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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bernanke's a Fool, Geithner's a Cheat; Who can lead by example?

Today, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said "We don't have a positive lead why the economy is growing so slowly."  I think he was accidentally reading from his resignation letter.  What kind of fool would say a thing like that, followed by "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."?  I have a hard time understanding why Americans haven't demanded a recall election for Obama and his administration.  What a pack of bumbling idiots.

I have a five year high school diploma, and I drank myself out of several good colleges, so I am amazed that I apparently know more about economics than all these Hahvahd grads.

Number One:

The economy is growing so slowly, or in layman's terms, not at all, because of a lack of manufacturing.  An economy, weather local, state or federal, needs to produce a product that is needed or desired by other economies in order to BRING IN MONEY.

In my local economy, we rely on the government to send in money, because we have a large military base.  For a secondary income, we rely on sunshine, because we have a small strip of beach that people in other economies, those who PRODUCE something, like to come visit for a brief break from their productions.  Now, because our federal government has made it beneath Americans to actually manufacture goods, those other economies are not bringing in dollars, and our local economy is dying as a result.

We still have the base, and that does bring in some money.  The Marines stationed here used to spend some of their money on a product we used to make here, houses, but that brings me to point 2.

Number Two:

The economy is growing so slowly , or not at all, because of the artificial inflation of housing prices.

In the 1990's, Bill Clinton and his evil minions, decided to bastardize the American Dream.  They began by mis-interpreting the dream, which was that every American family should OWN their own home.  Clinton and friends decided to pass around the myth that every American, regardless of income, should qualify for a mortgage.  When bankers rightly balked at this stupid notion, first the Clinton regime called them racists, and then they created a government entity that would "cover" the mortgages the banks made to "unqualified" borrowers.  After implementing this "plan" they then went on to tell all Americans to go buy a house.  I made a lot of money in those days; unfortunately it was stolen, and I didn't want to be in possession of stolen goods, so I spent it all in wasteful ways.

When a large amount of shocked borrowers found they could get a mortgage, they found out about equity.  Equity is a bankers term that means the difference in what you owe, and what the property is worth on the "free" market.  And bankers, not as wise as their evil forebears in old Western movies, let it be known that they would loan more money to unqualified borrowers based on "equity."  So people started using their homes, their "American Dream, like an ATM machine.  You need more money?  Want a boat? A motorcycle?  A swimming pool?  Come on in and see what your house is worth today.

Back in the old days, the only way to get equity in a house was to make payments.  In 2007, you could get equity because an appraiser said your house was worth more money.  No chance for corruption in a system like that.  Thanks to Bill Clinton, and Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and some other major players, a lot of Americans who were only dreaming, had to leave their homes, along with their boats, motorcycles, and swimming pools, because they couldn't sell.  People, including bankers, finally realized that their was no way these homes were actually worth money.  People discovered that mortgaging a house and owning one were two entirely different things, and only owning a house free and clear was the real American dream.  But by then, they were already "upside down" in their mortgage, and their only choice was to walk away.  For some, this was a tough thing to do, and I feel for them.  Except for not paying attention in school, they really hadn't done anything wrong.  But for many others, they simply had a big "house" party, destroyed the banks house, and left with what they could carry.  They basically looted their own homes.

Number Three:

The economy is growing so slowly, or not at all, because of stupid and in many cases, illegal, tampering with the free market system by dopes like Ben Bernanke and Barak Obama.

Barak Obama has pushed, prodded and basically shoved down our throats, the biggest job killing legislation in the history of this country, and he did it at a time when jobs had already been massacred.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that ObamaCare is keeping me from making money.  But on the other hand, the fear of complete anarchy is causing millions of people to want backyard chickens, and in the past three years, I've gone from building million dollar luxury homes to building chicken coops and rabbit hutches, so its not ALL bad news.

Many small businesses, mine included, aren't hiring people because they are afraid that they'll lose money that they are going to need for themselves.  In my chicken coop business, I do all of the work myself, and if I have to have help, I use the strong back of my wife to help me, just like we were pioneers in 1750 North Carolina Colony instead of entrepreneurs in 2011 North Carolina State.

Ben Bernanke has used the Fed to print another trillion dollars and put it into circulation, causing what little money I get my hands on to be worth about 60% of what it was LAST year.  I don't know the legal reasons behind this, but morally, its completely wrong.  In tight times like these that really amounts to a tax increase, which as we all know kills jobs.

If Obama and Congress and the rest of government would just go on vacation, we could fix the economy in a month by tearing up everything they've done in the last three or four years.  It really doesn't take as much thinking as they seem to put into it.


  1. LoL and if you ask a lefty moonbat why the economy is all jacked up, those clowns blame the banks!
    Never mind that those banks were forced to make bad loans or, suffer stiff penalties and, have Obama and his ACORN zombies crying "rayycism" in the bank lobbies or, the bank exec's front yards.
    And the problems at fannie and freddie was all Wall street's doing...and had nothing to do with Frank Raines and Barney Frank cooking the books and pretty much stealing millions in the process.

