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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While Rome was Burning

Un frigging believable.  The boobs we pay to manage our money just walked off and lost a billion dollars.  My head is really starting to hurt.  I guess this will screw up the terrorists now.  Can't hijack planes if there's no flights.


  1. This is the kind of stuff that makes one want to pull their hair out.
    These airports like the one in Johnstown built by and for John Murtha is an example of government waste at its most egregious.

  2. All of them, Mud. If they walked off the job without finishing the work, they are criminals, whether they be Dems, Repubs, Indies, or even Socialists. All of them are boobs.

  3. Well, they did manage to borrow 238 billion before they took off and put the new debt at 100% of GDP!
    Nice of em eh?

  4. 10th, You hit upon one of the biggest scams around. In April I was going to be in Vegas and I wanted to go to Chico, CA. I automatically thought that going to Sacramento, renting a car, and driving 90 miles to Chico would be cheaper than routing to Chico. Not only was I wrong - but it was cheaper to fly from Las Vegas to Chico (via San Francisco) than it was to fly Vegas-Frisco-Sacramento.

    But the subsidized tickets are the tip of the iceberg. They had to have a fully functional TSA line with four TSA folks there to inconvenience the eight people who got on the propeller driven plane. Same line, same machines, same cost as a regular airport. Imagine that.

  5. CS,

    If we allow the airlines to take over airline security, those 4 TSA guys could also load baggage, sell tickets, mop floors, instead of standing around doing nothing most of the time. I have noticed that managers at most businesses could stand a little time at NCO school to learn how to really manage.

  6. 10th - Agreed - that is exactly the issue. The American tax payer is subsidizing the life style of the people who chose to live in Chico.

    The cost of operating a one-gate airport (no kidding - the announcement is always "Flight X departing from Gate, uh, uh, . . . . one.") is borne by the American taxpayer. This is crony government and it is wrong.

    You could eliminate that with a commercial van to take people to Sacramento. It would take less of everything - less fuel, less manpower, and less time. It would be cheaper for everyone, the government, the taxpayer, and the traveler.

    Given the time that you have to expend in arriving at the airport just to get checked in and screened - you could drive to Sacramento.

    Think of the cost savings in that area alone. It would be millions every year with the savings passed directly on to the consumer. One little town in California - millions.

    LOL - it would even be the "Greener" solution and should make the watermelons happy.