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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Presidential Loafers on sale now

K-Mart plans to start selling a new shoe, the Presidential Loafer, in honor of President Obama, just in time for the 2012 election campaign.

This new shoe is completely designed for the comfort of Barack Obama as he works [sic] in the People's House.

Notice the bands of color representing the Kenyan flag.

Notice the grips on the heels to keep the President's feet from slipping off of the Resolute Desk.

As Obama enjoys relaxing more than working, perhaps these comfortable new shoes will inspire him to loaf around the office, as opposed to loafing around the golf course.  Then again, he may just wear them on the links too.


  1. Those will look good on the biggest "loafer" in Washington!

  2. I wonder if he had a hand in designing them. His personal income did go way up this year.

  3. BTW... K-Mart?

    Has anyone ever bought anything of quality at ... K-Mart?

    Just askin'....

  4. Will post this over at TOTUS tomorrow. With due credit!!!

  5. Forgot to mention--thanks for updating widget so quickly--many are slow! The widget will not only help in defeating that jerk in the Whitehouse, but will drive more traffic to your site. I've noticed over the years, that my visitors always go up with things like this although the number of commentors varies little.

  6. Ron,

    It is my pleasure. I have noticed a big increase in pageviews since I posted the widget.

    And, I love this loafer thing. I can't remember what gave me the idea, but I think it was a comment on a story.