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It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.
George Washington

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Mark Twain

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is a good read.  I'm still anti-Romney, but his performance in the last debate did make me admit he'd be okay.


  1. Tenth,

    If we do this right, we aren't sending him up there all by himself. Unlike our democrat (progressive, liberal, socialist, whatever) opposition, we don't expect him to be king, but rather the head of one third of the government.

    If it is Romney - he will probably be forced to pick a more conservative running mate (Rubio? Daniels?) which will help. In a Republican administration a VP isn't a class clown or court jester like Joe Biden or Al Gore.

    A Republican House and more importantly a Republican Senate will put the Nation back on track. The country will be governed in a manner that would actually be recognizable to the Founding Fathers.

  2. I still worry about the 2016 effect. A weak Republican President will help show in another liberal turd.

  3. WEll, well, what happened to Santorum, Tenth? Of course, your choice of Santorum was just one of...of how many, Tenth??

    So Romney now? Imagine that!

    I hate to remind you but way back I told you it would be Romney v. Obama and you told me to go to hell.

    What made you drop Santorum, Tenth? Was it his growing demand for a Christian theocratic government? Or his government mandated probe of our bedrooms?

  4. What makes you think I dropped Santorum? You have a real problem with comprehension. I will vote for Romney if he gets the nomination, but I won't campaign for him to get the nomination. I believe the point of this post was to let my friends (not you, Mud) know that I will not be as disgusted as I thought I would to vote for Romney. I still hope, however, that I won't have to.

  5. Tenth,

    Mud_PILE never has anything worthwhile to say. He isn't likely to start anytime soon.

    I think that the only politician that really turned out to be every bit as bad as critics thought he would be is Obama.

    Romney isn't my first choice either - but increasingly it looks like he can win.

    Job one is to beat Obama - the rest of it after that is simply degrees of improvement.

  6. Romney is not my man, but if he should win the nomination I will support and work for his election----anyone but Obama!

  7. I don't really care for Santorum or, Romney but, I guess I'll be stuck with one of the two since not voting is out of the question.

    I'll take the flak for this but, I think Santorum is overplaying the religion angle to the point where it's getting annoying.
    Ok, you believe in God, now what the hell is the rest of your plan?

    I want to hear how he intends to govern IAW the constitution.
    I want to hear what makes him the better choice besides his devotion to church.

    As I recall, Obama was devoted to his church too and, that certainly hasn't brought any devine influence into his decision making abilities where the economy or, obeying the constitution has been concerned.
    Personally, I'm sick of hearing these clowns trying to out-holy each other when there are bigger to fry.
    The last thing we need is Santorum debating Obama and saying something to the effect of "God told me this or, that" and sounding like a crackpot and being exploited that way.

    Romney is already being portrayed as a disconnected Thurston Howell the 3rd type in which Obama's Occupy minions are already making plans to pounce on.

    What I foresee happening is the Obama machine working overtime to steer the conversation away from Obama's record and focus on the personality quirks of the GOP nominee.

    The only way either of those two can beat Obama is to not allow themselves to be lured off the topic of Obama's dismal performance and lack of leadership.
    Once they get Santorum rolling on a God rant, it's over.
    Once they steer Romney into bragging about Cadillacs and billionaire friends, it's over.

    Either of them could hit a homer with a Reagan style "are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" and, cause people to think...which is exactly what the Obama camp wants to avoid.

    He can't run on his record so, he's going to run on character assasination.
    Mark my words.

  8. What makes you think I dropped Santorum?

    SO you like the insertion of religion [worship] in government? Are you worried about the Devil, ie Satan trying to 'destroy' our country?

    Do YOU like the government in our bedrooms? Santorum said, "One of the things I will talk about that no president has talked about before is the dangers of contraception in this country, the whole sexual libertine idea."

    Do YOU, too, believe that President Obama is "a snob?" Do YOU, too, believe colleges are "indoctrination mills?" Do YOU believe that "most kids who go to college who are conservatives are singled out and ridiculed?"

    Do YOU believe that not only was the separation of church and state not absolute, but there is a role for religious faith in the federal government?

    Do YOU, too, believe that President Obama "has reached a new low in this country's history of oppressing religious freedom that we have never seen before?"

    I'm just wondering if you, too, believe in theocracy? Theocracy- you know, like the Taliban?

    ...just wondering

  9. TGP,

    The bottom line is ANYONE BUT OBUTTHEAD! After we toss the Kenyan A$$wipe out, we can then work on purging RINOs from our party and lining up for 2016.

  10. we can then work on purging RINOs from our party and lining up for 2016.

    HA! LOL!!

    The fact is, ALZ, THEY will be working hard to take back THEIR Grand Old Party from YOU- the pirates who kidnapped it from them.

    RINOS indeed! YOU and your right-wing cronies are the real RINOS!

    You guys don't belong in any 'normal' political party. You are just a bunch of punk bandits, whining about the Good Old Days- the ones that never existed except in your common fantasies.

  11. Mud_PILE,

    Our government was based on Christian principles and designed by Christian men. "Separation of Church and State" does not appear in any of our founding documents or laws. It is from a letter that Jefferson wrote to quiet the fears of a Baptist congregation to tell them that there would be no "Church of America." He did that while he attended church every Sunday in the US Capitol. By the way - they quote Jefferson as a Constitutional expert and he was in France when it was written.

    I believe that we need an honest discussion on the long term effects of artificial contraception. There are multiple health problems in women caused by abortion and hormonal treatments to prevent pregnancy - the left wing lunatics like yourself prevent an open and honest discussion of the dangers. You and your ilk are preventing women for making educated choices.

    Obama is a snob - college is only part of his problem. We send tens of thousands of kids to college every year that have no business being there. We have turned campuses into country clubs that are over priced indoctrination centers that suppress learning. A degree in Lesbian and Transgender Studies with a minor in New Guinean basket weaving is useless. People used to go to college to get degrees with actual application to some real world employment - now college is just a four to five year party.

    The "Separation of Church and state" is a myth. While there is reason to prevent the establishment of a "Church of America" denying our Christian roots is foolish and leads to the destruction of our culture.

    Yes - no President in history has been as hostile to American culture (not just religion) as President Obama. That's not even disputable.

    No one - not Santorum or any other mainstream candidate is promoting a "theocracy" - once again you are using terms you don't understand for the hyperbole value.