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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obama is Determined to go down as dumbest POTUS of all

Today, Barak Obama said he wants the debt limit increased enough to last a year.

Why doesn't this idiot understand that if he CUTS spending, the increased debt limit can last forever?  We need to cut up the credit cards.


  1. I believe he has won that award already.

    His prize will be given to him on January 20, 2013.

  2. As you know when he first came on the National scene I defended his intellect. I thought that he had been poorly brought up, educated incorrectly, and that when he was exposed to better information and the evidence of his policies - he would turn around.

    Even the pundits are starting to wonder why he hasn't done a Clinton 180.

    I stopped defending his intellect long ago - it is indefensible now. You can only have one of two conclusions - (1) He's every bit a stupid as he appears to be, or (2) He's intentionally attempting to destroy the country.

  3. CS,

    How did you get along with Mrs. CS while defending Obama's intellect? I'm certain she fumed a lot about that issue.

  4. Mrs. CS backed me up - reluctantly. She was much more prone to think of him as stupid.

    Given his obdurate response to the chaos he has caused you still have to hold out the possibility that Obama is acting in the tradition of his idol and mentor Saul Alinsky in trying to bring about repeated crises to propel us deeper into socialism.

    If you were to talk with Cloward and Priven they would tell you that everything is proceeding to plan and only those nasty Republicans are standing in the way of Obama delivering a Communist utopia.

    If Obama was even casually interested in how his policies have effected your life and mine - he would have done a Clintonesque 180 and pushed "Cap, Cut, and Balance."

    He could be a Clintonesque hero figure to the Left someday - instead in February 2013 he's going to be picking up a hammer to build crummy houses with Jimmy Carter. Except - I doubt Obama has ever actually done any manual labor before.

  5. The only talk I might have with Cloward and Piven would probably result in me being a martyr for the cause. Oh, and them too.

  6. PS. Obama has never actually done any LABOR at all. Look when he rolls his sleeves up. He has no idea what he's doing.

  7. Dumbest president ever? Sorry, pal, GW Bush has that position locked tight!

  8. Go ahead and poke your fun, but no one will ever read about the two of them and pick Obama as a better President than W. The prism of history will paint Obama as the WORST President ever. As for dumbest, he IS dumber than Jimmy Carter. Hell, he's dumber than Billy Carter.

  9. 10th - SHHHHHHH! Don't argue with these Libiots. They kept a constant mantra about Reagan being dumb that went all the way back to his days running to be governor of California. Reagan beat all comers every single time. Then they rolled out the same argument on GW - how well did that work for them?

    Bush beat Al Gore who has to be the dumbest person on earth who can actually feed himself. Then there was Kerry who was what we in the Marine Corps would call "butt-plate stupid."

    If that's what they got - let them bring it on. A psychologist would call it "projection."

    If they roll out that dumb charge against Governor Perry - how do you think it will work for them?