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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Again? Marine murdered by cops

At 4:30 am, local time, an Orange County Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed an active duty Marine.  An un-armed, active duty Marine.  In front of his two oldest daughters.  And people want to argue that cops are "merely doing a tough job"?

Sgt. Manuel Loggins routinely went to the track at San Clemente High School with his family, to walk and pray.  His peers and supervisors all testify that he was a soft spoken, respectful man, who worked hard to help others.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department originally claimed the deputy feared for his life.  Later that was changed to the deputy feared for the lives of Loggins' children.  Apparently, words were exchanged between Loggins and the deputy, but the deputy either couldn't understand Loggins, or he is having a hard time inventing the conversation that supposedly took place.

The deputy is on paid leave pending an investigation by the DA's office.  Sgt Manuel Loggins, however, is still dead.

This deputy, who so far in my research remains nameless, took no action prior to the use of deadly force.  If he was truly concerned that Loggins might harm his own children if he drove away, why didn't the deputy shoot out his tires?  Or maybe he was aiming for a tire, and hit Loggins instead?  This whole story stinks, and it helps clear up some confusion on the Sgt. Jason Prostrollo shooting earlier in Scottsdale, AZ.  Basically, the cops feel they are above the law.

I'm just guessing, but probably the reason he ran over the gate is because it was normally open when he habitually went there to walk with his family.

The cop, who was "doing paperwork", was probably really sleeping on the job.  He woke up at the sound of an accident at his "safe hide", and sleepy and confused, shot this Marine.  His confusion still apparent, he made up a story about "feeling Threatened".  Later, when told his story wouldn't wash, he made up a new one, when someone told him, "For Christs sake, his kids were in the back seat!"

A commentor on one of the stories I read while researching this, seems to think that conservatives are behind this trend.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Overstepping police forces are historically a tool of the left.  Get the people afraid of the cops, then you gain control of the people.

We have to stop this.  I'm sick of the people sworn to protect us being the ones we need protecting from.



  1. Disgusting. This is the sh*t that makes ALL cops look bad. No doubt he'll walk and once again, another reason to NEVER give up our guns.

  2. TGP,

    Here is a link to back up your claims of a growing police state!


  3. Gunny,

    The list of murders by cop is growing. Don't we have people we pay to prevent crimes? Oh, yeah. They're called cops.

  4. did you see that Scottsdale PD shot and killed another citizen last night? The man was holding a baby, but SPD doesn't know yet if he had a gun. WTF? And just like last time, they want everyone to know the officer who took the shot, one among 7, was a "veteran" officer.

    Unbelievable that SPD doesn't know if they man they shot and killed had a gun, and even worse, local media seems to do nothing more than repeat SPD press releases word for word.

  5. Scottsdale PD also had the audacity to claim their officers are good marksmen and hit what they shoot for.

    Not a single reporter had the sense, or at least permission from upstairs, to ask if that's the case, why did they shoot their own police dog during the Sgt. Prostrollo shooting.