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Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama approval still as high as 39%?

I don't know who the pollsters are asking, but in my own conversations around here (an admitted conservative area) he's way lower than 39%.  I'd be very surprised if he could get a 20% approval rating here.

These three fellows in this clip tear Obama up.  Its fun to watch a couple of egghead pollsters rip ol' Barry a new one.  I think Doug Schoen really nails Obama on his potential to overcome this new stat, and I agree with him.  Unless unemployment goes down to say 6%, and the economy starts growing at 3.5%, Obama is toast.  Would you please pass the jelly?


  1. I see that Perry addressed his backing of Gore in 1988. Good for him. I called Perry's office and told him to come out swinging and never let up AND to talk about how he would deal with illegals.

    Barry the BECS is toast but let us redouble OUR efforts to ensure it.

  2. Obama is like the fart in the bathtub, he might make some people feel good for a short while but, he still stinks. I hope we continue to see this Emperor with no

  3. Ditto here in my corner of the word. I have yet to meet anyone of any stripe that approves of him.

    My theory is that the pollsters call people during the day... the rest of us are at work.

  4. Obama's poll numbers reflect the fact that flowery sermon-like speeches may sucker folks the first time around but, when you're expected to get out there and perform, people begin to see that you're nothing but smoke and mirrors and realize they've been had.

    I'd say that 30% is closer to the truth which would cover his die-hard fans and the other idiots who are still thinking he's going to give them something for free.

  5. Liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives) are more linked to identity politics than we are. They worship their leaders. Think of the way they have manufactured a complete alternate reality for John Fitzgerald Kennedy to include attempts to suppress any realistic biopic of his life.

    Bawdy Bill Clinton is a hero for the left even though he is pathological liar and faithless husband.

    Then here comes Barack Hussein Obama - the Messiah. He is the most unlikely hero of all time yet they worship him. What do you bet that if BHO instructed crowds to thrust their right arms into the air at a 45 degree angle with fingers held rigidly straight and simultaneously yell "Heil Obama!" when he passes - that these adoring morons would do it?

    You have to figure that 20% of the calls go to homes like Mud's - where even though Mud and his buddies are calling Obama a "stooge" between themselves - when that pollster calls he will get an absolutely wonderful score for Obama for the poll.

    We all agree that Obama is a stooge - but there is a difference when we're talking about the their stooge.

  6. CS,
    It's funny that you make a Hitler reference regarding Obama. I posted on another blog a while back the simularities between the two.
    They both...
    Had mother issues,
    Father issues,
    Wrote books about themselves,
    Adopted their own symbols for themselves,
    Used class envy as a tool,
    Relied heavily on propaganda,
    Controlled the prees who reports on them,
    Embraced socialism,
    Are statists,
    Deemed certain segments of the population as "enemies",
    Associated with scumbags,
    Harbored issues with Jews,
    Used race as an issue,
    Nationalized an automaker,
    Crapped on traditional allies,
    Send soldiers to war while preaching peace,
    The germans had the nazi salute and the Obamaphiles make an "O" with both hands and they both,
    Destroyed their own country.

    Those are just some of the "coincidences" that exist between the two...the exception being that Hitler actually created jobs and took his country from a depression and made it into the richest in Europe in his first 3 years while Obama has done the opposite.

  7. Tenth writes, I'd be very surprised if he could get a 20% approval rating here.

    Imagine that. Luckily for Obama, not all of the U.S. is like your neck of the woods.

    Actually, let me amend that: luckily for the U.S. not all of the U.S. is like your neck of the woods.

    Maybe it is because of your isolation and parochialism that you 'think' that America is going to Hell. History tells us that during the cave era, an entire group of cave dwllers never realized that there were other cave dwellers just over the ridge.

  8. Common Sense- using the middle names of our presidents for effect? How adolescent.

    Say "Hi" to your mom for me.

  9. Sepp -

    Yes - the parallels are phenomenal. Hitler was by any measure a liberal creature of the left and would be quite at home discussing social and economic policy with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Barack Obama. You could throw in Joseph Stalin, Mussolini and Mao and they would get along famously.

    You can even see Adolph saying to Nancy "You really should ship those conservatives off to your Tundra in boxcars." To which Nancy would chuckle and reply "We're working to take their guns away first."

    And as Mud has pointed out - to be ultimately successful, you and I have to get in the boxcar and trundle off to the Tundra. I wish them luck - it will be nasty work.

  10. Mud,

    I think you are the one who doesn't realize there are others. Your guy is a pathetic loser who has accomplished nothing, torn down our economy, and can't come up with a plan to save his own ass. Give up, and find a better guy to pin your hopes and changes on.

  11. Sepp- They also started out as community organizers

  12. Tenth -

    I hereby nominate J.O.B. for the "Retort of the Month."

    I read that comment and almost fell out of my chair.

    Well done J.O.B., well done.

  13. Thank You, Thank You....I will proudly look forward to serving all of you. Now, don't forget to tip your wait staff.

  14. CS,

    I read it over on Mud's fine literary site.

    By the way, J.O.B., did you get any satisfaction wading through the muck?

  15. I'll give it 1 more post, but thusfar, I'm just not sure. I will wait a few days longer to post my views of the whole experience.

    One thing I will say is that the majority of people on that blog seem to just want to argue. They just hide under the cloake of educated rational thought. The nieghborhood I come from, an instigator is an instigator.

    But I will give it more time.

  16. WWWWAIT- CS & TGP, what retort are you referring to

  17. J.O.B.,

    Now that I reread things, I think we're talking about different comments. I was talking about the comment that Mud thinks 12 year olds are on top of politics, etc.

  18. Hey muddy,
    how is that economy rolling along in Toledo's neck of the woods?
    "Going to hell" pretty much sums up Toledo's economy, jobs outlook, increasing crime rate housing market and, future.

    But, since 35+% of Toledo residents are on some kind of government freebie program (and that is the pre-recession number) it would be no wonder why there are fools willing to reelect President Foodstamp.

  19. J.O.B,
    I played that game over there for a long time. Reason will get you outlandishness in return.

    When they have no snide answers left to counter common sense, they simply go juvenile and, go after the messenger (or, his mother, kids, job, etc) instead of the messege.

  20. J.O.B. -

    I was pointing to the comment referring to the similarities between Hitler and Obama:

    "Sepp- They also started out as community organizers"

  21. And they both wanted their own military force seperate from the actual military and funded just as well.