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Monday, January 2, 2012

Poll Results In

The results to my poll on who will win tomorrow night in Iowa are in.

Gingrich leads with 26%, followed by a tie between Santorum, Paul, and Perry, with 21%.  In a bout of subconsciousness, I left Romney off my list.  I hope he gets as many votes tomorrow as he got on my poll.  I will be tickled if Santorum can pull out a victory, shutting Romney and his mega-millions down for the second time.  I despise Willard, and wish he would choke.


  1. Tenth,

    We remain a Perry household and we are pulling for him.

  2. I have a real hard time with him debating The One.

  3. A Perry man here and in a debate, without teleprompters, Perry crushes the commiequeer. Perry is a common man while The Won can't identify with Americans because, as a Kenyan, he AIN'T A FUGGING AMERICAN!

  4. Agreed, Gunny, but I still worry about the influence on stupid Americans, which thanks to Jimmy Carter, we are overrun with.