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George Washington

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Mark Twain

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beat on Mud, Two for One Special

Mr. High and Mighty Himself, the Honourable MudPILE, has prompted me to express my opinions of religion in government.  I invite all of my normal readers to please engage the dipshit on this topic.  I do not feel that I am in any type of minority in my views, as my daily conversations with my neighbors never results in the kind of comments Mr. MudPILE makes.  In fact, I am often surprised at the variety of citizens that agree with my views.


You are an idiot.  I agree with Santorum's views way more than I agree with yours.  Hell, I don't even understand where you come up with your crazy ass ideas.

Do I think there is room in government for religious faith?  Hell yes.  Not only do I think there is room for it, I think it should be required for a person to be faithful in order to be elected to government.  That does not mean I think they should be Christian.  Or Jew, or Muslim, or Buddhist.  But they should have a moral compass.  They should believe that we are not the final judge of our actions.

I don't think the government needs to be in our bedrooms.  I think they need to get the fuck out of our schools, and we will take care of the crap going on in bedrooms.  Do you deny that the easy access to contraceptives has led to the huge rise in unwed pregnancies?  You probably don't, because you are a liberal turd.  But the absolute truth is that the meddling of the government in our schools, mainly the courts ruling God out and liberals like your sorry ass in, are the root cause of 90% of our nations troubles.

Do I believe in theocracy?  No.  I don't.  But I believe in Freedom of Religion.  I believe every human being, given the opportunity to think for themselves, will create a God to worship.  So, I believe that religion, or more importantly, faith, should be promoted by government, not restricted by it.


  1. TGP- I just can't. It reminds me of kids picking on the retard because he is different. It saddens me that people like PILE are out their. I feel like we should protect them. Not beat on them

    1. Johnny,

      I have always protected retards. I have always stood up for the picked on. But picking on Mud is different - he asks for it.

      Protecting Mud and his like is what has put this great experiment at such risk - quit coddling these losers and let their own theory of evolution evolve.

  2. Faith is what drove Washington during the Revolution as well as many of the founders who created a system of government that worked pretty well for a long time. That government system, though not perfect, allowed for the ability to improve itself as time went on. Again, I think we were making a lot of progress in making improvements (including more people etc.) I don't think the founders counted on a group of people becoming totally dependent on their government thanks to another group of takers, wanting to give them everything. All was based on Faith, which is being eroded today, thanks to you know who.

  3. Tenth,

    I already said my piece in your post below. Mud_PILE doesn't understand his country, it's culture, history, or what made it great. Liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) are the most destructive force on earth.

    It's really pointless to argue with Mud_PILE. Anyone who can make the "Separation of church and state" argument hasn't taken the time to do even a modicum of research and is basically ignorant.

  4. It's really pointless to argue

    Exactly. Very true. It is because you[2nd] are wedded to a belief-system based on nonsense. But then, so it your political agenda, so both go hand-in-hand.

    You [2nd] live in a bubble-universe of your own creation. Reality is outside of that bubble, but you prefer to take refuge within it.

    Honestly, it is all about FEAR. Yes, FEAR. You are afraid of what lies outside of your self-made bubble. I know that you all have guns and enough ammo to blow up your entire neighborhood should the occasion arise. FEAR, see? But I'm not talking about that; the subject of this post is RELIGION.

    On the religion front, you are terribly AFRAID that if you begin to examine your religion, you might discover that it is founded on...wait for it: FEAR. Fear of the boogieman in the sky!

    As I have said on numerous occasions, you all seem to be very comfortable in your parochial world- afraid to open the door to see what's outside. That goes for religion, especially.

    Why not study your religion, examine your religion? Oh, I don't mean memorize its tenets. You've done enough of that in Sunday School. Rather, why not learn about how it came into existence and the validity of its so-called holy book? I've been doing that for years. Why are you afraid to do the same?

    I'm betting that the reason is that you are afraid that you might come to the same conclusion that I have reached.

