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Friday, December 30, 2011

In their never ending quest to save us from ourselves, the federal gummint has passed a "no texting while driving" law that they will begin to enforce.  I'm a huge fan of stupid laws, so I'll just love this one.

If, after an accident, the state wants to use "texting" as a litigating factor, I'm all for that.  But if the only crime you are charged with is texting, this is a bogus rule.  The old saying "no harm, no foul" comes to mind.  I feel the exact same way about drunk driving.  If you can keep it between the ditches and make it home without damaging other peoples persons or property, congratulations.

I'm not saying its a good idea, but I think the legal limit of .08 for everyone is ridiculous.  Some people are hammered at .02, while others are perfectly in control at .18.  Impairment is relative.  While texting and not driving, my wife can text a zillion words a minute.  I, on the other hand, can barely get out one word a minute.  So some people are less distracted than others.  The only way to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that texting while driving impairs your ability to control a vehicle is if you lose control of the vehicle.

That's how I feel about the law getting involved.  Having said that, I'd like to point out that sitting at a green light, texting, while I am behind you, is rude.  Rudeness permeates our society, and it sure would be nice if people would begin to think of someone besides themselves for a change.


  1. Tenth,

    I used to commute on I-95 into Chrystal City every day. I seen guys shaving and women applying makeup while behind the wheel (couldn't they just get up a few minutes earlier?). Some folks had the paper on the steering wheel trying to read. It goes without saying that people are drinking, eating, and talking while driving. What about screwing with CDs? Or even changing the radio station?

    More of the nanny State - Big Brother knows what is good for us. What a crock.

  2. TGP- I fucking hate texting. I look at it as a way, for people to delete face to face contact from their lives. Just like the do-it-yourself checkout lines in grocery stores. Just dial the number, and hit send.

  3. It's not possible to legislate common sense. Here's another jab at incrementalism.

    Your state's efforts would be best made if they parked a wrecked vehicle on the front lawn of every high school with a sign that reads: "this is what happens when you text while driving".

    Common sense is getting to be a rare commodity these days, especially from legislators.

  4. UNTRUTH: "In their never ending quest to save us from ourselves, the federal gummint has passed a "no texting while driving" law that they will begin to enforce."

    TRUTH: "Come Tuesday, it will be illegal to text while driving in North Carolina."

    Ignorant? Doesn't understand government? Picking up lying traits from his friends? Thinks North Carolina is the whole United States? Eating too many turds? All the above?

  5. Jeff,

    Nice catch. Turns out I over reacted to a rumor I heard in my local Muslim owned convenience store. Turns out, the violation of the Constitution in this case is only being done by North Carolina.

    As for the rest of your remarks, how about spending a week at the beach, so I can whip your ass?

  6. Is that some sort of sexual overture? Sorry, I'm not into that.

    And this is not the first time you posted an obviously untrue rumor (aka lie).

    And just for fun, let's go with the meeting on the beach for physical violence. Think about you really feel secure that you would win? Most of what "you know about me" is stuff you and your friends made up. Since I've already been to your house, let's just meet there.

  7. Tenth,

    An understandable mistake. However Jeff obviously thinks that were he to show up all his personalities would be there with him.

    If you leave Pennsylvania and drive South through Maryland you can't use a hand held cell phone while driving. It's okay however as you cross the border into the relative freedom of Virginia. Then as you exit Virginia you have different laws in North Carolina.

    As Hardnox said - you can't legislate common sense but you can legislate enough to confuse everyone.

  8. Jeff,

    Please do come by again. I'd be happy to blow your guts out with my shotgun, you fucking nut.

    It's a good thing I'm not a panicker, or I'd turn you in for internet stalking. I believe I have enough crap to get you in big trouble.

  9. Well, ultimately, I guess we'll have a law that requires the driver to be in a seperate hermetically-sealed soundproof enclosure isolated from all the passengers (so he can't converse) with no radio (another "distraction").

  10. BrianR,

    Happy New Year.

    Yeah, before long we'll all be driving in the "Cone of Silence" from GetSmart.

  11. "I believe I have enough crap to get you in big trouble."

    Ya, that's me. You keep calling me someone's name. You and the posse have threatened physical violence to others. And now you're whining like Sgt. Price because you can dish it out but can't take it. Hey, you're the one who asked me out and I'm the one who declined.

  12. e53e52bc-2f1f-11e1-bd16-000bcdcb8a73- You pointed out a flaw in TGP's comment, and he owned up to it. I have pointed out some errors on other blogs, but the Blog Administrator would not own up to it. Is it because they are PILE's. Are their writings never wrong?

    TGP- Illinois' New Year's law, requires back seat passengers too wear seat-belts. Make no mis-take about it, when our states need money, they just invent ridiculous laws.

  13. Johnny,

    Notice he says he's already been to my house? Down here, that's considered a motive for self-defense.

  14. TGP- I hear ya. But my posting of a picture with me and my daughter is threatening? Whatever.

    These state laws are ridulous though.

  15. That whole crowd has weird stalker issues...but, are insanely paranoid that someone could find them.
    F'ing moonbats.