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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Democrat Senate seats up for Grabs

This is a list of Senate seats up for re-election in 2012.  If any of these are in your state, please work to have them removed.  Unfortunately, Kay Hagan doesn't come due until 2014, so North Carolina can't help in the Senate, but I pledge we will not go for Obama again.


  1. We might nab a few but many are hardcore libtards from states with a high libtard population.

    I WOULD like to see Pawlenty run against Klobuchar. She is a freaking nut bag commie.

  2. BTW, I HOPE that Allen runs against Webb in VA, he was robbed on the "macaca" BS and Webb sucks.

  3. Gunny,

    Don't worry - Allen is back in shape and in the game ( We have elections in Virginia this year (everything except Governor, Lt. Gov., and Attorney General) so George Allen has been around helping those candidates with funding raising and such. I think once our election is over in November - he'll really come on strong. But I already have "Allen for Senate" bumper stickers.

    Allen is running against former Governor Tim Kaine - if you just went "who?" - you're not alone - most Virginians don't know who he is either. No one missed him when he left.

    I saw Allen speak about 10 days ago and he was on fire. All you Virginians out there better help him out - Tim Kaine would be a bigger disaster in the Senate than he was in the governor's office.

  4. I'm sorry to ask this on your blog TGP. I've been doing a little back and forth with a poster on Muds blog. He said he was debating his uncle on socialized medicine at the age of 12. Did anyone here have any deep seeded political beliefs at that age. I told him that at the age of 12 all I thought about was baseball and my hard-ons.(Getting rid of them mainly)

  5. J.O.B. -

    I was in middle school during Ronald Reagan's first campaign for governor of California. I remember having an awareness of that campaign. However I don't think that any of us at that age could put together an articulate argument on issues.

    With that said - Home Schooled kids show up a great deal for campaigning in Virginia. Those kids can often put together some very good arguments. I think that is a product of their learning environment influenced by passionate parents. I've worked the polls and organized neighborhood walks with Home Schooled kids and they can be very well informed.

    I wouldn't put it past posters on Mud's page to tell bedtime stories about the nasty old Republicans stealing their health care and pushing Grannie off the cliff.

    "Mommy and Daddy can't get your teeth straightened because nasty old President Perry won't give us the money."

  6. CS writes, "Mommy and Daddy can't get your teeth straightened because nasty old President Perry won't give us the money."

    Speaking of Mommy, CS, has she fully recovered from those nasty, obscene things that I wrote on your blog?

  7. Mud,

    Leave mommy alone dammit. I will erase all your comments again if you can't play by the rules.

  8. J.O.B.,

    At the ripe old age of 12, I was a stellar student (straight A's all the way through grammar school), played football, basketball, ran track and cross country. After that first hard-on, I did nothing but chase women, to the detriment of all other things. One of my favorite pick up lines was that I had erectile dysfunction. Every time I had a hard on I had nowhere to put it.

  9. Tenth,
    You are a glutton for punishment. Just delete the troll already and spare us from his trash.

    He adds nothing and is only a rock thrower. Why give him a forum?

  10. Hardnox,

    I can't figure out how to only reject Mud. I don't want to moderate, and I refuse to let Mud ruin it for everyone else.

    Besides, the abuse everyone else gives him is entertaining to me and I assume others. I notice Jeffio got tired of being put in his place.

  11. Consider it "comic relief". He's a perfect gage to the moonbat mind.

  12. Tenth -

    While I find it disturbing that Mud_Sling all of a sudden has a thing for my mother - it says more about him than about us. I am comforted by the fact that Mom could kick his ass figuratively (in debate) or literally.

    If he weren't attacking great-grand mothers he would simply shift to someone else. However I do think that you are defined by the quality of your enemy and in that vein Mud_Sling sets a mighty low bar.

    I would like to have a "smart liberal" show up - but that is probably the ultimate oxymoron.

  13. At age 12 I knew who all the people were but, didn't care about what they were saying since it had no bearing whatsoever on what was on my mind.

    I highly doubt that any uncoached 12 year old would know the ins and outs of socialized medicine in this modern age where the information is always at hand...while a 12 year old muddy in 1950 and armed with a britanica set could make a sound arguement for any socialist program.