    Would you like me to supply you with some good resources to begin your examination? I have plenty for you to examine.

    Fear is a strong emotion; it can paralyze a person into inaction. The Church was built upon FEAR, you may know. Those huddled, ignorant medieval masses were prime targets for the controlling elite, the church hierarchy, who preyed on this fear to keep their power.

    It looks like you, too, are much like those same huddled masses, AFRAID to ask questions, AFRAID to peek out of your safe place, AFRAID to examine why you believe what you believe.

    TGP says above: or willfully stupid.

    Really, TGP? Who is willfully stupid?

    1. Mud_PILE,

      That is the most ridiculous tirade of all the stupid tirades that I have seen you screech out. That is in and of itself a feat of stupidity that boggles the mind.

      Fear is the weapon of the left (progressives, socialists, liberals, whatever). It goes back for decades:

      The Population Bomb, the Ice Age, Global Warming, and any combination of environmental nonsense.

      You aren't even mildly amusing anymore - you're just a ridiculous, ignorant, old bore.

  5. YOU are willfully stupid, Mud.

    No one here is fearful of the boogieman in the sky. Respect and fear are different, Mud.

    As for having enough guns and ammo to "blow up" our neighborhoods, again, you are the one who fears and misunderstands. You cannot blow up anything with bullets, butthead. But you certainly aren't going to research your idiotic beliefs, are you? You think everyone with a gun is a monster. We think anyone without a gun is one more fool we will have to protect from the socialist monsters that want what you have.

    I agree that the Catholic Church was built on fear. You get one point for that. But the ancestors of mine that came here, came here to get away from a system that forced them to fear the Church. Now we are facing a system that forces us to fear the government. And we REFUSE to fear the government. You, on the other hand, continue to toe the line and bow and scrape to the man, letting the government take take take. Grow a pair of nuts, Mud, and you will quit being afraid.

  6. Sorry, Tenth, but you provided no answer here. None at all.

    You challenged me on opinions of religion in government. So, I am challenging you on the 'religion' that you wish to have involved in government.

    Which religion?

    [I assume Christian]

    Okay, then, which tenets of the Christian religion do you think there is room in government for religious faith? You answered, Hell yes.

    List them.

    I challenged you to defend your religion by examining it. You prefer to defer on that. I know why!

    So, then, Tenth, list the aspects of the Christian religion that you would insert into government.

    Hell yes! the way, calling me names is so juvenile! When will you begin acting like a fully-functioning man?

    1. Mud_PILE,

      Why don't we start with:

      "Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they marveled at him."

      It was a trap set by Jesus' enemies - they missed the point. The Caesar of that day lived an opulent life style provided by the people just like our Caesar-wannabe Barack Hussein Obama does.

      The point is that Caesar doesn't own anything - he doesn't deserve the fruits of our labor.

      Why don't we start with that one?

  7. Mud,

    When will you start acting like a full grown man?

    Apparently, your education was piss poor. Re-read the original post (that's all the writing that appears at the top of this page).

    I believe I clearly stated which religion I wanted in government:

    Do I think there is room in government for religious faith? Hell yes. Not only do I think there is room for it, I think it should be required for a person to be faithful in order to be elected to government. That does not mean I think they should be Christian. Or Jew, or Muslim, or Buddhist. But they should have a moral compass. They should believe that we are not the final judge of our actions.

  8. "Do you deny that the easy access to contraceptives has led to the huge rise in unwed pregnancies?"

    Eh? It's not having access that leads to pregnancy.

  9. I get tired of how stupid you dumbfuck liberals are. The availability of contraceptives lowered the moral values of the people. With lower values, more people engage in sex for fun. More sex leads to more pregnancies. If you are truly too dumb to understand that, you are too dumb to continue debating me. Go away, you stupid fucks.

  10. "With lower values, more people engage in sex for fun."

    So that's why people are having sex. I was wondering.

