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Monday, August 15, 2011

Should Obama call Congress back to DC?

Should he?  He thinks its not a good idea, says the American people are tired of watching Congress fight without accomplishing anything.  Has he ever seen the ratings for Jerry Springer?  Or Maury?  Americans live for this shit.  We love watching Congress screw shit up.  Why else would we keep paying them?

I think this guy has the best "stimulus" plan I've heard yet.  It cuts back on a lot of spending, and it creates a lot of jobs.  It will also reduce pollution and dependence on foreign oil.  We should all get behind this plan.  Write your congresscritters (unless yours is a dimwit) and get them on this pronto.

jethrObama  1 minute ago
Dear LibTards .... um, I mean "Dear Democrats"

The good news:  I have been selected to speak for the entire republican party to extend our sincere apologies for calling you half-witted, pointy-headed, foul-smelling felch-monkeys with big thighs who couldn't figure their way out of a paper sack made from wet Kleenex. 

The bad news:  Earth is about to be hit with a large asteroid and man-kind must leave the planet.

More bad news:  We only have enough rockets for most of the democrats, most of congress, and all of the Departments of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency... plus we saved a seat for George Soros, Obama's Cabinet, Hillary, George Clooney, and Ed Asner.

Because you are the most important among us, we will be sending you off into space on a quest for our new home, LiberOpia, which we think you should be able to reach in about 64 years... assuming you don't miss.

Please be assured that your rocket has been built by NASA contractors who were the finest low bidders who could be selected on such short notice (we saved a bundle!), and God (or mother Zeus or whoever you god-less alleigence is sworn to lately) be with you all on your journey. 

We will follow if time allows and hopefully we will be able to join you at your new digs.

Thanks and don't forget to take the President with you...

Sincerely, Everyone else.

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