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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse found dead

Not a big shock.  Mothers, tell your children, not to do as she has done.

Yeah, lets legalize drugs.  The woman on the right is 27 years old.  I hope no one eulogizes her the way they did Heath Ledger.  Drugs are stupid.


  1. Was Amy Winehouse alive? I must have missed it.

  2. The real tragedy is that we also lost General John Shalikashvili, US Army - former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff this week. Guess who is getting more air time.

    The death of General Shalikashvili saddens me. The death of Winehouse make one wonder why we were inflicted with her for so long.

  3. CS,

    That is an excellent point. Shalkashvili's life story is the real American dream. Winehouse's life is a sad, unfunny joke.

    As usual, the media is making a huge deal out of a suicide. Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Rock Hudson, are all glorified for the tragedy of their lives. It surely has effected our children to be non-performers. By that I mean losers.

    Heroes and heroines like Shalikashvili and Betty Ford get very little attention for being good, solid citizens. The news media is upside down and backwards in this area, as well as some others.

  4. Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Rock Hudson and, Winehouse were all leftist degenerates...are you really all that surprised that the media would'nt be hyping the deaths of their fellow travelers?

  5. Sepp,

    Not surprised - disappointed. All of them were train wrecks of humanity, we shouldn't lionize train wrecks as role models.