  11. But they should have a moral compass. They should believe that we are not the final judge of our actions.

    What will be the test of this? Do you ask each one, "Do you have a moral compass?"

    So you were not REALLY talking about religion at all. Just a moral compass?

  12. Tenth,
    I see that you have satisfied your beat on mudPILE fix.

    You really didn't expect a honest dialogue, did you?

    For me, and his ilk, they are invisible and not worth the effort since they never answer a single question. They only throw rocks.

    I admit that it is fun sometimes to ridicule them for their idiot ideas but that has grown old since we will never change their minds about a damn thing.

  13. Alpha-bat,
    What TJ was trying to say is that before the pill became available, women were less likely to screw around as they do today because they had to be carefull.
    When the need to be carefull was removed, a bit of morality seems to have gone away with it.

    As for there being a need or, requirement for faith in government, that I don't believe 100% because it seems that too many of our "God fearin'" politicians have no moral compass at all.
    I still remember Bill Clinton photo opping himself and his little black bible comming out of church everytime a new scandal cropped up.
    And Obama, he supposedly has been faithfull for 20+ years to the First church of hate whitey in Chicago Ill, United states of gaddamned America.

    If a candidate came right out and said, "I'm an agnostic", (I'd be surprised) I'd, still be interested in his record and, what he has to say because he was at least honest about something upfront that could smash his opposed to what we usually see carrying a bible and God around as a stage prop until he takes office.

    Muddy, sure some stories in the bible are pretty far-fetched but, I believe that many of them were written as lessons for the reader to learn from.
    I often wonder what the athiests have against the ten commandments? It certainly seems that anytime that 5,6,8 or, 9 happen to them, they don't like it.
    And, liberal athiests actually encourage people to violate the 10th one!

    1. Sepp,

      None of the politicians you mention has a moral compass. I prefer a man (or woman) who lives their faith; I never met a good Christian that had to tell me they were a Christian. The ones carrying the Bible, or quoting the Psalms, are usually faker than Jimmy Bakker.

  14. Hahahaha! ...Jim Bakker!

    Most politicians in D.C make that guy look legit!

  15. Tenth,

    What is sad is that lost in all the liberal (socialist, progressive, democrat, whatever) vitriol is the fact that millions of women are hurt every year by these methods. But we can't have a sane discussion about it with all the Mud_PILEs out there screaming.

    Clinical depression in women who have abortions is manifestly higher than in the general population.

    Incidents of blood clots, cervical cancer, and other side effects are higher in the female population using oral contraception.

    All this is lost because abortion on demand and wide-spread use of hormonal contraception is the Holy Grail for your average liberal. Convenience more important that using condoms.

    Taken to it's logical conclusion you end up with Illinois State Senator Barack Obama defending infanticide (look it up Mud_PILE) - essentially the murder of babies born as a result of botched abortions in Chicago.

    No matter what procedure you are performing, if a baby slides out of it's mother and said baby is alive - that baby is instantly an American citizen and should enjoy the rights and privileges belonging thereto. The abortion butcher who snips that baby's spinal cord is a murderer. The nurse who bundles that baby up and leaves it with the dirty linen in a closet to die is a murderer.

    The mother's original intent to abort said baby is irrelevant - and she becomes an accessory to murder no matter what Obama thinks.

    But Mud_PILE doesn't care - he wants "choice" for all women no matter what harm it does to them. Only us religious zealots would actually expect children to abstain from sex (an anti-pregnancy method that works every time it is exercised). You have a heart like other famous liberals Mud_PILE - liberals like Stalin and Mao. You guys passed Stalin in the end of the last century by killing 50,000,000 babies. In another 12-15 years you guys will pass Mao and you can hold high your suction tubes and forceps as you abortionists become #1.

    Another Nobel Peace Prize?

