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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Basic Education is More Important than Higher Education

One of the many things I dislike about Obama and his administration is their determination to make gayness an acceptable form of public deviancy. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have caused the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, inflicting their agenda on a majority of citizens who don't share their beliefs. They, (O, Pelosi, Reid), are campaigning for the recognition of gay marriage, even though 80% of Americans are against it. One can only assume that a good part of the 20% minority must have misread the question. An argument being made for gay marriage is the idea that gays would help children by creating a nuclear family atmosphere. The lack of a nuclear family in many childrens lives is undoubtedly a problem, but I personally don't believe that it will help a single child to be raised by two dad's as opposed to being raised by a single mother.

I have heard the argument being made that marriage was created to keep fathers from running off to greener pastures. I believe that marriage was created to celebrate the union of a man and a woman as soul mates. What I believe kept a man at home was the idea that his own father would be mortally ashamed of him if he ran off from his responsibilities. That of course was back when men were susceptible to shame, something a large majority of adult males don't possess anymore.

I have to totally disagree that the father is the weakest link in the family bond. The father is the linch pin that holds the family together. For proof of that, look at the dismal success rate of single mothers. Women who are raising their children without a strong male father figure are doing a severe disservice to those children. Some of these woman are single through no fault of anyone; their spouses having died of various causes such as car wrecks or even combat action. Other women are raising their children alone by choice. Laura Ingraham comes to mind. She adopted two children to raise because she was unable to find a man willing to father her children. I think thats a bad reason to raise kids alone. The rest of our single mothers in this country are single because the father of their child was not a man.

Much of Mr. Obama's plan to fix our severely wounded country is to make it easier for our youngsters to get a college education. He seems to think that schoolin' will make life easier on this generation. But no college or university that I know of teaches young boys to be men, or young girls to be women. That has always been done in the home, usually with a strap or switch or some other disciplinary tool. Without discipline at an early age, a child has little chance to become a responsible adult.

When we quit raising men in this country, and by that I mean adult males who do what is right and necessary in their daily lives because it is right and necessary, we started the avalanche of single motherhood that has resulted in high drop out rates and even in the explosion of homosexual acceptance. And now, two generations later, we have mothers abandoning their children in their grandmothers laps because we can't even teach our daughters to have a motherly instinct. We need to get back to educating our children on how to be a man or woman, and quit worrying so much about "higher" education. Its the basics that are hurting our society, not math and science.


  1. Patriot,

    If we got rid of the Dept. of Education and let the states decide how to educate our kids whereas parents would have an input instead of a DC bureucrat then our kids might actually learn something.

    They also need to get rid of every subject that has "studies" attached to it and get back to basics.

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  3. I have always been pissed off that high school graduates can't balance a checkbook or manage a budget. I think every high school should be required to only graduate kids who have learned two basic concepts.

    1. Don't smoke crack.
    2. Don't buy crap.

    These two principles would greatly improve our society.

  4. The destruction of the nuclear family will be the death of our society. We need to get our people back in the pews on Sundays. In times of great trouble our religious leaders have stepped up to the plate - that hasn't happened for decades now - all this "separation of church and state" crap has neutralized the pulpit with predictable results.