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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who won?

By not working at all for months at a time, Congress has created a situation that "needs to be handled immediately." Ever notice how often they let that happen?

The big story going around today is about who won. Certainly not the American people. Asking who won this battle is like asking who won the annual Harvard/Yale football game. No one cares. The Republicans will point out that they saved us 1% of half of one years budget, and claim a victory. The Dems will say they saved little old ladies from eating cat food, and claim a victory. Essentially what both parties have accomplished is a monumental waste of time and money.

One percent of half of one years budget simply means we don't have to borrow money from China for - four whole days. Thanks Mr. Ryan. We're way better off thanks to you.

According to Nancy Pelosi(D-Whackville), without that $40 billion dollars, sixteen million old people will starve to death. Is she even from this planet? If the left wing media would cover the elderly cat food eating epidemic, they would find that Americans would not let that happen, through private donations. That, of course, is assuming there is an elderly cat food eating epidemic. I would never call Ms. Pelosi a liar, but I would say she's full of shit.

What Congress needs to do is cut the entire budget, discretionary and otherwise, by 10%. And if that doesn't bring us down under our yearly salary, they should cut it all again, until its down under what we make. Then they should cancel any special project whose annual funding falls below one billion a year. Then they should use the money saved to buy America back from the Chinese and Japanese. Then all of us could live the American dream, by owning something of our very own - our country.

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  1. Congress cut one tenth of one percent of the budget. It is disgraceful by any measure.