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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in Your Wallet?

I heard a Capitol One commercial today and someone with a British accent asked me what was in my wallet. My first cynical thought was, "Nothing." But then I decided I would check to see what was in my wallet.

The first thing I found was a picture of my eldest child when she was almost a year old. She is still just as beautiful as she was then. After a brief pause over her picture, I continued my search. I found two expired hunting and fishing licenses, a driver's license that says it needs renewing in May, a Sam's Club card, a food stamp card, and an expired base ID. No cash or other forms of currency. Then I tried to figure out when was the last time I had any money in my wallet. I was unable to recall the time. For at least the last two years, I have not received any money that was not already spent. At the current rate of my economic growth, I will not ever make another dime that isn't already owed to some sleazeball who has never broken a sweat to earn his paycheck.

About a week ago, I heard a reporter say that Obama said the stimulus has done what it was supposed to do, but we won't have unemployment under control until 2015. I think that if some egghead handed me a piece of paper with that particular factoid on it, I would have shoved it down his throat and held his nose until he swallowed or expired. But Obama read it. Aloud. This guy isn't smart enough to be President. What exactly do they teach at Harvard? I have never taken an economic class, but I can tell when someone is speaking about something they don't know anything about. And Obama is always doing that. He has no practical experience on any subject. He has never held a real job. And at the jobs he has held, he has a poor performance record. As a state senator in Illinois, he only voted yeah or nay one time. Every other vote he cast was "present." And the vote he cast a nay for? Providing care for survivors of botched abortions.

But I bet there's some cash in his wallet.

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