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Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama's Bipartisanismness

I watched some of the big bipartisan pow wow on Thursday, and I've seen all the highlights. In my humble opinion, President Obama has proven to be as big a jackass as his partner Joe. I have to say that arrogance such as he displayed to his invited guests is completely unacceptable. Had he been raised right, he certainly would not have addressed a man nearly twice his age as John. I don't have any soft spots for John McCain, but I believe the most familiar I would ever get with him would be to call him Senator. Apparently some Democratic representatives are offended by being addressed as sir or ma'am, so perhaps that's why Obama didn't use sir when speaking to his elders and betters.

I am continually shocked by the lack of simple manners of our elected officials. When they are campaigning, they malign each other with any type of dirt they can dig up or make up. But when they face each other, its all what a nice guy he is. They all say they abhor personal attacks, but they assassinate each others characters and call it politics. I'm pretty sure they are not using that word correctly. I cannot understand how someone can be against everything you believe, and yet you can say they're really nice. Sarah Palin said that very thing about Obama. I think she was lying, because we don't want any personal attacks. We should not accept lies from our politicians, even the ones we like.

Anyway, we have all seen how Obama really had no intention of being bipartisan. It was almost as if he had Turret's syndrome. "I'm really interested in your ideas, jerks. No, really. We have to come together for the people, losers. Please feel free to speak up, dirtbags. The elections over, I won, you all suck. Thank you for coming, whiners."

Now it would appear that Pelosi and Reid are going to force a huge albatross down our necks. I hope they can be stopped before we are forced to water the Tree of Liberty.

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