  16. Santorum's billionaire supporter said back in his day, women used aspirin for birth control, and it worked. When asked how, he said they held it between their knees. The media (Fox included) went ballistic. Said the guy was anti-women. We cannot have a decent discussion on any subject when so many people take things so literally. But taken literally, aspirin, when used as directed, is foolproof as birth control.

  17. I had to step over lots of 'crap' to get to this reply box, but I finally made it.

    In your original post, you end it with, So, I believe that religion, or more importantly, faith, should be promoted by government, not restricted by it.

    I'm curious as to HOW faith ought to be promoted by the Government?

    Do you suggest a new department added to the Federal Government- the Department of Faith-promotion?

    Just HOW would government promote faith, Tenth?

    1. By encouraging people to help each other, and getting out of the charity business.

  18. Finally some common sense in Washington:

  19. Where are all the men demanding a monthly stipend of condoms free of charge from the taxpayers for "family planning" or, when it comes to men, is it just a "responsibility issue" for them?

    Men would be laughed out of the room for even suggesting the idea but a woman? Nooo, then it's a "health issue".

    Some of the diseases carried around by some "health conscious" women make condoms a men's health issue as well.

    Then again, knowing the quality of government work, I wouldn't trust a condom they gave me!

  20. Then again, knowing the quality of government work, I wouldn't trust a condom they gave me!

    I didn't know that the government was in the Condom Industry. When did that happen, Sepp?

  21. I dunno muddy...maybe about the same time they got into the free birth control pill business.

  22. Sepp, Sepp, Sepp.....Wake up Sepp!!!

    Does your health insurance cover vasectomies? What about Viagra? STD's? Vaccinations? Are you picking up a pattern here?

  23. "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible".
    George Washington

    Why do you still have this posted when you know that President Washington never said such a thing?

  24. Alpha-bat, I'd imagine my healthcare does cover those things.
    Vasectomies and viagra aren't "health issue items" anymore than free BC pills are.
    If my insurance didn't cover those things, I certainly couldn't portray them as do or, die "health issues" since no man is likely to die because he can't have his viagra fix any faster than a woman will die from not getting the pill...or, buying it herself if her policy doesent cover it.

    Maybe YOU should wake up and take notice that your government is dictating that churches shitcan their beliefs and be subservient to a government policy.
    Maybe you should wake up and take notice that the government is dictating to you to purchase something...or, else.
    Maybe you should understand that here in America, we enter into contracts know, mutual assent where BOTH or, ALL parties entering into a contract do so freely at their own will.
    We no longer have mutual assent when one party is coercing the other by threat or, implied threat...which is what Obamacare does in making
    contracts meaningless, because it will be legal to impose them under duress.

    Speaking of know, that "deficit neutral" piece of shit the democrats forced on a populace that didn't want it?
    It seems that your buddy asked for 111 BILLION yesterday to implement part of it.
    Lucky it's free eh?

  25. Vasectomies and viagra aren't "health issue items" anymore than free BC pills are.

    So, Sepp, you are stating that birth control pills are not in the category of 'health items?'

    Do you know this as a fact or is it something that you thought up? Or heard on Clear Channel?

    1. Mud,

      By that logic, groceries are "health" items. Draw a line somewhere.

  26. TGP- What's up Bud? You got quite a thread going, and I would like to throw my hat in the ring.

    As I said before, I do not believe that you need a belief in God, in order to be a good person I don't want to toot my horn, but I think I am a good man, with an obvious lack of belief. Granted, sometimes I am driven by emotion, rather than logic. Doesn't always work out so well. But for the most part, I donate money and most importantly, time. I always try to be their for my friends and family, and as hard as it might be, I try not to be judgemental. I believe these traits are taught at birth, by something even better than God. Our parents. Now if you want to say that religion can heighten someone's morality, I can't argue that. But for me, Mom & Dad taught me what I know.....

