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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jeff is a liberal turd who posts his "opinion" over on Mudrake's site.  His usual blather is to insult men who have served this country in uniform, placing themselves in harm's way to protect his rights and freedom, while bobbing on the cocks of draft dodging cowards like Slick Willie and Obama.

In the following quote, Jeff implies he is a Marine.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Judging by comments left on my blog, Jeff's "day" was around 1968, the height of the Viet Nam "situation."  Jeff certainly used as many deferments as he could, or perhaps he returned to his native land from Canada when Jimmy Carter forgave him for his cowardice.  Jeff never spent a single day in uniform, unless you count that one Halloween he dressed up as Hitler.

I suspect many of those claiming past military involvement are outright liars. Back in “my day” the Marines had a minimum “mental” requirement and frankly, most of those I see on the Internet would never pass muster.

In 1968, the minimum mental standard was an IQ of 75.  Surely Jeff can top that, but in 1968, being a homo was not allowed, so maybe that's how Jeff avoided service.

In this next excerpt of Jeff's genius, Jeff is responding to a claim by another liberal turd that GW Bush increased the debt by $6 trillion, while Obama has only increased the debt by $2 trillion.  Jeff claims that he did his own research to discover that this idiots statement was true!  What a load of crap.


08/08/2011 at 7:15 AMI can just hear some baggers now calling you uninformed and/or a liar. Facts don’t figure in to their way of thinking.
Interesting though, before I myself did a little research, I just assumed that Obama had been the big spender. I just couldn’t figure out how he could have done that with a hostile Congress. This is way I love reading the blogs; it makes me research for the truth.

If we examine Jeff's comment, we see he thinks Nancy Baloney and Harry Reid are "hostile" to Barak Obama.  What the hell is Jeff smoking?   Notice also that Jeff does not provide the source of his information.  Not the way I was taught to do things when I went to public school.

The following link is to a post that I wrote on the subject of debt.  Jeff did not respond to refute my findings with his own "research."  I wonder why.

After examining this post, you will see that the preposterous idea that GW Bush accumulated more debt than Barak Obama is pure BS.  I am not defending Bush, I think he spent way too much money, especially the almost trillion dollars he spent in late '08.  But to suggest that he spent more than Obama is just plain lying.


  1. Ain't NO WAY that turd sniffer was a Marine!

    Plus, as a deranged liberal, he will continue to bash Bush and ignore the huge violations of Comrade Oblowme.

    It seems we all picked up some lib-lice on our blogs. Oh well.

  2. Fist off TURD....I was in the military and you'd know which branch and rank if you weren't such a TURD. And just for the record, it took more than just barely passing an I.Q. test to be a Marine.

    Second off,.. when I told you Bush was the big spender, you called me a liar so I suggested you research it yourself and learn the truth. I guess Turds are a lazy bunch so you just did as you were told.

    Third off...It was the Teabaggers who were screaming for a U.S. default. I guess one downgrade of our credit rating isn't enough for all those TURD economic geniuses.

    Fourth TURD...It was you and your TURD friends who used all that foul language. I guess maybe your mothers do talk that way. I wouldn't know as my mother would never hang with such trashy women. But of course these friends (not me) are the ones who talk about "stoning" your wife and placing your "bastard" children into slavery. You remember, all that combining God & State stuff. (Doesn't sound so good now does it?)

    And finally....I'm hardly a liberal. But because of all the nutball TURDS on this site (i.e. SEPP), I choose to be rather vague as I am well know in Toledo. In fact, I'm sure that Sepp person has seen my picture and/or read my name in the Blade or on local TV. The loser has probably even partaken of the one of the charities I help each year.

    It has been pointed out to me that talking to the likes of you only encourages TURD'S so I guess it will be bye-bye for now TURD.


    Go ahead and censor me now, it's your "American" way. But all is not lost as you are truly a living example. You're a real life "LIV". And make sure you got the right person this time. It's not JIO, MUDRAKE, LACITHEDOG, EOK, ETC.

    P.S. That video your buddy posted said you weren't really poor. Guess what, you'll still be not poor after a revolution.

