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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time for Newt to Quit

Newt Gingrich needs to pull out of the nomination race for the good of conservatism.  And as for this CPAC straw poll, are we sure these people are really conservatives?  I cannot comprehend conservatives voting for Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum.  And this idea of voting for who you think can win, as opposed to who you think best represents your own values, says something about your values.  I am getting really disgusted by the American people.  Have they no integrity?  Or honor?

Willard "Mitt" Romney is no conservative.  He is a moderate liberal, who has set the precedent for the most liberal law in our nation, yet "conservatives" are actually voting for him.  I think it is time for these so called conservatives to re-examine their values, and decide whether or not they really are "conservatives."  I, for one, think many of them are not.


  1. Tenth,

    I was only at CPAC for one day but I only remember seeing one "Romney" button. There were a lot of folks sporting "Santorum" stickers.

    With that said - as you know - I don't completely agree with your assessment of Romney nor do rank and file conservatives. He's not my first choice - but he will be better than Obama by a country mile.

    1. CS,

      I guess we're going to have to agree top disagree on Mitt. I think he will be as bad as Obama, and maybe worse, as he may cause the libs to win again in 2016. That could put America down for good.

      To quote Rahm Emmanuel, we need to take full advantage of this crisis to get a real conservative movement started, not a pussy as liberal in wolf's clothing Obamneycare weasel.

  2. I doubt Newt will bow out this soon. We'll find out after Super Tuesday. Then he can give his votes to Santorum assuming no bimbo eruptions or the like.

    It ain't over until its over.

    As much as I like Santorum he looks like Mr. Rogers in that sweater vest that CS likes so much. Is it just me?

    1. Its not just you. But let me tell you a little story about a wimpy looking man in a sweater vest.

      Back in 1984, I was working as a dishwasher at the Howard Johnson's restaurant in Middleton, RI. One of the assistant managers was a little bald headed runt, who wore a sweater vest every day. He also wore coke bottle glasses, and could not have weighed 100 pounds.

      One evening, a very large drunk was causing some trouble in the restaurant. Paul, the little gay looking manager, asked him to please leave. The drunk came up to the register to pay his bill, and cussed Paul in a way I would not have tolerated. Paul calmly rang up the man's meal, accepted his money, and made change. The whole time, this big ass drunk was berating Paul's manliness, his heritage, his parents marital status, etc.

      As Paul handed the drunk his change, the drunk reached out and ATTEMPTED to push Paul. What I saw next was so amazing, I'm still not sure I saw it.

      Somehow, Paul was on the other side of the counter. In a blur of the eye, this little, presumably queer fellow had this drunk, who outweigh him by at least 100 pounds, on the ground begging for mercy.

      I questioned Paul after things calmed down. He said the North Vietnamese had talked to him like the big drunk had, but he was unable to resist when they got to the point of putting hands on him. He said he could listen to any insult, but no one would ever put their hands on him again.

      Paul was a Navy Seal in Vietnam. He was probably captured while waiting for John Kerry's boat team to extract him. Paul may have even been the inspiration for Steven Seagal's character in the Under Siege movies.

      But you would have never known it to look at him.

    2. Good story and well stated. True enough that you can't judge a book by its cover. Mr. Rogers was also a Navy Seal. Who would have guessed that? After VN he became a minister and started on his show.

      Either way, I love razzing CS about the sweater vest.

  3. What a win for Santorum! With a full one percent (1%) of the people concerned enough to vote, he won in all three states. That's what we're looking for, a man who can lead ALL Americans, whether they want him to or not.