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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Picture for Elementary School

Last week, the wife and I took our two oldest daughters in and registered them for school.  We had been homeschooling them, but with the economy in the crapper, my wife had to go out and get two part time jobs, and won't have the time to school the two older kids.

The first thing I noticed when we walked into the lobby of the school was a poster of Barack Hussein Obama.  Not an official President of the United States of America picture of Barry Oblameless, but a campaign poster complete with campaign slogan.  "The greatness of America blah, blah, blah."   I was upset.

I called an old friend of mine today, and explained the situation to him, and explained the solution I had in mind, suggested by my uncle, a retired Army Command Sergeant Major.  My friend, a retired Marine Sergeant Major, laughed at the solution, and said he would make it happen - pure gospel if you know Marine Sergeant Majors.

On Tuesday, there is an open house at the school, which we will attend.  At that event, I will corner the elementary school principal, and I will present her with a framed, official President of the United States of America portrait of Barak Hussein Obama, and demand she replace the campaign poster with it.

If a preacher cannot politic from the pulpit, (which I vehemently disagree with), then a principle cannot politic from the schoolhouse.  Disagree with me Mud, and prove your true character.  I wouldn't want a campaign poster for Bush, or Perry, or Bachman, or Kucinich either.


  1. Good plan. Hopefully the press will be there too in order to record the blessed event.

    Back-up plan: Laminate the pic to a dartboard for the VFW.

  2. My kid's school had a wall sized mural painted by one of the more moonbattish teachers in the hallway.
    I wonder if they'll paint over it when all the jobless parents vote the next levy down?

    Maybe I'll make it a condition of my "yes" vote to have it removed.

  3. LOL - you can't pray or pledge allegiance to the flag in American schools - but you can sing Obama's praises:

    MMM-MMM-MMM Barack Hussein Obama

    All part of the master plan.

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