fraud?

Our good friend and leftist mentor, Mud, has posted a piece on voter fraud, in which he surmises that the Republican party suppresses the votes of lower income minorities such as blacks, Latinos, and even low income whites.  As is usual for our friend Mud, he neglects to mention the dead people and illegal immigrants that so overwhelmingly vote Democrat.  Mr. Mud also forgets such incidents as the New Black Panther thugs Shebaz Sheboozle and the other one, who menacingly threatened voters in an effort to suppress votes.

But he does have a point.  Republicans have historically suppressed minority voters, especially in the post-Civil War South.  Remember the Ku Klux Klan?  Weren't they Republicans?  And what about Bull Connor?

In 1938, Connor became a candidate for Governor of Alabama. He announced he would be campaigning on a platform of "protecting employment practices, law enforcement, segregation and other problems that have been historically classified as states' rights by the Democratic party."

Whoops.  Looks like old Bull was a Democrat.  I wonder where Mud found factual evidence of Republican voter suppression?  I'm betting he didn't.  Funny how he is about facts, huh?

Here's a link to an opinion piece on Republican voter suppression.  Note:  Opinion is not fact.

How about this opinion?

Fifty percent of black males between 18 and 24 don't have picture ID?  How do they cash a check?  The idea that requiring a photo ID to vote as suppressing a right is absolutely ludicrous.  In most states, if a policeman asks you to identify yourself, you are required to show him your photo ID.  Unless you are an illegal immigrant.  Then the very idea of asking you to identify yourself is a violation of your civil rights.  Bullshit.

I must admit I was surprised by our equally good friend Jeff disagreeing with the Mudster.  Sometimes Jeff confuses me.  Sometimes he seems like a normal human.

Northwest Ohio Native
The first question I get asked when this subject is brought up is how widespread is voter fraud. I can’t answer because I don’t know what is considered voter fraud to even begin searching for statistics..
While talking with someone recently, I was surprised to learn that an I.D. was required for food stamps in Ohio. It seems that voting is the only personal activity that doesn’t require a photo I.D.; in Ohio voting does require some sort of I.D., just not photo. I am also aware that in the legislation proposed requiring a photo I.D., State Of Ohio photo I.D.’s would be offered to anyone free of charge.
When you say early voting took place directly after church it sounds like you’re saying the civil responsibility of voting can be tied to attending church. Anything remotely tying church membership to government voting throws up some red flags. I would estimate (conservatively) over 50% of church leaders “encourage” their members to vote a certain way. I’m sure you know how I would feel about someone saying “I can make it to church, but not to vote.”
My personal view is that early voting is unnecessary as the polls are open 13 hours election day, voting stations are spread around to be near the precinct residences and absentee voting is very easy. As an older person, I seem to recall that many, many democrats were elected before early voting was implemented. I will concede that getting to the voting station may have become more of an issue now that precinct voting locations have been combined; but wasn’t this done because travel to the voting locations has become so much easier than a century ago? Would the precinct voting locations be more spread out if early voting was abolished?
Voter I.D.’s are a harder question issue to decide. It depends on what you consider voter fraud. What I consider voter fraud, you might just consider a fact of life.
Seriously, you could provide free door to door taxi service (some places do) and you’d still get a low voter turnout. And I think some pieces of crap will always be elected due to the buying power of special interest groups. Don’t you think if a person cares enough to “really” learn about ballot issues, they’ll be smart enough and have enough drive to get to the polls? Once again, I may be giving today’s American voters too much credit.

The real suppression of votes occurs in our schools, where they no longer emphasize the civic responsibility of voting.  To grow up not caring about your vote should be a crime, but how do you punish someone for avarice?  You can't take away something that an individual has already thrown away.   Maybe Mud just likes to whine and bitch.  He really should do better research.


  1. Tenth,

    I voted absentee my entire life before retiring from the Marine Corps. Wide spread absentee voting is entirely dependent on individual responsibility and honesty. We should always look at absentee (any postal or on-line) voting as the exception rather than the rule for that very reason.

    The important part in having people go to the polls is to have them prove who they are. I have only voted at a polling place in Virginia, but in our system you present your photo ID to the poll worker. He finds your name in the poll book and then asks you to recite your name and address. That's important because once you walk away from that table you and your vote are separated. If you have committed fraud, there is no way to go back and eliminate your vote.

    Voter fraud is wide spread and has had huge implications. Chicago delivered Illinois and the Nation to JFK. This was a turning point for the Nation as we had been cleaning up government since January 1953 (President Eisenhower) and JFK put the children back in the driver's seat.

    In Washington State Republican Dino Rossi won the 2004 gubernatorial race against Democrat Christine Gregoire. He won the recount, and then he won the hand recount requested by the Democrat Party. Then several hundred ballots were "found" in King County (that's where Seattle is - it's Washington's equivalent of Chicago). Everyone knew these votes were fraudulent but that connection between the actual voter and the vote is broken to retain anonymity and it delivered the governorship to Gregoire and the people of Washington to liberal serfdom.

    Al Gore attempted the very same thing in 2000. His intent was to keep counting until they "found" the magic ballots to put him over the top.

    Non-Funnyman Al Franken won the very same way. Think of the impact that cheating had in that case. Franken was the 60th vote that gave democrats a filibuster-proof majority. Without Franken, we wouldn't have wasted $1 TRILLION on phony stimulus and there would be no Obamacare among other outrages.

    Liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever) are fascinating creatures. They will lie about anything.

    Voter Fraud has had a huge and debilitating effect on the United States and is nearly always perpetrated by Democrats.

  2. TGP- Don't be confused by NON. I think he's kind of like me in a way. He has ideas and opinions that fall on both sides of the political spectrum. Sometimes, he's just a little to sensitive.

  3. Johnny,

    I agree he's too sensitive. Usually lately, he adds to the conversation. If he could control his tantrums, we could learn from each other.

  4. Tenth,

    mud is of course entitled to his own opinion but he is not entitled to make up his own facts.

    Voter fraud is rampant in democrat controlled areas and have been for a long long time. The election of JFK is evidence of that.

    Since mud is so all-knowing in this area, maybe he can explain for us why absentee ballots from the military almost always seem to show-up late in democrat voter districts.

  5. Tenth- I am pleased that I can supply adult topics for the posse bloggers. Let me know if I should one again list several adult topics for you all to chew on. I believe I did this a few weeks ago for CS.

    ...always here to be uplifting

  6. Mud_PILE,

    We don't need topics from you - but we would like to have an honest, fact-based, non-emotional, discussion from you that avoids insults. You have never provided that - give it a try.

  7. The voter ID idea is a thorn in the side of libnuts everywhere because, they know exactly who showing ID to vote will hurt...democrats.

    Trying to feign sympathy for black people over this is a joke since they're trying to say that black people don't drive, have utilities, purchase smokes or, alcohol, use any government benefits, read, have credit cards, addresses, or, anything else that has their name and address on it.

    Even if you get arrested...which liberals claim most blacks do, they get a bond paper that has their name and address printed right on it and IS an official document.

    The problem is that they just won't be able to be shuttled around by muddy's friends to every polling place in the city anymore.