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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have you slapped a Jap today?

Never forget, they started it.


  1. No, but I DID write in the book at the Hiroshima museum in Japan back in 1987...

    "Don't start it if you can't finish it."

  2. Good thing the 1940's were in America's pre-libnut era or, we'd have been screwed.

  3. I wonder which of us would have been speaking German, and which Japanese? I'm sure that the Japs and the Krauts would have turned on the Italians after their usefulness was up.

  4. Tenth,

    I have often wondered what FDR would have actually done, if Japan and Germany had not declared war on the US first? I'll never know, but obviously, no fan of FDR. He had no choice, but to give the order to kick the shit out of the Jap's. But, if Germany would not have been so stupid to declare war the US first; would FDR even bothered to get engaged in the war on another continent? I personally believe, he would not have and a large portion of that continent, especially the European area, would indeed be speaking German this very day.

  5. Thats possibly true, but when finally drawn into the war, FDR concentrated our efforts in Europe, putting the Pacific on the back burner. I believe he wanted in, but couldn't find the right moment. The Japs helped alot, but they instantly became the lesser of the two campaigns.

  6. Dave,
    The funny thing about Europe is that they may as well be speaking German because the Germans lost the ground war but, came back to win the economic war.
    Germany doesent have to wage war to bring the rest of Europe to it's knees because all those socialist governments over there now come to Germany begging on their knees to be "saved" from themselves.
    IMO, all the Germans need to do if they wanted to lay waste to Europe again, is to cut the money off and, wait for the residents of those other countries to destroy their own cities rioting for freebies.

    Just like we'll be seeing when the freebie gravy train derails here!

  7. Pearl Harbor, the worst attack on an American military base. But man, those mushroom cloud pictures are so artistic. I have 2 hanging in my garage.

    If you slapped a jap, would his eyes go round and round?..........:)

  8. Depends on what you slap him with. My dad says slapping them with the flat side of a shovel makes the eyes go round; slapping them with the cutting edge of the shovel makes the eyes go shut.

  9. J.O.B. & Tenth,
    LMAO!!! Great two man act!

    Hilarious comment about the mushroom clouds!!!! Sadly, your pic collection was limited to only two!