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Friday, December 23, 2011

Obama and Dems stuck on stupid

In Washington right now, our elected officials are debating over a tax cut.  Obama and Reid want a two month deal, Boehner wants a year long deal.  The amount of the tax cut is approximately $40/week for people making $52,000 a year.

In a FoxNEWS survey, 19% of people said they would spend the $40 on gas to go to work.  That wouldn't be too impressive, except for the percentage of people who said they won't be getting the money due to being unemployed.

So here's our idiots in DC, arguing over the length of a tax break that will actually send money out of our economy, straight into the coffers of OPEC.  The main obstacle between the two parties?  An oil pipeline that would create jobs and reduce our dependence on Middle East oil.  Obama and Reid want nothing to do with it, because they are traitors.

Americans need to go to work on January 2, and change their W-2's to "exempt", so that there will be zero with holdings from their pay.  Just do it for a month or two.  When DC sees that there's no cash coming in, they'll be forced to listen to the people.


  1. (1) It's $40/wk if you make 6 figures....MOST Americans will get about $15-$20/wk

    (2) Send your $20 to.....

    Obama Vacation Fund
    1 Up Yours Plaza
    KissMyAss, USA
    Attn: George Soros

  2. Speaking of stuck on stooooopid, I've got a Paulbot troll in the open at my place. I only allowed his comments to come through for the entertainment value. I wanna see my readers tear him apart.

  3. Tenth,

    November is coming with a great big reckoning for Obama and his minions.

  4. TGP,

    The whole thing was a BS charade. It was a butterfly bandaid slapped over a sucking chest wound.

    Common Snse,

    I wish I could believe that 100%. So many STUPID IGNORANT PARASITES out here who simply don't care as long as the welfare check rolls in.

  5. This was nothing but a DNC manufactured "crises" in order for the libs to point at the GOP and say "They want to increase your taxes"...of course WITHOUT mentioning the fact that the dems only want to "cut" them for 2 months and that the GAO already stated that it's impossible to implement it the way the dems want it to be.