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Friday, August 5, 2011

Obama to give tax breaks to companies hiring veterans

Once again, our bumbler-in-chief has proven he has no experience in the real world.  Seventy percent of jobs in this country are created by small businesses.  This tax break Obama thinks will lower unemployment, won't create jobs in small businesses, because small businesses don't make enough profits to benefit from tax breaks.  A tax break of $9000 won't create a benefit if to get it you have to pay out $24,000 in wages.

This plan will probably get some veterans jobs.  Large corporations, those who use private jets, will hire some vets to get the tax break.  These giant corporations make enough profits that they actually get taxed on that they will be able to take advantage of a break.  But once again, Obama and his "economic" advisers have suggested a band-aid for something that needs a tourniquet.

I just heard that Tax Cheat Timmy wants to resign.  Why would he want to resign?  Is he tired of everyone but his boss thinking he's an idiot?  If I was his boss he'd have been fired about the time it turned out he didn't pay his taxes.  He is obviously just a cheater and has no business having the President's ear.  He's sure been a big help the past three years.


  1. It's called "pandering" since during any non-election cycle, he hates the troops in typical liberal fashion.
    Any bets that those "tax breaks" will expire in December of 2012?

    The kicker is that Vets do better already in job interviews than non-vets due to having a verifiable drug-free and solid work history that even degreed college grads can't match.

    "I was a section chief responsible for the direction of a 9 member crew and, entrusted with over 1 million dollars in U.S government equipment while entrusted to make instant and on-the-spot decisions in a high stress envirionment under unfavorable conditions.

    VS a recent college grad who can say...
    "I managed to wake up and attend class most of the time while my dad paid my bills in the hopes that my degree would eventually move me out of the basement so he can retire".

    Vets don't need Obama bribes to get jobs!

  2. Sepp,

    That's an excellent point. Veterans have been taught how to be grown-ups, college grads have been taught to be Van Wilder.


    Obama is gonna throw that borrowed 2 trillion around like it was icing on a wedding cake, in order to buy votes.

  4. "A tax break of $9000 won't create a benefit if to get it you have to pay out $24,000 in wages."

    First of all, it's a tax "credit". And I don't understand your math. Are you saying the veteran won't be worth at least $15,000 ($24,000 yearly salary minus the $9,000 tax credit) to the company that hires them? I would think the veteran might be worth much more than his yearly pay minus the credit.

  5. Look dumbass, if you don't have the money to spend, it doesn't matter how good a deal you get. That is not saying the employee isn't worth the wages. If the employee was worth the wages, then you don't need the tax break to hire them. Since no one is hiring, they're not going to start if it costs them money. You would understand this if you ever wrote a paycheck.

  6. Exactly TGP.

    Jeffio must not be able to grasp the idea that businesses aren't hiring because Obama has created such an atmosphere of uncertainty for them.
    One day while addressing his libnut friends, he's spouting anti-business liberal revenge fantasies...and the next day when the unemployment numbers come out he's making claims of tax breaks for vets?

    What was in the news yesterday? "Obama administration created 608 new regulations for businesses in JULY ALONE that added 9.5 BILLION to the cost of doing business in America"!

    Not exactly an atmosphere where you can make "safe" decisions for your business and, another person's employment is it?

    Certainly not a path that a guy who claims to want to create jobs would ever do as the leader of a country.

    Unless his objective is to destroy it.

  7. We should never elect anyone to public office who has not had a private office. If they've never written a paycheck, or here's a good one, never written that check to the bank for monthly withholding's, they have no business around the purse strings of our nation.

  8. I once told muddy that...
    "Obama has less job and business experience than the night manager of a bowling alley."

    My apologies go out to every bowling alley night manager who I'd offended.
    I've never seen a bowling alley's credit rating downgraded while the manager tries to ruin the business.

  9. Notice that all of Obama's plans required the government to defer revenue or spend money.

    The easiest way to accelerate the economy is to attack those things retarding it. Sepp correctly pointed out the huge up-tick in regulation.

    We had a building project locally that got held up for nearly two years by the "process." Every city, county, State as well as the Federal government should flush out the back log of permits, licenses, and other governmental drivel out of the system. That would put a huge number of people back to work.

    A real President could call for that - any chance Obama will?

  10. Yes, I'm certain that Obama will call for that soon as there is a real president in the whitehouse again.