    1. Johnny,

      I agree a thousand percent. I can count the times my family went to church while I was growing up on one hand; usually a wedding or a funeral. We didn't learn our morals in church, we learned them at home. But have no doubt, the morals I was taught as a young man came from a Christian background.

      Mud and his alter ego Jeff get wrapped around the axle over religion. What I am talking about is faith. You can have one without the other, in fact, most people that profess a religion have a lack of faith, hence Mud's (and others raised Catholic)agnosticism or atheism.

  27. Tenth,

    It is a typical problem where liberals (progressives, democrats, socialists, whatever) want to have their cake and eat it too.

    The best social program is the family. That blew up in 1968. Liberals countered with abortion on demand and contraceptives.

    However like all liberal solutions - they don't work.

    We are ruining the moral fiber of our population and all these liberal whack-jobs want to scream about is their right to get everything they want for free - it's like dealing with a two year old all the time.

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Send me that list of patients muddy who are going to die without viagra or, a vesectomy.
    Maybe obamacare should pay for boob jobs too?

    CS, it seems that liberal solutions (snicker snicker) offer a free carrot to some people and a stick to those who will be paying for it.

    Liberals seem to think that freedom means getting things for free.
    Ask muddy what he thinks "promote the general welfare" means in the preamble!
    You guessed it...welfare!

  30. Aw, Tenth deleted my post about the hapless Rush Limbaugh. I guess I crossed the line with Rush, eh? It's okay for him to accuse a girl of being a slut and prostitute, but I can't accuse him of being a sex pervert!

  31. Sepp- Why didn't you answer my question re women, the pill and health problems?



  32. Doing a minimum amount of research will yield many, many sources that debunk this claim. The most "debunking" fact is that the quote first shows up decades after Washington's death.

  33. Mud_PILE,

    The way you twist and turn through your ridiculous mantra without answering questions or providing any facts - do you ever get whiplash?

    You are a hypocrite and a fraud. Gotcha!

    What a moron.

  34. 98% of Roman Catholic women have used birth control. The Evangelicals cursed the Roman Catholics until this issue came up. Instead of all you "faith" people agruing for Catholic women, maybe we should let them talk.

    And Sepp, do you ever stop? Birth Control quite often is a life and dealth matter.

  35. And Sepp, do you ever stop?

    Why should he? He gets all of his 'facts' from the sex-pervert, Rush Limbaugh.


  36. You clowns miss every point. I don't give 2 shits who uses BC. If you want it, pay for it your damned self.
    Rubbers cost between FREE and $1. The pill costs between FREE and $15 per month supply depending on where you aquire them.

    If the catholic church is against providing BC for it's employees due to it's longstanding doctrine, so be it.
    It's employees that use the stuff can obtain it themselves.

    "98% of Roman Catholic women have used birth control."
    I'll say is that even if that number is correct, guess what?
    99.9% of all Catholic women are not employed by or, insured by the catholic church...which is the main point here anyways - church employees.

    The church has said NOTHING about it's member's private insurance companies providing the pill.
    The point is that since the church's doctrine is against it, the church shouldn't be forced to break it's own rules by a government mandate and offer such policies themselves.

    That separation of church and state you moonbats constantly shreik about works both ways.

  37. Gentlemen (and Mud_PILE; Alpha-bat).

    "That separation of church and state you moonbats constantly shreik about works both ways."

    BRILLIANT -Sepp though no doubt lost on these two.

    Mud_PILE -- breathe in; breathe out; now think about it. This isn't about birth control. It's about Freedom.

  38. Since we're on that topic, how is it that liberals can scream "Keep the government out of our wombs" until it comes to getting money from the government and, then the red carpet is rolled out leading straight to those same supposedly sacred wombs?
    Wouldn't preventing the government from paying for people's abortions "keep the government OUT" of those wombs?
    But, when it comes to taxpayer money funding abortions and the pill, those same moonbats turn on the welcome sign?
    "Stay out of my womb...unless of course you're depositing money into it" ?

