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Monday, March 19, 2012

We need a conservative

Hat tip to Ron Russell.

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  1. Unfortunately, leadership isn't what gets votes anymore.
    It's a contest between folks who try to elect the least damaging or, the most damaging to the nation.

    The Obamazombies could care less how far down the shitter he takes us...they seem to enjoy the idea of a bankrupted country to match their smashed moral compasses.
    I highly doubt any of them understand what happens to bankrupted countries who's "leader" has sown the seeds of division as deeply as we're seeing.
    If they believe that the other half of the nation is simply going to surrender and accept their "fundamental change", they're going to be surprised to find that the other half isn't buying the idea nor, are they willing to pay for it.

    And, you conservatives out there shouldn't get too cocky either.
    The Obamaphile left-wing have been tasting a sample of what they've always wanted over the last 3 years and, aren't going to let go of it easily or, just sit idle while it's elected away from them.
    If you believe that they'll be content in seeing their socialist ideals washed away and, just chalk it up as "the people have spoken" and accept it, you're dreamming too since they've already been demonstrating that being violent as a means to an end is perfectly fine in order to reach their goals.

    It's going to be one of those "Long hot summers".