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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Muamar Wants to Die a Martyr?

I heard today that Libya's version of Barack Obama announced today that he is not leaving and will die a martyr. My initial reaction to that is "Fire away!"

In 1986, we (mainly defined at the time as Ronald Reagan) got tired of the antics of Muammar Qadafi. Deciding to shut down the "Mouth of the Mediterranean," Ron launched a bomb run from England. France denied our bombers permission to fly through their airspace, so our pilots were a little tired when they arrived over Tripoli, and we "accidentally" bombed their embassy. Whoops!

We missed Qadafi, but we managed to kill his infant son. Muamar has been minding his P's and Q's ever since. But now he has decided to "die a martyr" and I for one would like to see the "Win one for the Gipper" cruise missile fly up his ass. Of course the greatest orator in our nations history won't fire on his fellow Muslim. Maybe we could get Obama to talk Qadafi to death.


  1. The reason Reagan bombed his ass was in retaliation for the Libyan sponsored bombing of our GIs in Berlin. Qadafi also sponsored a number of other terror plots.

    The frogs refusal for us to overfly resulted in our losing a pilot on the return flight.

    I hope Qadfi gets his chance to be a martyr. I just heard Iranian president Im-a-nutjob announce that Qadafi should allow the peaceful protests and stop the killing of his people whereas the Iranians are getting killed during their protests.

    Russia has offered assylum to Qadafi.

  2. My wife says that when they finally kill Muammar she'll have to designate someone else as the ugliest man in the world.