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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stolen Valor

This guy thinks career military personnel stay in the same house their whole careers.  And he wants us to believe he's a veteran.  It is unbelievable how some liars will dig their heels in, even when they know no one buys their story.

By the way, there are many career military in my life and they all seem to own houses, send their kids to the same school, and work reasonable hours. How come the guys Sepp knows are in basic for over 20 years, spend time in combat, even when our Country isn't, and move constantly? I'm beginning to suspect he isn't talking about the United States military. Excuse me while I go "talk some trash about someone's kids." 


  1. I know a lot of folks who do spend their careers living in the same house. If you get certain schools and qualifications, you may get pretty much locked-in to an aircraft type, and if there are only 1 or 2 bases that those birds are stationed at.....

    Some guys I knew at NAS Whidbey Island were avionics technicians and had the NEC (Navy Enlistment Classification, similar to an Army or Marine MOS) to work on the jammer pods for the EA-6B Prowler. They spent their time from E-2 to E-8 working in the same shop at AIMD Whidbey. When they were on shore duty rotation, they were assigned to AIMD. When they were on sea duty, they would be SEAOPDET AIMD Whidbey, meaning that they still stayed there, but were on a rotation to deploy on carriers to do the same job.

    Those guys got their houses cheap, with low interest rates. Some of them spent all of their sea duty bonus pay paying on the principle. By the time they were ready to retire, not only did they own the homes outright, but they had been able to make nice renovations.

  2. On the other hand, there are folks who transfer every 3 or 4 years....

    1. Craw,

      As a kid, I lived in some places for as little as six weeks. Our longest stay in one spot was a four year tour at Swamp Lagoon in the early 80's. But, due to a long housing list, and then renovations, we lived in 6 houses in that four years.

  3. So it must be exactly the same for the other 22 million veterans still living in the United States. Oh wait, that can't be true because only a very small number of citizens have ever served in the military.

  4. "How come the guys Sepp knows are in basic for over 20 years, spend time in combat, even when our Country isn't, and move constantly? I'm beginning to suspect he isn't talking about the United States military."

    Really alpha-bat...where do you get this stuff?

    Link a direct quote to my saying anything remotely looking like that chunk of foolishness you've posted there...(a little too much st paddy's day cheer?)

    Here's the "reasonable hours" I worked in the Army...

    0500 wake up, piss, dress for PT have a coffee.*
    0530 report to my section chief
    0545 go form up for PT / accountability formation
    0600 - 0700 Battery / platoon PT
    0700-0900 shit shower shave dress eat chow
    0900-1700 Bn area / motorpool
    1700 COB formation
    1715-1730 Chief briefing / section meeting
    1730 go home or, head to chow.
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday
    Thursdays were SGT's time training all day from 0700 until 1600 in a field environment.

    In the field...which is where the FIELD Artillery does it's training the hours are normally 24/7 with a sleep plan in place for gun drivers and crew.
    During an ARTEP, you might not sleep more than a few quick catnaps you can grab when you can grab em.

    *After moving off post, my wake up time was 0430 and, out the door and off to post to be there NLT 0500

    Pretty "reasonable hours" eh? No different than everyone else in the civilian world's hours since civilians routinely spend 45 days in Graf every fall and, 2 weeks in Hohenfels after that and, weeks in and out of the field in the BTA, getting plucked for evaluator duty for another unit's evals for a few weeks in the field or, just having your life put on hold while you're deployed for a year!
    Nahhhh, no different than any ol 5 day / 8 hour union job someplace!

    "I'm beginning to suspect he isn't talking about the United States military."

    Well mister expert, school us then! Use your vast experience in the, wait, you don't have any!
    BTW, from 1990, until 2002, why don't you name for us all the areas where US forces were deployed for operations outside of normal garrison? What countries did they serve in?
    What countries are they still serving in?

    Then again, why in the hell am I asking you? Put your wife on the computer since you say she was in Desert storm so we can have some intelligent dialog.

    BTW, what unit did she serve with in the storm?

    Is she your "source" of military knowledge?

    If not, who is?

    They're not helping you.

  5. Sepp, you and I both know these "claims of military service" were discussed a few months ago on another blog. You and I also both know the final outcome. Your posse buddies may believe them, but you and I still know the truth.

    On a more humorous note, I noticed a comment on an earlier post about my political affiliations and voting record. The draft, used only by the Army, ended in 1973. The draft was a Federal Government function. The Federal Government has three branches, The Executive Branch (1 President elected every 4 years), The Congress (2 Senators elected every offsetting 6 years) and 1 Congressman elected every 2 years) and the Judicial Branch (9 Judges submitted by The Executive Branch but appointed by The Congress. The commenter accused me of doing away with the draft. I'm not calling anyone a pompous ass, BUT how would one know if I support or don't support a draft? (I do. If my kids can risk their lives, so can your's no matter how much money you have or don't have!) And how would one know if I was even old enough to vote for the people in office when the draft was voted to be discontinued? Maybe that person should consult with someone who actually knows history and just doesn't "write" it.

    While we're on the subject, one commenter accused me of "talk(ing) some trash about someone's kids." I don't recall trashing anyone's children. After a very early comment regarding TGP's I.Q., I was bashed all the way down to attacking handicap children in wheelchairs. Is that what they are referring to?

    An active imagination is a good thing, but fibbing should be frowned upon. Teach your children.

  6. "Sepp, you and I both know these "claims of military service" were discussed a few months ago on another blog. You and I also both know the final outcome."

    The "final outcome" was a raving moonbat making an outlandish claim with nothing to back it up and an idiot (that would be you) who took it a face value.

    "We" know "the truth"? Obviously you don't. I most certainly would never have invited muddy, microdot (even offered to meet up with microdot in France while I was in Europe and Detroit while he was here) and, even your sorry ass to meet up under friendly conditions to see for yourselves had I anything to conceal.
    No takers
    What are YOU hiding?

    So far, TJ and Common Snse are up for beers whenever we get a time set up and, Johnny O and I are looking at a Cedar point meetup to shoot the shit and enjoy some $8 beers while the kids get sick on some rides while our wives complain.

    TJ, CS, Hardnox, Johnny O and Gunny, let's settle on a June-ish timeframe to pick out a central location to do an informal meet and greet and wreck some town's beer supply.

    TJ, I know things are tight right now for ya but, I'm willing to kick in a hundred bones of my own toward your lodging and beer tab...and consider it TDY money for a good cause.

    And, I'm way over due to get out of the house for a day or, two.

    Lemme know what you guys think.


    1. Sepp,

      I'm interested. Logistically it may be a nightmare, but I could never turn down free beer, even if it really costs me a bundle.

    2. I'm in. Let me know the details.

    3. Sepp,

      Might be difficult for me amigo as work-wise, I'm up to my neck in Alligators. HOWEVER, if y'all can get up here, I have plenty of room for you to flop! haha.

  7. TJ, we can drink PBR and Natti-light for all I care. The logistics are the hurtle but, nothing that can't be ironed out.

  8. Guys- You know I'm in. I got T's bar tab, if you guys get the room.

  9. Johnny,

    That's very noble of you - but the room may be cheaper.