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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mud, this government program is for you


  1. Tenth,

    Well done.


    Time to put your money where your mouth is. I'm sure that we can get some traveling money together for you - a ticket to that Worker's Paradise in Cuba? Or perhaps the Socialist Paradise of Sweden? France? Or you could help set up a new regime in Libya?

    That's it - head over to Libya and teach them about homosexual rights, I'm sure you all will get along famously.

    If you won't go - please tell us why you would stay here in a land of LIVs. Don't tell us you're too old - I'm sure that the robust, widely available, and FREE health care in all those places could sustain your worthless life.

  2. "Facts are stupid things."
    Ronald Reagan, 1988

  3. "Facts are stupid things." -at the 1988 Republican National Convention, attempting to quote John Adams, who said, "Facts are stubborn things"

    NON- Try again. He mistook one word while trying to quote a former President. Does that make someone a bad person? Plus, was it taken out of context? I remember having a back and forth with you about the following.

    "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

    Of course, this is the famous Al Gore quote. Now, I'm sure Gore never meant to imply that he invented the internet. Do you really think Reagan was trying to imply that facts are stupid?

  4. N.W. Ohio,

    You're dogging Reagan when YOUR idiotic potus and veep can't remember that Hawaii IS NOT Asia, there isn't 57 states, and that Obama really ISN'T clean and articulate.

  5. N.W. Ohio,

    You're dogging Reagan when YOUR idiotic potus and veep can't remember that Hawaii IS NOT Asia, there isn't 57 states, and that Obama really ISN'T clean and articulate.

  6. TGP,

    On my old TH blog and on TH, I used to provide the instructions and link to the "renouncing your citizenship" page at State to stupid liberals. Hell, once we even had a "send a lib to Cuba" fund proposed to PAY THEIR WAY!

    Oddly enough, the libtards STFU and usually went away.

  7. Jeff,
    What did that statement have anything to do with the subject at hand?

    You're off your meds again aren't you?

  8. CS,
    Let's start a "get mud PILE out of the USA" fund.

    Yeah mud, put your money where your mouth is... otherwise STFU. Face it, you're a commie. You know it. We know it.

    Btw, take the retard Jeff with you. You'll be in good company. You'll have plenty of commies to bitch in unison with in your echo chamber.

  9. Tenth- did you enjoy posting a few comments on my blog over the weekend? Did you notice that you were treated with respect?

  10. No, Mud. I didn't notice any respect. A lack of disrespect does not indicate respect.

  11. Tenth,

    Is Mud_PILE living in a parallel universe here? How duplicitous and deceitful can one be to talk about "respect" after what he has spewed in your direction?

    Mud_PILE - have you no honor sir? Have you no concept of reality? Do you even know what planet you are on?

    Respect is a two-way street.

  12. Last time I checked, anyone who posted a differing viewpoint on your page muddy was subjected to juvenile shit of the lowest caliber from the moonbats you've handed your site over to.

    If TGP posted something there that ran counter to the groupthink and didn't result in bipolar ravings and foaming at the mouth replies, it must have been due to your rabid friends moving onto a different topic and not noticing.

    Logic isn't well received over there to say the least.

  13. No, Mud. I didn't notice any respect. A lack of disrespect does not indicate respect.

    Clever wording, Tenth. Feel free to come back and post your thoughts. No one will vilify you or denigrate you for doing so.

  14. Mud,

    I remember last time I posted over there the moonbats all jumped me and accused me of LIVism. I noticed a lot of disrespect.

    I read your stuff all the time. When I have a comment to make, I will. I normally don't find much worth commenting on, though.

    Stay tuned for my piece on "Occupy Toledo." You'll get a kick outta these idiots.

  15. Tenth,

    Mud_PILE is sounding a little pathetic, urgently pathetic. "Please come back to play in my cesspool Tenth. We'll be nice, I promise."

    You must drive up hits or visits. He did the same with me, but as soon as you make some progress with explaining how the world actually works, you get "Sorry pal, but I've banned you from posting to my blog."

    As you point out, there isn't anything to be learned at his site - but you are going where the real sinners dwell. Without one of us, Mud_PILE's site is just a PILE echo chamber.

  16. Stay tuned for my piece on "Occupy Toledo." You'll get a kick outta these idiots.

    Gosh, Tenth, will I learn anything from reading your new post? Or will it be the same tired old shit that CS has been posting on his blog day after dreary day?

    Of course, I didn't learn anything from reading his 6 [or was it 7?] posts, so I suspect that there won't be anything to LEARN from you Occupy post.

    Why don't you create a post that is worthwhile and something that people can actually make comments about, rather than some slander against a particular movement?

    You are way-too young to know this, so let me educate you a bit. Back in the 60's and early 70's, Nixon and his group of bandits took up trashing the Vietnam War protesters, in a similar way that CS and you are getting all giddy about trashing the Occupy protesters. It's the 'them v. us' canard that is tirelessly played by the right wing of your party.

    Nixon used it to distract The People from his own agenda and it actually worked for him and that's how he landed in the White House. Of course The People began to tire not only of the Vietnam War but of Nixon himself.

    Things didn't work out too well with Tricky Dick, did they.

    You can only fool The People some of the time and never all of The People all of the time.

    So, go ahead and get your jollies about the Occupy Movement, but do you really know what side you should be on? Be sure that you don't get led by professional propagandists who get paid to mislead you.

    End of history lesson.

  17. Mud,

    You are an unbelievably stupid man. Richard Nixon ended the Vietnam War. Started by Kennedy, ramped up by Johnson, ended (poorly) by Nixon.

    Do not presume to give me history lessons. I have studied American history in more depth than you could imagine, and I have always had a good bullshit detector to weed out the revisionist history propagated by idiots like you.

    Do you really think you are well educated? You consistently show your ignorance when posting here, and you never finish a discussion. When you are confronted with facts and REAL history lessons, you tuck your tail between your legs and run away, like the draft dodging coward you are.

    And just so you know, I actually met President Nixon in California in 1973. I was too young to realize just how smart he was, but I have since learned that what Nixon did was accept responsibility for the actions of the men he had working for him. Maybe you shouldn't throw that rock while Obama is living in the glass houses of Gunrunner and Solyndra.

    Grow up, old man.

  18. Tenth,

    Good call on Mud_PILE's revisionist history. PILE's have a white-hot hate for Richard Nixon that has nothing to do with Watergate or Viet Nam. They hate Richard Nixon because Nixon hated communists. It was Nixon who enabled the government to expose communist spy Alger Hiss. The liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) were gunning for Nixon ever since.

    Nixon appealed to the American people because he was seen as anti-communist just like the overwhelming majority of "We the people."

    However, Nixon also showed how government should not work.

    Hey Mud_PILE how well did price controls work?
    Doesn't Nixon get credit for the Clean Air Act? Or forming the EPA? How about OSHA? He opened up China and dealt with the Soviets - does he get credit for that?

    Nixon was actually a moderate boarding on being a RINO. Mud_PILE and other PILEs should embrace him as McCain-like. However Nixon hated communists and in the eyes of PILEs - that is unforgivable.

  19. CS,

    You're wasting your breath on MudPILE. He won't return to this thread since facts are in play.