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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How about just shuttin' up and reporting the news

Herman Cain announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. That is news. Mitch Daniels is out. I'm not sure why that's news, but it is. The media picked him as a potential frontrunner, and that is not news. If you are a reporter, how about just reporting the news? Mitt Romney isn't a frontrunner, Christie isn't gonna run, the new boy from Florida isn't running, and the old boy from Florida isn't running. Quit picking candidates - that's the voters job.

Quit saying things like, he can't win, or she can rally the base. Your opinion only counts in the voter booth. If the people want a candidate, they'll get him or her without your help. You reporters helped waaaay too much last time, and look at what you did. America is teetering on the brink of extinction because of stupid newspeople. Pull a Joe Friday, and just the facts. Please.


  1. Who's doing the guessing, Tenth? My news- perhaps a different source than yours- is just talking news. CNN. Yours?

  2. If you believe that "your" news doesn't inject their opinion into the story, you are very naive. ALL media has become a sorry excuse for journalism. They report on what THEY want to be news, instead of just actual news. I definitely disagree with you on nearly everything, but I don't think you are stupid. Let a little sun shine in on your world, and then you will see some of the ugly stains. Whether you're right, or I am, we both have to sift through the BS and draw our own conclusions. Just accepting the crap spewed by those in the media will make us stupid.

  3. I'm thinking Herman Cain.
    Excellent resume.
    Leadership experience.
    Economic experience.
    Business experience.

    And he happens to be black so I can tell every liberal who doesent agree with him that they're "racist"!

    Actually, I just prefer a guy who's job experience is greater than the night manager at a bowling alley's is!
    ...if only a black bowling alley manager had ran in 2008, we'd now have a president with business experience and a verifiable job!

  4. My guess would be that a black bowling alley manager would be conservative in nature and politics, so the lefties wouldn't have supported him. And the right listens to the talking heads too much and would probably still have given McLame his "turn."