  3. Boy are you a bad liar. "you would know what branch and rank" blah blah blah. The way that works, Liar, is you say:

    I was in the United States Marine Corps from October of 1989 until December of 1992. I served with Alpha and Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment as a rifleman, squad automatic rifleman, radioman, rifle team leader and rifle squad leader. I served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and spent six months in Saudi Arabia in '91-'92 training the newly formed Saudi Marine Corps.

    I cannot believe a turd like you would try to call out Sepp as a military impostor. Get some therapy.

  4. By the way Jeff. There are two people who comment here who's profile is "not available." Wanna guess who?

  5. Hmm - 10th let me quote Mud:

    "I think you hit a nerve"

  6. I think I hit a spastic bi-polar nutbag. Geez, what a turd.

  7. "Fist off TURD....I was in the military and you'd know which branch and rank if you weren't such a TURD. And just for the record, it took more than just barely passing an I.Q. test to be a Marine."

    Ohh now you did serve eh?

    Well, what unit and class number was your basic training / boot camp?

    What was your primary mos and what units did you serve with and where?

    How long were you in for?
    Why did you leave?

    What dates, division, company and platoon were you in?

    What was you HOR?
    When can we see your 2A or, DD214 or, your 1059 to verify that you're not a liar?

    Hold your own ass to the standard you judge others and put up or, shut up.
    Show us the merchandise...until then, you're a liar!

    You see asshole, the ONLY way you can provide absolute "proof" that your not full of shit, will expose your sorry ass to anyone who stops in and decides to track you down with that information...such as your internet stalker friend on the moonbat blog.
    And with a mouth like yours, I'm sure noooobody here would get any ideas of popping in on you and shutting it for you.

    So, Mr "I got messed up in 'nam", flicker your dd214 and post the link or, STFU.

    Bigmouthed fucking douchbag.

  8. Wow! Ex-military gang-thinking at its cesspool best!

    Tenth- your JUVENILE post entering on Jeff is about what I've come to expect out of you. I suspect that you never had a chance to leave your adolescent stage of development and you never learned how adults act and react. It becomes more obvious with each new post and comment you make.

    So, what happened in your live in your late-teen years that caused you top be stuck in permanent adolescence?

    By the way, I further suspect that AntiLib is suffering from some form of paranoia and/or personality disorder. But then, he's never realize that on his own, so he will just continue to display all of the characteristics of his disorder.

    All of you in this ex=military/right-wing cabal are a psychologist's pot of gold- a case study ripe for ABD doctoral candidate in psychology.

    And the truly humorous part is that you are all in total denial. Humorous in a classically dark, foreboding play.

    Go ahead and babble your denial....

  9. Sepp,

    I remember seeing that his daddy served in WWII< but I don't recall seeing him ever mention HIS service. In fact, I seem to recall in the Great Sepp Service Debate on Mud's blog that he didn't serve.

    But I could be thinking of one of the other name calling cowards over there.

  10. Mud,

    Is my sophomoric rant on Jeff any different than you sophomoric rant on Common Sense? I don't think so. In fact, the inspiration for me to write about Jeff was a visit to your juvenile site. You are most definitely a hypocrite.

    Did you learn all that psycho jargon in therapy? You should ask for your money back - you still have issues.

  11. 10th,

    I find it interesting that "Mud_Rake" would indicate a search for the truth - Mud has never evidenced any desire for truth.

    He should change his name to "Mud_Sling" that is more his stock-in-trade.

  12. Muddy,
    How many folks have you dedicated postings about to rant about them?

    And now it's juvenile? When did your standard change as to what is or, isn't juvenile?
    Obviously sometime since your posting about CS I'm guessing.

    I'd also gamble that a shrink could write a complete paper on delusional behavior and, Obamaphilia after reading some of the outright denials of reality I've seen @ mwmr.

    I understand how badly you want Obama to be a great president but, seeing the damage being done while pretending it's not happening will not make it all UN-happen!

    ...and then you point fingers and claim we're living in denial?

  13. So, apparently all of you had a great difficulty leaving your adolescent stage of development?

    Do any of you really know of or display genuine adult-male characteristics? I've yet to read anything that makes me think so.

    Common Sense still worries about his mommy reading his blog. Good grief! Talk about adolescence!!!!

  14. Mud,

    If you don't like what you read here, go away. I have told you repeatedly to use facts and logic when posting here, and you refuse. Talk about adolescent.