    A woman's right to choose? Ok, thats fine. With choice comes responsibility and, you should cover those responsibilities with your own funding.
    We're all equal, right?

  39. CS, you're making a huge leap of faith in considering the idea that either of these two clowns give two shits about freedom.

    Freedom of choice does'nt mean shit to those who oppose government mandated and intrusive Obamacare but, for an's a choice issue!
    Freedom of speech to them is limited to whatever they agree with...everything else is "racist".

    Freedom of religion means that the church can have no say in government while the government CAN dictate to the church.

    "Equality" means that everyone is equal until held equally responsible for their own actions.

    How can you rely on a liberal system of standards when it's all based on a folding ruler with a different measurement for everybody?

  40. -Sepp,

    I don't hold out any hope for Mud_PILE, he is indeed a lost soul.

    Liberalism as applied by Mud_PILEs isn't about acceptance or tolerance; it's about power. They are more Mao than Thomas Jefferson; more Stalin than Patrick Henry.

    To them Government isn't about protecting freedom, it's about collecting and distributing goodies.

  41. Sepp- Why didn't you answer my question re women, the pill and health problems?

  42. CS, Sepp, Tenth- Limbaugh 'apologized' for his slut and prostitute comment on his website.

    In his 'apology' statement he told us [and you] that his program is merely a comedy routine and that no one ought to take what he says seriously.

    When you and the other posse members listen to him, do you laugh, giggle and chortle along with Rush?

    They say that laughter is good for your health. If you guys spend hours laughing with Rush, then you are doing your heart a favor.

    'Laughs with Rush'
    'The Limbaugh Comedy Program'
    'The Three Stooges'

    But seriously, posse members, now it has become clear to me why I laugh at the nonsense you guys post on your blogs. All along I was under the impression that you were SERIOUS bloggers! I had thought that you really meant what you posted in your blogs and in your comments.

    Wow! Why didn't you guys tell me that it was all a gag? Here I thought that you all lived in an alternate universe with other mental midgets.

    You had me fooled!

    I have to admit: the joke was on me!!

    CS- so when you posted that list of 45 Right-wing Myths, it was a gag? A joke?

    So, CS, when you call anyone to the left of Goldwater 'communists and socialists' you aren't serious? Whew! That's good to know because I couldn't sleep very well after I read that.

    CS- when you say that one of your strongest myths is the 'need for prayer and religious expression in the schools' that, too was a ruse? Ha! Ha! on me!!

    CS- when you listed this as a right-wing myth, it, too, was only a prank: "get the Federal Government out of our lives." Yuck! Yuck!

    CS- in your list [#32] is reads: 'the progressive income tax needs to be eliminated.' This was just a laugh as well??

    #12- Labor unions "extort" employers by collectively bargaining.

    #27- Environmental regulations and the EPA handcuff job creation.

    #41- Civil rights legislation favors minorities over whites

    ...these were nothing but gag-lines in the great comedy show??

    WOW! Double WOW!

    I've been duped big time!!!!!!

  43. Mud_PILE,

    If you have a point - please make it. Your thought process (or lack thereof) is incomprehensible.

    I didn't create the list you idiot - it was gleaned from the Communist Party efforts in the 1950s and 1960s and that list is from the Congressional Record of 1963.

    Are you really this dumb our is this a Left-Wing Comedy routine?

  44. Learn some facts boys:

    Passed by Congress in 1976, the Hyde Amendment excludes abortion from the comprehensive health care services provided to low-income people by the federal government through Medicaid. Congress has made some exceptions to the funding ban, which have varied over the years. At present, the federal Medicaid program mandates abortion funding in cases of rape or incest, as well as when a pregnant woman's life is endangered by a physical disorder, illness, or injury.

    The current Bishops complaining about birth control coverage are NOT representative of Roman Catholic women. I suggest you learn more about the Roman Catholic Church before make anymore false statements. All person employed by THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH are exempt. It is the separate institutions*, not owned or controlled by Rome, that the discussion is about. And these institutions have no problem with providing birth control services. And the great MAJORITY of persons employed by these institutions are NOT Roman Catholic.

