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Monday, January 16, 2012

A simple explanation

Hat tip to BlueEyeView.

This is the real problem in America.  The government has been behaving like this guy, but just a short while ago, so were the citizens.  How many of you know people who kept borrowing against their house?  Borrow the equity, buy a boat.  Boat immediately depreciates.  Borrow the equity, buy a car.  Car immediately depreciates.  Borrow the equity, go on vacation.  Money pissed away.  And all of the Harvard egghead economists can't figure out what's wrong?  More money pissed away.

The American Dream is that you grow up free, you work hard, you pay for your house, you retire for a few leisure years, then you die.  The kids bury you, and in a few years, join you in the cemetery.  Not anymore.  Apparently our politicians have bastardized the Dream.  Now it is rush, rush, rush.  Gotta have it all, and gotta have it all NOW.  Chill out, America.  Some things you have to work for.  You have to set a goal, then work out a plan to achieve that goal, then you have to work on achieving that goal.  It ain't rocket science.


  1. Amazing that some people will watch that and see nothing wrong with it at all.

  2. Tenth,

    Great post - but remember Liberal Victimization 102 - it's never their fault. It's the bank guy's fault.

  3. Good post. What truly pisses me off is that liberals piss away OUR money in Congress while growing and protecting THEIR money through insider trading. THAT IS SHATE!

  4. Common sense in America has taken a backseat to "keeping up with the Jones's

  5. TGP- That video was hilarious. I've been screaming about consumer responsibilty since '05. That's when I found out my friends were buying all their "toys" with home equity loans. I don't have a 50' T.V., or a new truck. But I still own my own home.. :)

  6. Tenth,
    Good post. I know a number of folks that are renting now because they have lost their homes. They kept trading up from one home to another but never were satisfied.

    One fellow that I know (now divorced because of it) kept trading up. He lost almost a million dollars when the bubble burst. He and his misses drove new cars all the time, took lavish vacations, etc.

    Now he's living in a two room apartment.

  7. That's just crazy. I have a saying I use around these people:

    "When you graduated from high school, you should have known two things:

    1) Don't smoke crack

    2) Don't buy crap"

    Had people obeyed these two simple rules, they would not be upside down on their mortgages.