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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Uncle Sam is Aunt Samantha Now

Yesterday, on the Fourth of July, I took my four children to see the fireworks.  We usually go to my Dad's house, where we can see the fireworks, and only have a few second sound delay.  This year, visibility was poor due to all the smoke from several local forest fires, but we were able to get up on the roof and still see some of the show.

My brother bought some fireworks for the kids to use.  Mostly sparklers, but a few bottle rockets, and some of what passes for firecrackers.

They were nothing like what we had as kids.  My young children were unable to mount much enthusiasm for the lame sparklers, which looked more like miniature road flares than real sparklers.  They did enjoy the bottle rockets, but of course due to budgetary issues, we only had a few.

I hope it is different in most of the country, but here in North Carolina, the government has decided that for our own safety, we can only purchase defective fireworks here.  We used to be able to run to South Carolina and get some real stuff, but with no jobs and $3.50 gas, that's pretty much out of the question.  So we have to put up with lame fireworks to inspire our kids to celebrate Independence Day. 

That may be another reason that we have to worry about domestic terrorism.  We've quit letting kids say the Pledge of Allegiance, we don't let them have freedom of religion, and we make them use sub-par fireworks on the Fourth of July.  I can't wait til saner heads take the country back, if for no other reason than we might have fun sometime.


  1. THAT is the crux of Liberalism brother, saving yourself from yourself through a mountain of laws.

    I would state that Liberalism is the insane Aunt in the attic in control of the household.

  2. When liberals (socialists, democrats. progressives, whatever) digest this report from Harvard they will continue their assault on the 4th of July:

    No different really from the assault on Christmas and the like.

    Liberals aren't about freedom and they hate America.

  3. Sparklers? Bottle rockets?

    Get those kids started on .22 rifles and I bet they'd never care about sparklers and bottle rockets again!
    And, .22 rounds cost about $15 a brick and last all day!

    They learn gun safety, accuracy, self defense and, that popping off 1000 rounds is a blast while hanging out with the ol man!

  4. Sepp,

    I bought them a .22/.410 for Christmas year before last. My oldest is already a dead-eye. They are all still a little too small for the gun. The sales clerk at Wal-Mart made me swear the gun was for me when I bought it. I found that to be the most hilarious comment on gun control. The law requires you to lie in order to buy the damn thing, when they are really supposed to be hunting for the liars. Stupid liberals.