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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ann Coulter needs to change parties

Ann.  Come on.  Willard is no more a conservative than Christy.  Or McCain.  Or several of the other RINO's you keep mentioning.  Are you sure you're a conservative?  You aren't married.  You have no children.  You like pro-abortion, pro-socialism politicians.  I think you're very confused.


  1. I think some of these TV conservatives are afraid that putting an actual conservative on the ticket will provide "scare tactic" ammunition for the dems while Romney is liberal enough not to.
    America certainly can't afford another 4 years and, another 6 trillion being flushed down the shitter which is what we'll see if Obama or, Romney reside in the Whitehouse.

  2. Tenth,
    I have concerns about Coulter as well. Her embrace of Christy and now Romney is cause for the revocation of her self-declared conservative credentials.

    Romney has never garnered more than 25% which means 75% don't like him.

    I still prefer either Cain or Perry over the rest although I doubt Cain can recover from his latest FOPAs. I don't trust Newt as he is a big government guy in reality.

    Perry's latest declarations against big government, term limits, etc. are worthy of discussion but I doubt that any president can buck the interests of 544 entrenched individuals.


    Cain and Perry DEFINATELY.

    However brothers and sisters, I am NOT ready to kick Newt to the curb, even with his past. The guy is a genius and he IS the author of the Contract with America. WHO he brings into his camp is of interest to me.

  4. Clearly, she's a RINO! What a disgrace she is to YOUR GOP!! It's time to purge her, too, from YOUR party. YOUR party doesn't need these socialists, these commies, these leftists.

    Clean house, Tenth, CS, Anti, Sepp, Hardnox!! Get rid of ALL RINOS. After all, YOU ALL know what 'good' Republicans ought to believe in; they don't.

    If only the Posse ruled the Republican Party!!!

    [thanks for another laugh, Tenth]

  5. Tenth and friends,

    This does of course point out that the over-heated anti-Romney rhetoric of the last few months does put conservatives in a bind.

    Cooler heads have pointed out that Romney ran in the bluest of States and won - did he suppress his native conservatism to win in a liberal State and work with a liberal dominated government? or did he fit right in? Smart money says he is more conservative than he appeared.

    The varied positions are a two edged sword as well. If Romney made a reasoned decision (as tens of millions of Americans have in the last decade) to oppose abortion for example - is he smart? Or is he a flip-flopper? I know a lot of people who made that decision late in life - many after seeing an ultrasound of a baby.

    President Obama is a left-wing ideologue who can't seem to learn from experience - Romney may not be ideologically pure, but there is a good news/bad news story there as well. Romeny has shown the ability to learn from experience - I see that as good.

    Don't get me wrong, Romney is my fourth choice right now - but if he wins the primary election that means he is the choice of a substantial part of the American electorate. You all get one (1) vote, deploy it however you like. However that is the extent of your effect - one vote. One of the factors that absolutely has to be part of the calculus of your vote is whether or not a candidate can win.

    The huge mistake that the TEA movement made in 2010 is forcing candidates on Delaware and Nevada who could not win. They blamed it on everyone else - but they did it. They made our effort to flip the Senate next year two seats harder. It was stupid.

    If the majority of the American people will vote for Romney (and they might) but won't vote for Santorum (they almost certainly will not) then the choice is obvious.

    Ann Coulter is simply verbalizing what we all know already. Rather than ratcheting up the Romney-bashing we should be throwing our weight behind our guy or gal in the primary contest. Perry has done a phenomenal job in repairing the damage he did to himself, Herman Cain not so much. Gingrich really is the smartest man in the room - but can he win? I don't know. However no matter what the result of the primary, we have to get behind our Party's nominee.

    Thirty-seven percent of the electorate stayed home in 2008 and the result was the worst President in our history. More people stayed home than voted for Obama. The one thing that I can guarantee you is that a second term of a Barack Obama who doesn't have to worry about reelection will be manifestly worse. I reject that four years of Romney would be worse than four years of Obama unleashed. To say otherwise is absurd.

    The other frightening thing that you do by withholding your vote is that the down-ballot candidates (Senate, House) will also not get the benefit of your vote. That could be catastrophic.

    I don't like Romney - but we are boxing ourselves in with these off-the-chart statements. Mud_PILE has good reason to be amused if we undermine the best hope for getting rid of Obama using the GOP standard selection process of circular firing squad.

  6. Has it ever occurred to any of you that we all are Americans? No one is more of an American than the next person. Why work so hard to elect somebody that won't be the leader of all Americans?

