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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here comes Irene

In a few days, probably Saturday afternoon in to early Sunday morning, we are going to get battered by high winds and lots of rain.  We could use the rain, but we'd prefer it to be a little more spread out.
Forecasters, who are often wrong, are predicting Irene to be a Cat 4 storm by the time it makes landfall.  That's a bad storm.  In the past 15 years, we've had our share of storms, mostly strong Cat 2's and weak Cat 3's.  Floyd, who did billions in damage and killed several people, was a Cat 4 until just before making landfall, when it dwindled down to a strong Cat 2 as it came in.  Floyd was a bad storm.

Right now, forecasters have the center of the "cone of uncertainty" slightly offshore as it passes Cape Hatteras.  That would be good, as that would keep the worst quarter of the storm, the northeast quarter, away from us.  If the storm tracks to the far west of the "cone of uncertainty" that's bad.  That puts the northeast quarter of the storm in my yard.

I sure hope the weather guessers get it right.


  1. I hope it is a direct hit on martha's vineyard.

  2. I'm heading down your way the first week of September. Hope this is the last of it. Maybe I'll hit you up for an updated local weather forecast before I leave on 9-5-11. Good luck with this storm. Hope it passes with minimal interruption.

  3. Obama'll be gone by the time she gets there. It won't get that far north til Monday, Obama's leaving Saturday. But he may have to fly right into it to get back to DC. He'll probably divert to Hawaii for another vacation.

  4. Paladin,

    Thanks, and I'll let you know how things look after.

  5. 10th - You will be in our prayers.

  6. 10th -

    I don't mean to be crass - but what's going on with your Governor? She was just on TV and that mouth - botox? From the nose down she looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

  7. Gunny,
    We can always hope and pray for a tsunami.

    I lived through Isabelle a few years back. It hit us as a tropical depression. First i though"a pice of cake". Bullshit! 85 mph winds was a disaster. We lost power for 8 days. I can't imagine what a front row seat would be like.

    Stay well.

  8. Hardnox,

    We pretty much ignore 85 mph winds now. During Isabel, I thought it was too minor to cause much damage. Up north in Norfolk/Portsmouth it devastated the area. My brother and I went up there and made lots of money for about 6 months. I'm too old to do that again, and I'd rather everybody just come through this one with minimal damages, even though I'm chronically broke.

  9. It made it up to here. The storm surge threw boats 1/4 mile inland just south of here and flattened thousand of acres of timber.

    The eye of that storm came across my place while I was out checking on the critters. That was spooky. First a roar like a train, then absolutely deathly quiet, then the roar again with the wind in the opposite direction. I'm happy to be 150 miles inland.

    Irene ain't looking too friendly.

    Stay well my friend, and be safe.

  10. I hope you and your family make it through unharmed

  11. Bush up to his old tricks again eh?

    I hope you and your family make it thru without a scratch but, if it does get crazy, just remember to shoot at your rescuers, take advantage others who are down and, loot, loot, loot!

  12. 10th,

    I was thinking that you have already survived nearly 3/4 of Hurricane Obama ---- Irene should be a piece of cake.

  13. Here's hoping Irene is a conservative Hurricane.

  14. Conversation heard in the boys' high school locker room:

    I hope it is a direct hit on martha's vineyard.

    We can always hope and pray for a tsunami.

    just remember to shoot at your rescuers, take advantage others who are down and, loot, loot, loot!

  15. Thats called humor muddy
    ...except for the part about shooting at rescueers, taking advantage of those who are down and looting.
    Those things are just what democrats do to keep busy until the government arrives with a FEMA trailer and prepaid debit card to party on.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. -Sepp,

    Mud_Sling's comments are what he calls "dueling" - you see he is using his razor sharp wit and wisdom to annoy, harry, and attack the forces of darkness (us).

    He sees himself as a "lone wolf" who darts in to attack and subdue his enemies. I know - laughable - but he's a sick puppy.

    You and I (and most others) see him a curmudgeonly, ignorant old fool trying to suppress free speech by shouting us down - and of course that is what he is.

    He'll be running off to his cesspool to whine that we won't engage him - but typically if you look around at these various threads - they end with a rational and factual post from one of us and Mud_Sling just melts away without response.

    I wish we could find a psychologist to examine his rants - would be pretty entertaining.

  18. The funny thing is that for ten years he and his lefty buddies made the same type of cracks toward Bush...but, of course when they did it it was "sophisticated humor" and not just high school hijinx like it is now.
    His problem is that he's spent the last few years pumping up his Obama balloon and seeing Obama's failings poke holes in it.

    His fear of his lefty friend's oppinions prevent him from openly displaying his voter's remorse. After all, when you've spent the last 3+ years calling everyone a racist for questioning Obama, seeing the truth in the inepness of the man while being restrained from saying so has to be a bitter pill to swallow.

  19. Hey Mud_Sling,

    There you go - I posted a response to your ridiculous psychoanalysis of all us "right wingers."

    I skimmed over your last few posts - you are one sick puppy.

  20. I want to thank everyone for the good wishes. See if you can figure out which blogger(s) didn't offer good luck.

  21. Tenth- I could say what CS said, "pray for you," but since when do prayers have any effect on anything? If one believes in prayer and an intervening god, then why ask god to change nature and save town A while devastating town B? But then, in the World of Delusion, perhaps it makes people feel so much better.

    Luck? Rather you ought to be prepared to either hunker down properly or get the hell away from the storm. Luck has little to do with it; it's brains that are needed.

    CS- I saw your comment on my blog. Wasn't it refreshing to post whatever shit you wanted without worrying about comment-moderation or deleting??

    We on the left-side of the political aisle love freedom. Too bad that you don't love freedom.

    I wonder if anyone will comment about what you said. Of course, you were brave to leave the gang headquarters all alone, drop the bomb, then scurry back here to safety.

    Must be nice to be part of a gang. Let's see, the last time that I was in a 'gang' I was perhaps 10 or, Bobby, John and Frank. We thought we were tough-asses because we hung together and took care of each other.

    Ah, those were the days, so long ago, so pre-adolescent...

  22. Mud,

    Are you such an asshole that you can't just say you hope for the best? Fuck you you piece of shit. Go to hell, and don't come back here. You are a sorry, worthless, angry little man. And I hope your son's infection gets so bad they have to amputate his daddy.

  23. I'm in the junior high boys'locker room again!

    How do I always get stuck here??

  24. 10th - If I understand this path - you have until 9:00 AMish on Saturday morning to get ready to greet Irene.

    Stay safe, be cautious. God Bless.

  25. CS,

    I'm pretty sure, even though Mud has more experience with hurricanes up in Toledo, that about 3pm tomorrow we'll start having the first rain bands, followed shortly by 30-40mph gusts. From there it will continue to get worse until about 3pm Saturday afternoon. If the eye wall comes ashore east of me, we'll have less damage, but if it comes in on us, or west of us, its gonna be bad. I'll let everyone know how it went as soon as basic services are back up.

  26. Stay safe, grab some pics if you're able and, keep us all posted.

  27. You know what I'm most disappointed about with Hurricane Irene's approach? They had to cancel the opening ceremonies for the MLK Memorial.

    Think of those millions of Americans who were planning to attend the services who not have to change their plans.

    What a shame!