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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

It is a tradition on New Years Day to eat black eyed peas.  Eating them is supposed to bring you good luck in the coming year.  I eat them every year, not wanting to jinx myself.  Last year, I made a big pot of black eyed peas with ham, and served them with corn bread.  Whether they bring good luck or not, they are deliscious and sooo good for you.

Happy New Year.   Eat some black eyed peas and bring us all some luck.  We sure need it.


  1. TGP- Happy New Year to you and your family. My Mom always made B.E.P. w/ onions, and bacon. Friggin delicious. All year long.

  2. Johnny,

    I make mine with onions and ham, but I love bacon and may try that next time you send us one of them Alberta clippers.

    Happy New Year to you and the Lady's O'Bloggin'.

  3. I use Great northern beans, ham (a crapload of it) onions, celery and, a little can of carrots to add some color to it.

    It's addictive as all hell and will leave you busting ass for days...and well worth it!

  4. TGP,

    As a Hungarian-American, there is an OLD hunky tradition of NEVER eating any fowl (scratches for a living) on new years day. ONLY beef or pork because they move ahead and don't scratch for a living.

    I love black-eyeds and ham.

    Try navy beans, bacon, onions, and carrots and make bean w/ bacon soup. YUMMY

    And as Sepp states, you're ripping em for days!

    PS: You all gotta let me know on my new blog site when you post new stuff. My blog roll does not update as this one does!

  5. Good stuff is right! Reminds me of the song we sang when we were kids,

    Beans, beans
    Good for the heart
    Bean, beans
    Makes you fart
    Beans, beans
    Good from the start
    Beans, beans
    Makes your pants part
    Eat beans everyday

    There's more but I forget the rest.

  6. Gunny,

    I've heard of no fowl, but didn't know why. I sure as hell don't need to do any more scratching for a living.

    Happy New Year.