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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate Finally Appears

I am admittedly a critic of Obama's. I find nearly everything he does repulsive. So it shouldn't surprise anyone when I say, "What the hell was the holdup?"

If Obama has been hiding his BC waiting to make a fool out of Donald Trump, he's an idiot. Trump makes a fool of himself every time he combs(over) his hair. Surely Obama is too smart and too busy to spend time and effort making a fool of Trump, so that leads us to, why the hell didn't you just show the damn thing two and a half years ago?

Most Democrats jumped ship on George Bush after they helped him get it in deep water in Iraq. Then they all stood safely on shore accusing Bush of getting us mired in a war for the wrong reasons. They started screaming "Where are the WMDs?" What they should have been screaming is "Where are the WMDs?" Wait a minute, that's what they were saying, right? In 1991, along with about half a million other American troops, I saw some of Saddam's WMDs. We knew he had them; we thought he'd use them, and he did. At the very least he had some chemical mines in the bands of mines laid before us in Kuwait. He may have ordered his generals to use chemical artillery rounds (which we did find in large quantities in Iraq in 2003). Lucky for us, his generals knew that we would kill every Iraqi we found if they had.

For 12 years, Saddam defied the UN Resolutions demanding he get rid of his chemical warfare arsenals. In 2003 and 2004, we found numerous mobile WMD processing vehicles, so many, in fact, that it would be stupid to assume he had gotten rid of his arsenal. But we didn't find the actual weapons. So where are they? Are they in Osama's cave? Are they buried in the sands of Syria? Are they in Iran? Where the Hell are they?

So back to Obama's Birth Certificate. Where the hell was it? Why did it take so long for him to provide it? I have dealt with enough bureaucracies that I would accept that he requested it from the Registrar of Records in Hawaii in 2007, and he finally just got it. But he needs to tell us why it took so long, or tell us why he didn't want us to see it. If it is completely legit, he has no reason for the delay. If its not legit, he needs to get the hell out of our house.


  1. 10th - there is a school of thought that Obama's request for his birth certificate was hung up with all the other requests - like the myriad Freedom of Information requests that are being ignored by his regime. After promising a transparent administration he has delivered the most opaque. In that light his birth certificate is just another Obamanism.

    Pardon the pun - but I think he was holding it in his hand like a trump card - waiting for the most advantageous time to play it.

    Trump is a lunatic but he was doing the Obama image grave damage - not on the birther issue - but on everything else. In my opinion that is why he rolled out the certificate now. He had to stop Trump at all costs.

  2. So, 10th, now that the birth certificate has been released, is Obama any more "legitimate" in your eyes, or will he always be illegitimate because of his you-know-what [wink, wink?]

  3. Mud,
    As usual, it's lefties like you that insinuate race.

    How about addressing the subject at hand or is that too much for you?

  4. [Tenth- excuse my comment to Hardnox on your blog, but he's too adolescent to allow the free-flow of comments on his blog]

    Hardnox- Interesting that we 'meet' on other people's blog, eh?

    So, it's the insinuation of race? Oh my, how could anyone ever suggest that race could be at the root of the ugly disdain for our president? Why, surely our nation has grown up since those ugly days of Jim Crow, segregation and racial intolerance, hasn't it? Why, that's all history now.

    I'm sure that parents today aren't passing on their racial biases to their children any longer. What do you think? Did your parents pass their racial biases on to you? My parents were quite bigoted when I was a lad, but that was the 40's and 50's when most people were openly bigoted.

    Luckily, I grew out of that juvenile stage of my development and embraced a more open view of 'people of color.' I don't judge a person by the color of their skin any longer. Do you?

    Hardnox- did you grow up in a household like mine, where your parents were bigoted? If so, when did you leave that juvenile stage of development and form your own values about other people?

    Tenth- I note the photo of you holding your baby. That is a very nice photo that shows how much you love your 4 children. Let me ask you the same question: did you grow up in a house where your parents, like mine, were radially bigoted? If so, when did you move beyond those racial stereotypes? And finally, are your 4 children growing up in a racially unbiased household?

  5. Mud shit,

    I grew up in a household that practiced Martin Luther King's philosophy of judging a man by the content of his character. While you were smoking dope at your whites only college, my father was bleeding and dying with "men of color." Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American. My father to this day will shed tears over the death of Sgt. Alfredo Gonzales, and he openly says he admires no man in this world more than SgtMaj JL Canley, a black American, and a superb Marine. When I was in the first grade, South Vietnam fell to your communist buddies. My family sponsored a Vietnamese refugee named Houng. He lived with us for more than a year. I taught him English, and he taught me Vietnamese. My brother was married to an American Indian for over a decade. Don't go calling me a racist. Because of people like you, Americans are forced to accept people like Kanye West, whose citizenship (by that I mean the qualities of being a citizen, not whether he can vote here or not) is so poor that in the 50's he'd have been in prison. Today, because he is black, we judge him only on the color of his skin. If we examined his character we would find none. But because of you, and Al Sharpton, we cannot call him a turd, because that would be racist, right?

    I don't care if you comment on my blog, but please don't come here to pick a fight with anyone but me.

  6. Calling someone a racist for a doctrinaire argument is the last refuge of a true scoundrel. It shows a lack of character and intellect. Sad really. You have a lot to learn Mud.