    And what's up with all this RINO crap? My Republican credentials would make anyone of you look like a Marxist. Hell, I even have a card from The RNC (kinda like a credit card, so to speak).

    I was absolutely furious with the tricks Obama used to get the Democrat nomination. And his lack of experience made it rather easy to vote for McCain. But when Obama won, he was OUR President and I show him the respect due the President of The United States. The truth be told, I would love to vote for a Republican for President, but all the current candidates appear to want a theocracy instead of a democracy or are just plain too stupid to run the most powerful country on the planet.

  7. NW Ohio,

    I think that you have a self esteem problem. Why do you always have to have made more money, be less racist, be more honest, and be more Republican than everyone else? You ought to get that checked.

    To get a card from the RNC - send them a check - they'll send you a card. I know. I've done it. The thought that you make me "look like a Marxist" is absurd on the very face of it.

    You are however correct about the "RINO crap." I have spoken out about it before. We need a coalition of Conservatives, RINOs, Independents, and with a bit of luck some right-thinking democrats to pull this off in 2012.

    However to be considered an "American" you have to think and act like one. al Awlaki was technically an American. He was a traitor, a murderer, and I'm delighted that he is dead.

  8. NWO,
    A candidate who says he has religious beliefs doesent mean that he's planning on turning the nation into a theocratic nuthouse where it's forced on anyone.

    The only people who seem to believe otherwise are athiests and moonbats.
    Carter, Clinton and Obama all claimed to hold religious beliefs and attended church without the moonbat brigades bawling that they were going to force everyone to do the same.
    A Republican who does the same has folks like muddy acting like it's going to be a christian version of Iran or, Afghanistan.

    As for the current candidates, Cain isn't a slick politician but, the guy is pretty smart where common sense is concerned.

    We could use a guy with some fix-it experience and, he has a record of it.

  9. Jeff,
    What's your point?

    The fact that you are a card carring member of the RNC does not mean anything other than the fact that you pay dues. That said, your card certainly does not give you conservative credentials in any way shape or form.

    True, a president should be the leader of all the people but the moron in the WH deserves no such respect because he has chosen to be presidnet for only some of the people. Respect is earned. He has chosen to divide this country and practice class warfare as with any marxist model.

    You are no Republican if you support anything that zero has practiced to date. How can you?

    Name one thing that he has done that was an original idea (and not Bush's policy). Name one thing that he has done to help this nation. Name one thing that he has not done that was not campaigning or pandering to his base.

    Obama promised much before the election and he has made many promises over the last three years. He has not delivered on a single one of them.

    All of us on the right predicted what our situation would be if Obama were elected, and we have been proven correct. 52% of voters accepted his message of "hope and change' but never asked what it would be.

    All of us on the right were prepared to accept him as president but none of us hoped that he would be the disaster that he has proven to be domestically and internationally.

    Respect, sure I give him respect... when he resigns.

  10. NW Ohio...

    "But when Obama won, he was OUR President and I show him the respect due the President of The United States. The truth be told, I would love to vote for a Republican for President, but all the current candidates appear to want a theocracy instead of a democracy or are just plain too stupid to run the most powerful country on the planet."

    One, respect is earned not given.

    Two, we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy.

    Three, Too Stupid? You mean worse than the idiot who thinks that there is 57 states or that Hawaii is Asia?

    Your Republican creds are suspect, I've heard that line from libs way too many times to be sucked into it. Indeed, Republican creds are dreck as far as I am concerned, it is CONSERVATIVE creds that we're concerned with.

  11. To whom it may concern:

    I am a registered independent, and neither CS or Jeff or anyone else will show proof of being more conservative than me.

    To be a Republican, all you have to do is say you are one. I disagree with that policy. Is Snowe a Republican? She claims to be. Is she a conservative? No. Ditto on Romney.


    I agree that people can change their positions honestly, and perhaps Romney did. But he changed his positions when it was politically expedient, so he cannot claim a revival moment without some doubt. I have that doubt about his conservatism.

    As for the fellows down the list that will not benefit from my vote:

    I will and always have voted. I will not vote a straight ticket, and find the practice offensive. As I pointed out above, to be a Republican, all you have to do is say so, so voting straight ticket doesn't guarantee the best conservative candidate, especially on the local level.

  12. I have voted for democrats in the past but, what passes for a democrat today is a far cry from what the dems used to be.

    When I was a kid, the Dems still used to be Kennedy's party in spirit.
    Today, John Kennedy would be run out of the democrat party on a rail while they called him a facist and, Hitler.

    It wasn't all that long ago that the standard bearer of that party was an anti-communist while today, the party's standard bearer is endorsed by the communists!

