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Monday, February 28, 2011

GAO to release a report that shows potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in federal waste, which one senator says 'will make us all look like ja

I don't know which senator said this, but don't we already think they're all jackasses? These inept idiots can't spend the money we entrust them with on simple basic needs of government, but they don't want us to hold a bad opinion of them? Doing a budget is really quite simple.

1. How much money do we have? (A quick answer to that is none - budget solved!)

2. What are our priorities? (A quick answer to that is defense and transportation infrastructure.)

3. How much money do we have left to spend? (See item 1)

4. Cancel all other programs.

That's it in a nutshell. We cannot afford the things the Constitution allows the federal government to be involved in, much less all the crap they've stuck their noses in.

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  1. Patriot,
    On the plus's about damn time that data was released.