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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Checkpoint Charlie

This morning I had the distinct privilege of going to work. I have not had that opportunity very often in the past two years, so I was pretty fired up about it. I was supposed to be met at the job site by a couple of guys that have worked for me in the past. When I got there, no one was there yet. About twenty minutes later, one of them showed up. He had been stopped at a DWI checkpoint at 8 am. On a Wednesday morning. I personally feel that any road block is a violation of our Constitutional rights, but certainly no one can justify a DWI check point at 8am Wednesday. Perhaps our local law enforcement officials were just spending some stimulus money.

When I was growing up, images of the Berlin Wall were often used to promote our efforts in the Cold War. One of the main antagonisms of our fight against Socialism was the fact that the citizens of socialist states were not allowed to move freely about the country. They were even shot to death for attempting to leave. With very few exceptions, Americans supported our efforts to bring Freedom and democracy to the millions of poor, suffering inmates of the Iron Curtain. Since the defeat of the Soviet Union, Americans have forgotten how much we hated Checkpoint Charlie. In fact, we have even allowed our own government to set up roadblocks to check us for our papers. Of course, we all think we should keep drunks off the road, but do we really need seat belt and license checks?

A few years ago, in much better times, I was working in a subdivision in Hampstead, NC, and that subdivision was overrun with illegal aliens. I called the INS in Charlotte to tell them about the situation, and was told that they (the people you and I pay to deal with this) didn't care! They whined about not having enough manpower, or equipment, or facilities to deal with the main focus of their employment. But when it comes to actual American citizens, our government finds the funds to harass us in the course of our daily lives.

Today I heard that Chuck Shumer (D-NY) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) have put together some hare-brained bipartisan scheme to have us all registered with a Federal ID. Have any of these jack asses read the Constitution? I know they don't read the bills they force us to live with, but surely all of these @#%$&)(!@ have taken the time to read the supreme law of the land! I believe it is time to get rid of politicians. If any candidate is up for re-election this fall, they will not get my vote. I humbly ask that they not get yours, either.

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