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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Debating on Fox

While watching the debate tonight, I have found myself gravitating towards the idea that Chris Wallace has lost his mind.  It seems to me that the drive behind all of his questions is to get some of these candidates to fight on national TV.  After asking some pretty dumb questions, I have to say that Newt handled himself Presidentially.  I am, however, disappointed that these eight candidates were able to say nice things about Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, but attacked each other like they should be attacking Obama.

As all of my readers have seen, I feel strongly about my conservative views.  I have had heated discussions with some lefty posters here, but I have expressed my opinion that as Americans, we should be able to agree on a majority of issues.  There are some ideological issues that right and left will never agree on, such as gay marriage or abortion, but as a general rule, we should agree on most other subjects.  As a voter who will vote against Barack Obama, I wish that the answer to Chris Wallace's question on pro life to Pawlenty would have prompted the answer, "I agree with Santorum."  Or Bachman.  Instead, they all claim to be more pro-life than the other.  Sad.

Mitt Romney, who everyone knows is not my favorite candidate, said that if a voter is concerned about jobs, they'd have to vote for him or Cain.  Okay, Willard, I pick Cain.  Actually, I have decided that I won't pick either of you.  I have decide that Herman Cain is in way over his head.  Perhaps he'd be okay taking over for Gaffes Biden, but he's not ready for the big job.  I would actually like to see him as Secretary of Commerce.

Ron Paul has a few ideas that aren't bad, but most of what he says is batshit crazy.  His stance on Iran and his general view of our wars against Islamo-facism are completely nuts.

I like Bachman.  Chris Wallace attempted to get her in a fight with Pawlenty, and I decided she kicked his ass.

Again, as last time, I like Rick Santorum.  He has a good grasp of the issues, and he cites facts and uses logic.  He won't win this debate, because Wallace and Baer have decided he's not a front-runner and have mostly ignored him.

Willard, as usual, makes me think he's at the wrong debate.  He belongs in the Democratic Party.

Pawlenty finally took his jab at Romney, and it fell flat.  Neither he or Romney should lead this party.

Newt came on a lot better than last time.  I would not be disgusted if he wound up with the nomination, if for no other reason than he would make Obama look like a fool in a debate.  Obama has big ears, but Newt has a big head.

Huntsman needs to save his money.  He has no chance.

Newt made the best closing statement.  He said the election is 15 months away, but America needs leadership now.  I could not agree more.


  1. No way on Newt brother. Nutsy Pelosi punked him out on the bench with gloBULL warming.

    I agree on Bachman and Santorum. Perry is a possible if he denounces his lib days!

    Cain at the Sec of Comm? Sweet.

    I do agree on one more point. Ron Paul is the crazy grandfather people lock in the attic.

  2. Yeah, Gunny, I won't vote for Newt, but one of these other candidates should hire him to tell them what to say.

    Santorum is growing on me. I think I'll look into his campaign a little further.

    I think Pawlenty is done after this debate, and I am, as usual, disgusted by the media fawning over Willard. I can't stand him.

  3. Indeed. When the Leftist media fawns over someone in the GOP, i.e., McShamnesty, that is the WRONG guy to pick.

    We NEED to pick whomever pisses OFF the leftist media!

    I like Santorum as well. Bachmann takes no crap, I like that as well.

    No doubt the GOP will pick a loser like Romney. It is what they do. They STILL have not learned THEIR lesson yet.

  4. 10th,

    About 10 minutes into that thing I wondered why any of them submitted themselves to that farce. I think that there were too many of them on the stage, the moderators completely lost control, and Chris Wallace is stupid.

    Newt shined but I still think of him as that one professor at college that didn't turn out to be a Marxist - you like his classes, but you don't turn the country over to him.

    Watching Pawlenty and Bachmann bicker left me cold on both of them. Bachmann should have gone postal on the moron that asked her the "submission" question. She bobbled that one badly.

    Sadly - no one really laid a glove on Romney. I think that the press is salivating at the prospect at McCaining him in the general election.

    Ron Paul - one word "lunatic"

    Cain - nice man, way over his head.

    Santorum made me think of the little fat kid at the pick-up baseball game - "Pick me, pick me." I like his politics - he's not catching fire.

    Huntsman - was he there?

    I think the big winner last night was Rick Perry. I look forward to reshuffling my handicap of the field when Perry announces this weekend. I think that the field just narrowed to two people - Romney and Perry.

    The danger is the age old problem with the GOP - we have one moderate, half dozen conservatives, and a flake running. They split up the conservative and the Libertarian vote. Romney can limp to victory exactly as McCain did - that would be a disaster for us.

  5. I used to like Ron Paul but, since the last election, he seems to be more fitting at yelling at kids to get out of his yard.

    Cain would make a great secretary of commerce.

    Newt is a no-go...secretary of state material maybe.

    Pawlenty, unimpressive.

    Bachman, not 100% sure she won't fold under questioning.

    Romney, he "looks" like a president on tv should but, it ends there for me.

    Santorum...too Sonny Bono-ish and I mean the "I got you babe" version.

    Pawlenty, some good ideas but, nothing that says "backbone" to me.

    ANY of them just to rid the country of Obama's destruction.

    Seriously, if a turd wrapped in a napkin ran against Obama, I'd see voting for the turd as the "informed decision" after seeing what the present turd has done.

  6. Sepp,

    Santorum did remind me of Joe Biden with the "I'm not getting any TV time" stuff. I like his answers, though, and would like to see him involved with the government.

    Ron Paul loses me every time he starts crying about minding our own business.

    And I agree any of them but Obama, but Romney would make me go third party.

  7. Too bad GW Bush can't run again, eh? He did a swell job running [er, ruining] our country, didn't he? And you voted for him twice.