    Ask not what your country can do for now...The country owes you something for nothing!

    Show me a democrat candidate who has a record to run on, a resume of accomplishment who hasn't spent a lifetime covorting with communists and socialists while exclaiming his bitterness toward this country and I could vote for him / her.
    The problem is that anyone who fits the description has also left that party.

  13. Is there such a category as 'liberal Republican?'

    What about 'moderate Republican?

    Or are most Republicans right-wing? If so, why not just call it the Right-wing Party? After all, today's GOP is nothing at all like the GOP that my parents belonged to.

    Nothing at all!

  14. Mud,

    Again with your parents? They were Catholic, so you're atheist. They were racists, so you're enlightened. They were Republicans so you're a liberal turd. I guess I feel sorry for you. You must have had an awful childhood.

  15. Using mud's logic why not rename the democratic party the communist party?

  16. Mud_PILE,

    You should ask Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) if there are any intelligent Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever).

  17. Try to stay on point.....I mentioned my relationship to the Republican Party to point out the fact the I still cherish the values that originally drew into the Party. When I see johnny-come-lately's calling me a RINO and extolling values that are not true Republican, I try to point out the error of their ways.

    In the 80's the party elected what I consider the worst President in U.S. History. Yes I did vote for him; twice. And yes, it was my mistake to not keep a closer eye on him. But I was young, dumb and had other things on my mind at the time. People who attempt to apply that name, RINO, on others could actually be the RINO's. Only they aren't because they're not even doing a good job faking it.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I was active in the Republican Party way before I sent money or got a card. In fact, I'd wager many of you weren't even born yet. I am trully ashamed of some "Republicans" today. But for those of us who have been around a while, we have to chuckle at least a little because those very same people (or people like them) used to go by the name Democrats. So did Reagan.

  18. Jeff,

    Go away.

    "In the 80's the party elected what I consider the worst President in U.S. History. Yes I did vote for him; twice."

    Are you actually attempting to say Reagan is the worst President in U.S. history? While claiming to be a Republican? Again, I think you missed your meds.

    If you can't be reasonable, please quit leaving your drivel here.

  19. Thats pretty warped.
    He'll call Reagan the worst president while routinely defending the outright blunders of Obama.

    The moonbats always have the same thing to say about Reagan..."He ran up a deficit!"

    Yeah, while defeating the Soviets without firing a shot and, presiding over one of the most prosperous decades in history...yeah he WAS the worst, if you're a liberal who resents America.

    I think we're seeing the worst president ever right now. At no time has a sitting president spent so much money with nothing to show for it, insulted our allies, kissed ass with our enemies, emplaced communists with records of hatefullness toward America within the government and, allowed his campaign donors to loot the treasury of billions of dollars.

  20. Tenth responds to my question about the number of 'liberal Republicans' and the number of 'moderate Republicans' left in today's GOP this way:

    Again with your parents? They were Catholic, so you're atheist. They were racists, so you're enlightened. They were Republicans so you're a liberal turd.

    Well, Tenth, who can argue THAT excellent response. Wow! You sure nailed the answer!!

    Let me see if I can summarize that complex answer you gave:

    Question: How many liberal or moderate Republicans are in today's GOP?

    Answer: "Your parents were Catholic, racist, and you are a liberal turd."

    That's it, folks. In case you were looking for any substance here on this blog, move along- there's nothing to see here.

  21. Tenth,

    As you can see, arguing with Liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) is like wrestling with a pig. You get dirty and the pig loves it.

    How anyone can look at a Party that includes Senators Snowe, Collins, McCain, Graham, Brown, Brasso, Hutchinson, DeMint, Hutchinson, Inhofe, Rubio, and Paul and say we don't cover a broad and inclusive political spectrum requires the willing suspension of disbelief.

    Mud_PILE - I say again - did you ask Senator Joe Lieberman (Independent - CT) about democrat tolerance?

  22. Certainly muddy, the GOP probably isn't the same party that your parents belonged to since it's LESS conservative now than it was back then.
    I'll also point out that the core values are still the same for conservatives as they've always been.

    Now, look at your democrat party. In a short time it's core values have been flipped 180 degrees and, it's now nothing more than a bunch of leftist factions with the old school democrats (who aren't nutcases) on one end of the spectrum and, the neo-communists at the other end while the "democratic socialists" now make up the middle part of the party.
    It seems to me that most people who vote democrat anymore, simply do it because they've always done it or, haven't grasped the fact that their party no longer exists as it had before.

    When the communists endorse your party's platform, you might want to look at who's running your party.
    It was'nt the communists who's ideals and platform that have changed, it was yours that did.