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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poll Results in

This weeks poll results are in, and I'm very disappointed to report that 65% of my readers think the libs have already ruined America.  I hope they are wrong, and I hope we can start right now to change course.  Like Newt said Thursday, there's 15 months until the election, but America needs leadership NOW.

This week I'm running two polls.  One is serious, and the other is a little less so.  I'll let you decide which is which.


  1. No, I do not believe that the libs have ruined America completely. They have changed it from when we grew up. We can't turn that back but we sure as hell can instill some good old American patriotism back into the mainstream.

    Perry... check

    BECS... check

  2. I'm afraid that the almost 50 years of liberal influence from LBJ's Great Society to Obamacare and everything in between has instilled a form of paralysis of entitlement in this country that is now generational and part of millions of people's DNA. I'm very pessimistic that we can do much to fix it. I truly hope I am wrong but, just take a drive around your community and take a close look at what you are dealing with..........or do it the fast way and just go to Walmart after 9 PM when they come out like bugs drawn to the bright lights. Depressing and frightening at the same time.

  3. And why are these'bugs' crawling out of Walmart, Paladin? You are spot-on in your metaphor, but why is 'Walmart' a perfect example of what a nation 'get' when left to unabashed, untamed free-enterprise?

    I'm composing a post on my blog soon that asks the question, "When and why did you move to the right-side of the political spectrum? Your input will be most valuable.

  4. I'd guess that they crawl out of walmart because walmart is open 24/7 and more widespread than other 24/7 stores.
    Before walmart came to Toledo, those folks were at meijer hanging out.

  5. Paladin,
    you're shorting them a few years. The liberal/socialist assault started with Woodrow Wilson, got kicked into high gear with FDR and the New (Raw) Deal (which only prolonged the took WW2 to end it), turbocharged by LBJ (an embarrassment to Texas), and given jet boosters by Obama

  6. mud_rake,
    Easy. I have NEVER moved to the right. I am in the direct center of the American political spectrum, because I believe that the Constitution (as the supreme law of the land) is our center point. Any deviation is unacceptable unless backed up by an amendment to said document.
    While my family has a military history, patriotism and the military was never something pushed on me.
    When I started attending a private school in 5th grade my eyes were really opened to what America is all about. Most of our instructors were monks from the monastery next door, and they were all refugees from the 1956 Hungarian Revolt against the communists. They had all become US citizens and had embraced what our nation offered. They saw the freedoms our Constitution guaranteed and the limitations that it placed upon government. For men who had been subjected to dictatorial communism, America was the closest to Heaven that they could find. They warned against the utopian visions put forth by communists and socialists (aka liberals). I guarantee that none of them support Obama.

  7. What in the hell is BECS. I give up! I can't figure it out.

  8. Mud- I will gladly check out your post.

  9. J.O.B.,

    Check out this link for BECS definition. Check the comments.

  10. JOB and Paladin,

    Will be interested to see how your visit to Mud's site goes.

    He's trying to drive up traffic on his blog.

    If you are anything like the rest of us - you'll feel like you need a shower after your visit.

  11. Sence- I left 2 comments on 2 different posts. Still need to be moderated. I feel fine, but thanks. No shower yet...LOL. I just recently found all your blogs, so I'm guessing I missed where the hostility comes from. The post mud was referring to however was almost comedic. I think some people just like starting arguments.

  12. TGP- Thanks by the way, the curiosity is fulfilled.

    FYI- Chicagoans call him Captain Purple-Lip

  13. JOB - We've all given Mud the opportunity to prove that he can participate in a civil, fact and issue based discussion. He let us all down. Now it's degenerated into insults and baiting. He's just trying to drive up traffic on his blog.

    Good luck.

  14. Crawfish,

    Stop stealing my thunder! Agree on Wilson on up.

    The ONLY two POTUSs EVER to confine Americans to concentration camps were, Progressives.

    Wilson and FDR.


  15. BTW all, it ain't over until Rosie O'Donnell squeals.

  16. I hear ya.... The post he was referring to above, states that we are all born liberal, or at least with liberal tendencies. Then something happens and we switch over to a more conservative point of view. His question is what happens to cause this switch.

    The only problem I have is when he refers to conservatives being narcissistic.

    My comment was simply that all children are narcissistic, even from birth.

  17. You may wish to read my reply. By the way, JOB, I do not 'moderate' my blog, but first-time users are placed in 'suspension' to keep spam from accumulating.

    Sadly most of the right-wing blogs [except this one] moderate every comment so that only 'their kind' can comment.

    I applaud Tenth for keeping his blog open [although he had deleted some comments]. At least he gives everyone a fair chance to comment.

    Common Sense never lets any of my comments through although he blasted about a dozen or so on my blog a few days ago. He said that his Mother didn't like the foul language I used.

    Oh well, freedom isn't free!

  18. I will not use clever adjectives, but mud is correct. My posts hit his blog and he replied. I too replied, and am looking forward to friendly debates..

