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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Mission Accomplished Moment"


Mark my words:

This will come back and bite Obama on the ass.

Its not the flight deck of a carrier, its not a pile of rubble that used to be the tallest buildings in the world, but this speech from the island resort of Martha's Vineyard will be the liberal version of "Mission Accomplished."

Has anyone else noticed that the group of people responsible for protesting the Iraq war for eight years have not said one word about this war?  So is it okay for a liberal Democrat to get Americans killed for oil?  Granted, Libya didn't kill any of our guys, but it could have.  Maybe Obama knows so little about the military that he thinks flyboys like John McCain really have it as easy as us grunts imply, but its really not as easy as being the junior senator from Illinois.  You can't just vote present when there's a surface to air missile trying to crawl up your ass.  You also don't get four months to decide whether or not to eject or ride it out.

Speaking of four months to make a decision, as I was eating my lunch I watched Meghan Kelly say five times that they would bring us the President as soon as he came to the podium, but she didn't know what was taking so long.  I know what was taking so long.  Obama was waiting for someone to tell him what to say.

By the way, so long and good riddance Qadafi.  You won't be missed.


  1. 10th -

    What I want to know is where are the Bloodthirsty Valkyries? Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Powers?

    Maybe Hillary has her hand up his butt making his lips move?

  2. Amigo,
    That would be the same as one dummy controlling another dummy.

    I always ask libs where the Code Pinkies are and I get a "duh" everytime. Hypocrits

  3. I have some reservations as to exactly WHO Obama has placed into power there in Libya. "The rebels" is the only adjective the whitehouse has used and the msm parroted.
    Who exactly are they?
    What do they stand for?
    What is their plan for the future?

    Sure it's easy to justify taking a dictator down (IF you're a democrat) and use the claim that "it's because he's killing his own people" (if you're a democrat) but, was old Daffy actually killing his own people BEFORE the US government spent millions training and equipping "the rebels" to take up arms?
    Before Obama begins patting his own back, I'd like to see exactly what kind of regime is going to replace Daffy.

  4. Check my new blog entry gents. Sharia Law in Libya and Egypt. Oblamo is surrounding Israel with enemies.

  5. Check my new blog entry gents. Sharia Law in Libya and Egypt. Oblamo is surrounding Israel with enemies.

  6. Sepp,

    As part of my extensive travels in that part of the world, I can tell you that the fighting in Libya is just getting started. They will now fight amongst themselves to decide who the next dictator will be. Then the new dictator will kill a bunch of his enemies, and they'll settle down to a few years of less murder before the cycle goes on "repeat" again.

    Obama will regret getting involved in this.

  7. TGP,
    You're probably correct about the real fighting beginning now. They've gotten rid of the common enemy, so onto the next one. As a sidenote, I saw an interview of an Islamic radical who was asked about the "odd relationship between some Islamic groups and American leftist groups"
    He stated that "they're usefull to us right now and when we're done with them, they'll be dealt with".

    I've been concerned about who exactly on whom Obama spent a truckload of money over the last 6 months while acting as their airforce.

    We already know who was being taken out of power, we've never been told who was being put in.

  8. TGP,
    Correct, the slaughter will rev up once zero and the Euro-weiners get finished patting themselves on the back.

    The rebels just announced that Sharia Law will be the basis for their constitution.

    The MB has their fingerprints all over this.

  9. I know that none of this "gang" will be able to tolerate the truth tht I am going to post, so Tenth, quickly delete it before their eyes get burned with the truth.

    So is it okay for a liberal Democrat to get Americans killed for oil? Granted, Libya didn't kill any of our guys, but it could have.

    Very funny. This WAS a joke, wasn't it, Tenth?

    So you 'believe' that this Qadafi take-down was all about oil? Are you sure that you aren't confusing this with the GW Bush preemptive War on Iraq in 2003? After all, Saddam had many more millions of barrels of oil than Qadafi.

    Further, are you suggesting above that you are sad that no U.S. Military member was killed in the removal of this dictator? Did I read that right? Do you really loathe Obama so much that you are disappointed that not a single Service Member was killed? I surely must have misread your intention, didn't I Tenth?

    Isn't it amazing that GW Bush, a war hero [you said this on Paladin's blog] had to declare a war to take down a dastardly dictator like Saddam while Obama used NATO air power to take down this dastardly dictator. No loss of life. No disable Vets. No hundreds of billions of dollars of Tax dollars spent?

    That's what really upsets you, Tenth. The president you loathe did something that the 'war hero' could not do. And not only that, but bin Laden was killed on Obama's watch. Double the loathing.

    Listen, I would be happy to 'educate' you and the other members of this gang about the OIL issue that you all high-fived here, but it would have to be in a follow-up comment.

    Would you like me to educate you and the others here on the Qadafi oil issue or are you all happy to maintain your happy ignorance of this?

    Let me know if I can help.

  10. Mud,

    I will leave this post up and allow everyone to come beat the hell out of it.

    Please feel free to tell us all about how Iraq was "Blood for Oil" but Libya wasn't. I look forward to your moonbat gibberish.

    And you go copy and paste where I called GW Bush a war hero. I guarantee you I did not.

  11. TGP,

    They are already talking about how it will take years for the oil to be pumped!

    Moreover, this was a war for EUROPE's OIL which was why Oblamo allowed NATO to lead the way.

    We can all thank Ms Cass Sunstein (Samantha Power) for this war.

  12. You guys might not like this, but Mud put up a good post about past Presidents and war. In that post he did criticize Pres. Obama

  13. J.O.B.,

    Mud's post is full of holes. Clinton - no war? He continued Bush's no fly zone in Iraq, launched 20-30 cruise missiles at Iraq in his first week as President, and as you mentioned, he had Bosnia. Mud is delusional and not much of a historian.

  14. Maybe, but he does show his dissapointment in Pres. Obama, as I'm sure alot of Libs will come 2012. He made alot of promises, and have not kept them.............

  15. You guys haven't figured out that democrats don't do "wars", they do knietic actions!

    No war under Clinton?
    I'd bet that the brigade of Serbian infantry, ADA batteries and, tank battalions Clinton wiped out would beg to differ.
    The citizens in Belgrade who he was bombing also seem to think otherwise.

  16. J.O.B

    Muddy isn't disappointed in Obama for the same reasons everyone else is.
    Muddy is pissed because Obama didn't create the statist paradise the libs thought they'd be getting from that clown.
    THAT is usually the extent of muddy's mild displeasure where anything Obama is concerned.