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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tolerance is Stupid

For about the last decade, weenies on the left have been screaming that we must be "tolerant." I am pretty sure they have no idea what they are talking about.

The left claims that we must accept certain behaviors that for the last several thousand years, most people have found offensive and repulsive. After ten, twenty or even thirty years of the rants and raves of people like Rosie O'Donnell and Shebaz Sheboozle, most people still find these behaviors offensive. But to come out and say so causes these lefties to say "intolerable" things about you, things that the mainstream media use to embarrass and harass you back into silence.

We are and should be an intolerant society. Behaving in a way that is way outside the norms of society should be frowned on, and people who behave in anti-social ways should be ostracized. A fine example of this is pedophiles, who because of liberal weenies, now have more "rights" than normal citizens. There is no reason whatsoever to do anything with a pedophile but hang them by the neck until they quit twitching. I believe they deserve a fair trial, but I would not be disappointed if in the interrogation room, the cops gun "accidentally" went off.

Other behaviors that we as a society should not tolerate are:

  1. Playing your music so loud that we can't hear the radio inside our own vehicles. This is an invasion of privacy, a public nuisance, a safety issue, and its rude. If your momma had beat your ass, you wouldn't behave this way.

  2. Not "spanking" your children when they misbehave. By not showing your children the error of their ways, you are abusing that child. Teach them manners, which is easy if you simply use good manners yourself.

  3. Believing that your right to free speech negates everyone else's right to a peaceful existence. If you are crass enough to think you have the "right" to protest at a funeral, your parents obviously didn't teach you any manners.

  4. Making left turns from the right lane, and vice versa. If you suddenly realize that you were supposed to turn, go down the road until you can safely turn around and come back. The rest of us know where we are going, we shouldn't have to watch out for your stupid ass.

  5. Pulling out in front of someone, just to turn off the road a hundred yards later. Be polite, and think of someone besides yourself for once.

  6. "Gay" rights. There is no such thing as a gay right. We all have the same rights, and while I don't approve of "gay" behavior, I don't believe your rights should be denied for being gay. But I strongly believe you shouldn't get extra rights for being gay, either. You all have a right to marry someone of the opposite sex, if you choose not to, that's your problem, not society's.

  7. Murder.

  8. Public indecency. Save your assless chaps for the privacy of your bedroom.

  9. Rape.

  10. Lying. Misspeaking is lying. We should call people liars when they lie, and they should be mortally ashamed of themselves. Repeat liars, like Bill Clinton, should be ostracized from decent society, not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go out and publicly lie some more.


  1. Good one 10th - I might add:

    It's interesting that when I consider growing up in the 1950s and 60s I don't recall many of the things that are commonplace today. I've even spoken to my mother about it and she concurs.

    We were a better country when people worried more about their responsibilities than their rights.

    We were an infinitely more polite society before the cowards and the druggies of the late 60s took us down a path of lawlessness and narcissism.

    America under Eisenhower was a better society than America under Kennedy & Johnson.

    Of course one of the things that liberals will never understand is that their freedom doesn't trump our freedom. Where they bump into each other is where negotiation has to occur. That area used to be covered by manners - but then liberals generally don't possess manners.

  2. Here's an example of S.T.F.U. diplomacy:


  3. For a minute there, I thought you were almost talking about the Ten Commandments where you starting talking about murder, lying and rape. As far as "gay rights", in "Deck the Halls", the line "now we don our gay apparel" takes on a whole new meaning.

  4. 10th - You are right of course. Watching the news today is gut-wrenching given the depravity and excess that invades our daily lives. I simply don't remember these types of events (nor does my mother) in the 1950s and 1960s. It was only after the explosion of drugs and narcissism in the late 1960s that spawned generations that believe in unfettered freedom without any responsibility. We need to hold people accountable for what they do.

  5. Wow! Such a deep, insightful post.

  6. Mud,

    Lets try a little experiment. What in my deep insightful post do you agree with? Surely there is some thing that society has deceided to accept over your vast life experience that you wish had stayed the same as in your youth.

  7. Hey mud,
    Does it take a lot of effort to be such a douche bag or does it come naturally? Just wondering.

  8. Tenth- the point I was making was that there was no point to your post.And trying to 'pin' all of the ills of a society onto one end of the political spectrum [left end] is laughable at best. In your world of delusion everything that is bad emanates there while the right side is as pure as the driven snow. The truth lies somewhere in between.

    Hardnox- he's got bigger balls than you because he doesn't hide behind moderation like you do. You're the one in need of a douche bag- about every 28 days.

  9. mud, I told you before that I won't give you an instant forum to publish your hateful trash. You refuse to comprehend that.

    Since my blog is moderated, and it bothers you, I have only one response:

    Tough shit

  10. Mud,

    You are unbelievable. Answer the question: What in my deep insightful post do you agree with? Since you think I'm delusional about the left, name one thing from the right that you, in your non-delusional padded room, agree with.

  11. Americans are becoming like what we called the "red chinese". Minding everyones elses business and taking their rights away. Anyone with a conservative view is thought laughable and those with the weird strange demands are perfectly normal. And, we are supposed to accept it. I for one will vote for whichever candidate wins the primary, I dont care who it is, and I hope we all do, or Obama will win again as he is campaigning in schools, organizations, churches, even Ireland.

  12. KC,

    Welcome. I think I agree with you on voting for the one who wins the nomination, but what if its Romney? There is no way I will vote for that scumbag. There are other scumbags I won't vote for. If we intend to unseat Obama, we must put forth a candidate who appeals to the nation the way Reagan did. Or even Clinton. But we have to quit letting the media pick the candidates, or we wind up with Obama and McCain, two complete jackasses who have no business running this country.