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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why are food prices going up?

Why do we allow our representatives in Washington to cost us more and more money every time they open their mouths? I have a hard time understanding why they pass new laws on a constant basis, and I am baffled when they knee jerk us into a corner. The entire argument over energy needs to be scrapped. If we elect 535 potatos to Congress, we couldn't do worse.

For the past few years I have been building chicken coops and rabbit hutches in order to pay some of my bills. Amazed at the number of Americans who want chickens and rabbits, I started raising both. At first it was a lucrative business, but now, feed prices are so high that no one can raise their own eggs and meat as cheap as the grocery store. How can that be possible? The grocery store is what is called "the middle man." When cutting out the middle man, you should be able to conduct business cheaper. Unless the Federal government is subsidizing the grower of the food.

Apparently, one of the many causes of illegal immigration are farm subsidies. Because of subsidies, farmers in the US can grow crops cheaper than farmers in Central America. So farmers down south can't compete, so they don't farm, creating a shortage of jobs, causing mass exodus to the US. Now that we are using so much of our corn crop for ethanol, and so much of our farmland for corn, there is a food shortage down south, thus more immigration to the land of plenty.

While listening to BO and McCain argue over energy policies, my feed bills, (for my critters and my children), have skyrocketed. The obvious culprit for this is ethanol, which has caused our agriculture system to get turned on its ear. Because of this new demand for corn, farmers have begun growing more of it. But as a result, they are growing less of other crops, creating a shortage. Because of ethanol, we now have a shortage of oil, corn, and other foodstuffs. Who is the idiot in charge of this program?

In 2001, only 7 percent of America’s corn crop, about 707 million bushels, was used to make ethanol fuel for vehicles. By 2010, nearly 40 percent of American corn went for ethanol — almost 5 billion bushels out of total U.S. production of 12.4 billion bushels. Under American soil is a vast sum of oil, more than anywhere else on earth. But we want to end our dependancy on foreign oil by growing corn for gas? I don't know if Obama has noticed this or not, but no one else is going to feed us when we burn all of our food. No one else in the world can grow enough food to feed the world. Just us. But now Americans can't afford homegrown food because of the idiotic energy policy of Obama.


  1. Patriot,

    I agree. What is not talked about yet is the FACT that the emissions from ethanol is more hazardous than from gas or oil. An inconvenient truth to say the least. Big Ag and the media is keeping the whole thing under wraps.

    Further, ethanol is destroying car engines at alarming rates.

  2. Hardnox,

    Ethanol gasoline is having a huge detrimental effect on small engines, too. Chainsaws and lawnmowers are having a reduced lifetime because of ethanol, and their not worth much as scrap because of cash for clunkers. Thanks, US Government.

  3. A buddy of mine tested a tank full of gas with Ethanol on a highway trip and returned on a tank full of real gas. He got almost 8 miles per gallon batter on real gas. I'm not sure that I can afford for the government to help me anymore than it already is . . . . . .