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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jihad/Hanoi Jane

Can we please just hang these two women and be done with this? I don't want to see Gloria Allred defending their "right to choose" or telling us how the system somehow is responsible for their misguidance. In the same week as Tom Hanks lost his mind, we have two American women willing to commit homisuicide as Jihadist terrorists. I must point out, Tom, that neither of these two women fall into some minority racial group.

Back in the late sixties and early seventies, America raised up some pretty scary women. My personal un-favorite is Hanoi Jane Fonda, the sorriest excuse for womanhood in history. But there were others, some of whom now have first name familiarity with our current chief executive. It is appalling to me that we have new traitorous bitches in our midst, almost as appalling as still having Fonda and Bernadine Dorhn breathing free American air. Or breathing, period.

As a little aside, has anyone told Mr. Hanks about WWII? According to him, the US was racially motivated to fight the Japanese. I'm not sure what medical condition Mr. Hanks is treating with dope, but he must have just recently started smoking cow shit. Although the US did attack the Japanese ferociously and mercilessly, we did not attack, oppress, or malign the Filipinos, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Laotians, the Thais, or any of the Pacific Islanders. If Mr. Hanks would take a little sociology class, he would know that the Japanese are not a race of people, they are a nationality. If the United States of America acted in a racial way in WWII, we would have mistreated all Asian peoples. We did not. We liberated those peoples from the mistreatment inflicted on them by the racist Japanese. Shut up and light up, Tom.

As a people, and I mean a nation, we must start teaching Americanism to our children. Our children should be told about all of the wonderful reasons that they are Blessed by God to be Americans. I have traveled all over the world, and rather extensively in the Middle East, and like Dorothy said, there is no place like home. Most of the people in the Middle East would starve to death if it weren't for America. And still they hate us. But we are raising a generation that wants to make nice with the enemy. We all want to be liked, but as my Mama used to say, you are known by the company you keep. Who in their right mind would want to run around with the likes of Achmanutjob and Sodom Insane? But we have a whole generation of Americans who have been raised by the likes of Bill Ayers and other yellow bellied, lily livered, draft dodging, responsibility ignoring scum. We let it happen, like an ingrown toenail, and now we have to suck it up and cut out the bad part.

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