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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Me and Obama Agree?

John Walsh celebrated the thousandth episode of America's Most Wanted recently, and he was praised by everybody. Walsh told President Obama that he wanted him to fund the Adam Walsh Act, which was passed into law under W, but for some reason hasn't been funded, cause, you know, where would we get the money? But, Obama promised John Walsh that he would work with Congress to get funding as long as he is President, and as long as he is the father of two daughters. The Adam Walsh Act provides legislation for a national DNA database for sex offenders. My objection to a national DNA database is that there should never be any repeat offenders of sexual crimes.

In fact, I think that cops who catch sex offenders alive should be fired. As the father of four daughters, I despise the thought of some scumbag breathing free air who has already committed the most vile and debasing crime imaginable. Not so long ago, the crime of forcible rape was punishable by death in almost every state. But SCOTUS in its wisdom put a ban on all death sentences, and after a few years to discern how stupid that was, reversed itself. But only for first degree murder. I believe that there are things that are worse than death, and rape is the foremost among them.

Chelsea King would be alive today if rape still carried the death penalty. Jessica Lunsford would still be alive today if We the People would protect our innocent citizens instead of our guilty cretins.

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  1. Don’t be too appreciative – Obama only supports this measure because it increases Federal spending and employment which means that many more SEIU supporters. As you point out – it would be manifestly more efficient and effective to kill them. That’s what we do with rabid dogs – that’s what we should do with their human equivalent.