    * The current Pope is trying to gain control of these independent institutions. It would be like the head of China trying to take over control of Chinese Restaurants because they are based on Chinese tradition.

  45. Alpha-bat,
    nice cut and paste about a link to where you took it from?


    Newsflash! Who cares? That isn't the point, was never the point and, regardless of how badly you moonbats want to make it the point, it's simply not going to be the point.
    Get it?
    The number of Catholic women who have used the pill has ZERO to do with the government requiring a religious institution to offer something that goes against it's beliefs period.

    Your arguement is based on sidetracked points that are only semi-related to the real issue as usual.

    As for the abortion issue, you moonbats shreik that the GOP is "trying to eliminate a woman's right to choose"...which is for the most part pure bullshit since the only thing the GOP has ever really done was bitch about funding abortions.
    You want "choice", then choose and be responsible for your own decision.
    Choice + Responsibility = taking choice away?
    Free choice does NOT = something for free.

    The government spends 1.37 million on those "rare" abortions you speak of and, provides a 270 million annual subsidy for planned parenthood.

    If you want an abortion, go get one. It's not my right or, business to stop you any more than it's your right to demand anyone uninvolved with getting you pregnant pay for it for you.

    Get that? YOUR right and YOUR responsibility.
    YOUR right and MY rsponsibility!

    The responsibilty part is where you moonbats always get hazy and your eyes begin to glaze over.

    Guess what? After you leave your parent's nest, the consequence-free environment of another adult being responsible for YOUR actions goes away too.
    Just because you WANT the taxpayer to pick up where mommy and daddy left off, doesent make it a "right" that entitles you to become the forced responsibility of anyone else.

  46. "The number of Catholic women who have used the pill has ZERO to do with the government requiring a religious institution to offer something that goes against it's beliefs period."

    NEWSFLASH: That is exactly the point. Roman Catholic women are NOT against birth control, just the Bishops as ordered by the Pope in Rome. If you understood how the Roman Catholic Church worked, you would know that the Church itself is EXEMPT from the requirement in the law as it was passed. The Church is STILL exempt! The institutions are NOT against providing birth control to their employees. The institutions being discussed only share certain beliefs with the Pope in Rome. Ever hear of St. V's in Toledo? Ever hear of Catholic Charities? Both related to the Church, but are NOT actually the Church. The vast majority of the institutions are run by non-church personnel and many of those non-church personnel are not even Catholic. Now pay attention: The Pope and the Bishops are not elected to represent Roman Catholics' views on anything.

    NEWSFLASH: Federal Law makes it illegal for ANY federal money to be used on abortions by Planned Parenthood. The wing of Planned Parenthood that provides abortions is COMPLETELY separate from the wing that provides family planning.

    (I don't provide links because you would just call them bias anyway. I assumed you were able to do a little research yourself and you are always demanding of people on other blogs.)

  47. Gentlemen (and Mud_PILE and Alphabat),

    The list of things that the government has no business doing - but is doing is long and shameful. As -Sepp has already eloquently pointed out this is a freedom issue not a contraception issue.

    It is also an economic issue - everybody can't have everything for free. I know liberals don't understand that - but it is true.

    Why can't you just leave people alone to live in peace? What harm does it cause for a Catholic University to insure their staff and students but exclude birth control? I know that you don't know the answer so I will tell you - none - it does no harm to any one. There are any number of schools that girls who want to be sexually active and receive free birth control and not get pregnant can go to.

    You don't have to force your lack of standards and morals on the rest of us. You already debase yourselves - just leave us alone.

  48. That knot in your panties seems uncomfortable...wait around long enough and maybe it'll become the government's job to untie it for you!

  49. Move to the new post to continue this conversation un-interrupted.