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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dumb? Or Dumber?

If you haven't checked out, you should.  Some very funny stuff shows up there, nearly every day.

God, please don't let this idiot get re-elected.


  1. Thanks for the linky love! And I would love to see Obama college grades---I feel many elitest would be shocked, but then they would never admit it.

  2. I understand he was trapped on that side of the gate until the secret service had the gate removed so he could pass.

    Mary Poppins was unavailable for comment.

  3. "I would love to see Obama college grades"

    Really? And would you compare them to your hero Bush? Or Reagan?

    1. Who cares who he compares them to. Since Bush's grades have been released, and so have Reagan's, what does your little boy Barack have to hide? You sicken me Jeff. We want to see his grades, period. And if they aren't as impressive as W's, remember, neither were Kerry's.

  4. Best part is, it's not raining. To be honest, I don't care so much about his grades (though I wholeheartedly agree they should be released, obviously if they were good, it didn't make him any smarter and if they were bad, well that explains a lot about why appears to be none to smart but, I've said this from day one, I want to know how he neutralized the Clinton Machine. Think of that, Hillary was all but anointed as the next president, yet this guy stepped on her (and Bill's throats) HOW???? What does he have on those two?

  5. It isn't his grades that he's hiding, it's his thesis that he's worried about seeing the light of day.

  6. I can care less about his grades. Some of the biggest idiots in the country were highly educated with high GPA's to boot. Some of the biggest lunatics as well. I don't want to see transcripts, I just want to see him gone.

  7. Gone would be a good start JohnnyO. The reason people feel that his records and thesis are important is that it gives you a good idea of exactly what his beliefs are BEFORE he sanitized himself for a political career.
    Since his past (and present) is riddled with communists and other America-hating associates, there is probably a good reason why he'd want his past concealed.
    The same went for Hillary Clinton who tried to conceal her adoration for Saul Alinsky and other Marxist idealists.

    Even the most staunch Democrats would turn their backs on a candidate who was openly a marxist as opposed to the "wink and a nod" types.

    We should know exactly what we're placing in office and, who they are and what they believe in.
    We're reaping what we've sown now since we were too lazy to look beyond the shiny paintjob and notice the bondo filling the holes.