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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tea Party "Unpatriotic"?

King George III of England didn't like the Tea Party.  Does anyone remember how that turned out for Old George?

Got that Mud?


  1. The idiocy of our own government is what caused the tea party folks to emerge so, it's no wonder at all that the current regime sees them as a threat.

    What stumps the democrats is that this group is protesting for LESS government and EVERY democrap knows that nodody can succeed without the government trying to tinker with the results!

    BTW, notice that Gold is over $1825 as of 11 am? A $200 rise in less than 2 weeks!

    And I invested in lead! Go figure.

  2. I think the same thing that happened to King George III will happen to King George IV.

    Monarchies are so messy. And nobody in this country (except libturds) want a monarchy run by the Messiah.

    I wish the pig would stay on vacation and never come back.

  3. btw, TGP, I am Pepperhawk from wordpress but can't log in with that account for some reason unknown to mankind.
    So I use my Google account instead.

  4. Pepperhawk,

    Welcome. I think if he doesn't cancel his plans and return to DC today, we should change the locks on the White House. Part of todays panic on Wall Street is because of BECS not releasing his job and economic package until he gets off "vacation." Doesn't sound like he gives a shit to me.

  5. Save that lead, Sepp. We'll be needing it.

  6. I'd encourage everyone to make the same investment...the prices are on the rise again.

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  8. What are you gonna do with all that stuff, Mud? Take it with you? You are a pathetic little man. A bitter, pathetic, little man, bent on making everyone around you as miserable as you are. And you tell me to grow up.

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