    P.S.- Some people maybe confused by my views, or feelings on social topics. I hate to do it, but in the next few days I will post on my blog everything anyone will need to know.

    TGP's blog is not the proper forum, but let me say this....I judge none of you on your views. Your differing views and opinions is what makes this country a wonderful thing, and it's what makes me love being American.

  19. mud,
    Let's be honest now shall we?

    I refused to post your comments on my blog because you personally attacked the other posters, not because you had a different opinion.

    I will not give you a forum to attack others. You have your own blog for that. I have told you that a least a dozen times but you refused to be polite.

    If you want to debate politely then fine but don't whine that your comments won't get published when you crap on someone.

    Free speech is only for you liberals, eh?

    Common Sense attempted to engage you for a while and you crapped that up. He warned you multiple times but you never took the hint.

    We realize all too well that you take a certain perverse gratification by insulting us but you shouldn’t be surprised that we won’t tolerate it.

  20. Get this:

    08/14/2011 at 9:47 PM
    JOB- I do not make my point based on the actions of 2, 3, 4 or 5-year-old children. I believe that the ages of those ‘human interest’ stories of children giving are in the 10 – 13 category. This is where compassion for others is most commonly found. This early adolescent age is when the child begins to look outward, beyond his/her own needs, and realizes that they are part of a broader world.

    Mud is constantly accusing us of never leaving our adolescent stage, but now he says that stage is so nice. What a complete pile of doo. If we say white, he says black.

    Go to Mud's blog and read the comment by uptheflag. He has thrown Obummer completely under the bus, and I agree with him.

  21. "We are all born liberal, or at least with liberal tendencies. Then something happens and we switch over to a more conservative point of view"

    Yeah, thats called "adulthood".

  22. Yeah, thats called "adulthood". Or perhaps it is the greedy side of life- the me, my mine! The terrible two's.

    So, then, WHEN did you decide that the right-side of the political spectrum is where you wished to hang your hat? WHAT caused you to make that decision?

    There, is that neutral enough?

  23. Tenth--you are 1005 RIGHT on The libs have indeed damaged America --helped by the LAMESTREAM press-However, the damage can and WILL be repaired--we started it last November and WE WILL continue in 2012!!

  24. Mud,

    Getting better.

    I never switched to conservativism, I was born there and have stayed there. The idea that conservatives are all about "me, my, mine," is complete nonsense. We believe in helping those that help themselves. We donate more to charity than liberals (a provable fact, Mud), and we work harder to improve our communities. Liberals, like Bill Ayers and community organizer B.H. Obama, work to keep people in poverty.

    Its a no brainer, unless, like the saying goes "you have no brain."

  25. Knight Racer,

    Welcome. I hope you're right, and we can stop the hemorrhaging and start repairing the damage.

  26. Tenth wrote, We believe in helping those that help themselves.

    Explain, please.

  27. We believe in helping people who are willing to work for the help we give them. I once stopped at a fellow who had a cardboard sign, "Will work for food." I said get in the truck, I'll work you, buy you lunch and dinner, and pay you an hourly wage. The guy said no, he could make more money sitting on the curb with his sign. His willingness to be a parasite as opposed to be a contributing member of society is repulsive to me, and I will not give him money for it.

    Liberals, on the other hand, make excuses for that lazy slob, claim its not his fault, and then take money from me to give to him. I have no problem with you doing whatever you want with your own money, but I have a huge problem with you doing whatever you want with my money.

  28. JOB,

    That is an interesting point that liberals (progressives, socialists, democrats, whatever) tend to make. In general they think that their view is the natural order of things - they might use Jefferson's phrase that it is "self-evident." Of course it is not.

    In general a conservative has looked at the world the way it is and by analyzing history, economics, and government - come to the conclusion that the left is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Witness liberalism where ever it has taken hold.

    So in a sort of perverted way Mud is right - we are all born uneducated and selfish (liberals) and about 40% of us evolve through education, self reliance, and personal responsibility into conservatives. The other 40% are generally somewhere along the path to conservatism or they aren't paying attention.

    Winston Churchill said it best - "If you aren't liberal at 20 you have no heart. If you aren't conservative at 40 you have no brain."

    It's generally the reason why liberals fly off the handle - they know their right but they can't explain why. It's because there is absolutely no rational reason to believe the way they do.

  29. Adendum -

    Before you criticize my math. I was using polling data that has been pretty consistent for decades. Forty percent of the population are self-described "conservatives" while twenty percent of the population are self-described "liberals" leaving 40% in the middle on their journey of discovery.

  30. "Or perhaps it is the greedy side of life- the me, my mine! The terrible two's."

    There is quite a difference between a two year old being greedy or, materialistic and, a 40 year old who works 40+ hours per week and isn't keen on having his pocket picked in order to provide a living for those who don't.

    So what would the liberal comparison be? A 3 year old who is jealous of the 2 year old and attempts to take his things away?

    And how is it NOT selfish or, self serving to demand that someone else be penalized in order for you to have something you're not willing to earn yourself?