    They also have a liberal revenge fantasy against ANY business that makes money and set out to punish those businesses with increased regulations, taxes and, fees...while dreaming that those businesses won't lay people off or, pass increased costs to the consumers.

    They believe that increasing the debt, increasing freebie programs and, devalued dollars can easily be fixed by printing more money and increasing a depression.
    And, we need a gas tax to push people who are now building chicken coops to stay afloat into buying $42,000 hybrids as opposed to eating.

    That Cloward and Piven idea of collapsing the government by having everyone getting on welfare looks like it's being orchestrated within the government itsself.

    Bernacke constantly printing money and devaluing the dollar.
    Obama and the dembats spending like crazy to reach every new debt limit as fast as possible.
    Marxists who have proclaimed their hatred for the American system working from the Whitehouse.
    Job killing bills, bans and, mandates putting people out of work.
    And the list goes on.

    We're being rotted from within.

    TGP, I hope summer allows you to pick up some work back up but, after hearing the new housing construction report it isn't looking promising.

    Kudos to you though for putting your talents to work even if it is just coops and hutches.
    I've seen those "custom coops" going for over $1500 online. Folks aren't turning to raising small flocks because they believe things are getting better under Obama. They're raising them because some people have a self-preservation instinct telling them they'd better be!

  2. Good post!

    Let's see...
    QE1 - print more money to circulate around to grow the economy but inadvertedly devalue the US Dollar which thereby drives up the cost of EVERYTHING which prevents people and businesses from spending which prevents the economy from recovering.

    QE2 - repeat the above and wonder why it didn't work.

    QE3 - repeat the above again. (WTF!!!!!!!!)

    It is impossible to fix stupid. I'm not an economist either but I do know that if you print more money the net result is that the currency is worth less. When the treasury begins to remove currency from circulation then it is worth more and products and services become cheaper.

    People are witnessing their savings, investments, and assets shrink in real value and these clowns can't figure out why the economy is still in the tank. Un-frigging believable.

  3. GREAT POST I would be laughing but what is happening is no laughing matter. The circus on capitol hill is playing around at the same time the train wreck is coming.--there is time to "swich" tracks--now and in 2012!!come on by my blog on TH--I posted on this as well.

  4. Clinton didn't start the Community Reinvestment Act (that honor goes to the 2nd worst president ever), but he gave it a shot of steroids!

  5. Simple Lesson in Economics
    1. You own all the gold in Fort Knox.
    2. You print a gold certificate that is representative of your gold.
    3. That gold certificate is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.
    4. You print another certificate.
    5. The first certificate is now worth only half the gold in Fort Knox, same as the second certificate.
    6. The holder of the first certificate has lost half the value.
    Summary: Every time you crank out another "certificate" the value of existing certificates decreases in porportion to the percentage number the certificate now represents.
    Summary for Morons: Every time the government cranks out another page of printed dollars without a precious backing ALL other dollars will decrease in value.
    WTF is so hard for those idiot eggheads to understand about that????

  6. Buck, it's simple...they don't get it.

    Trying to argue how the finance system works and dollar valuation to a liberal is just plain impossible.
    Liberals ALL think like the dingbat housewife who believes that if she still has checks in her checkbook, she's still able to spend without consequence.

    I think the next "Tea party" should be Patriots who show up at the federal reserve branches and smash the printing presses which would be the same as taking the moonbat's checkbook away!

  7. Smashing the presses would be an awesome start. I'd like to figure out a way to get the governments, local, state and federal, to get their moneys worth when they spend our money. The biggest reason we are in debt is cause they spend 5 times what they should on everything they buy.

  8. TGP, ever watched a city or, state employee "working"?
    It costs 5 times as much because they take 5 times as long to do their job!

  9. The only reason I've watched them is because they stop you on the road and make you sit and watch. As an employer it disgusts me to see sloth and know I pay for it.

  10. You are an employer?? Tell me more.

  11. An employer is a fellow who provides jobs for other Americans. These Americans help the employer create a product, which the employer then sells to the public. The employer then shares the profits with the employee in the form of wages. Unfortunately, when the economy is in recession, sometimes the employer can't sell the product. Then the employer must pay the employee with money from his kids piggy bank, promising to return the money to the child when the economy improves. Unless the people in charge of fixing the economy are worthless pieces of shit like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Ried, and others. Then the employer has to tell the employees to go home and seek welfare from those same turds mentioned above. Have I told you enough, or should I include go away you turd?

  12. Well, Marine-boy, you told me nothing but I've gotten accustomed to non-answers from right-wingers. Many of them live in a parallel universe where the laws of this universe are totally opposite of ours.

  13. mud,
    Spoken like a true troll. BTW, your reading comprehension skills still suck. Tenth asnwered your question but you are too dense to understand it. Try reading slower.

  14. In that rouge's gallery of disappointing humans, the one that surprises me the most was Bernanke. He was supposedly a scholar of the great depression. Several progressive policies of Herbert Hoover took a downturn and made it into a depression. But it took a Democrat (liberal, progressive, socialist, whatever) in the form of FDR to make it the "Great" Depression. Much like Obama has taken a recession and made it materially worse.