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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Made in America

Recently, in Montana, a contractor built a house without buying a single thing made in a foreign country.  The cost difference to the homeowner - 1%.  For 1% more money, you can build your house while putting only Americans to work.  Why wouldn't you do that?

But I have another challenge to throw out.  Why not buy everything you use from here in the USA?  Clothing, groceries, vehicles, appliances, computers.  Everything we buy is being made somewhere in America.  And none of it will have lead paint, or be sewn in a sweat shop by an eight year old slave child.  None of your money will leave the USA, supporting God knows what kind of criminal activity.  And none of our money will go to China, so when our idiots in Washington go ask them for more money, they'll have to say, "So solly, no money here."

Buy an American made vehicle.  Buy American made gasoline, made from American mined and refined oil.  Buy American made clothing made of American grown cotton.  Buy TVs, microwave ovens, computers, and cell phone made right here.  If every American would vow to only buy American products, we would see our economy boom, and we'd see the rest of the world looking to us for stuff, the way they used to before liberal shitheads took over our country.


  1. Tenth,

    I already endure this with Mrs. CS yelling in a shoe store why they don't carry shoes made in the USA and she cooked off in WalMart the other day.

    We are working on it.

  2. Well worth doing and paying slightly more is worth it. It takes some effort but, it can be done. Good Post.

  3. Good post and good advice. I have practiced that policy for many years.

  4. I agree with everything but the vehicle issue.

    I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy ANYTHING made by the UAW at Government Motors or Chrysler. They are s h i t.

    When I spent 25K on a vehicle, and here in Alaska, I need reliability, I bought the BEST SUV on the market with 90% reliability, best MPG, best longevity, etc, according to several different consumer ratings.

    Toyota Rav 4.

    Made in the USA by non-union workers.

    Other than that, I buy American AND LOCALLY whenever I can.

  5. TGP- Wonderful post. I feel like you and I have a theme going. Who knows, maybe with enough support, blogging, and forwarded e-mails, we can do something, that the OWS crowd couldn't. We can help in the creation of jobs.

    Now, as far as electronics, I will be doing more research, but it may be tricky.
    In an interview before his death, Steve Jobs said, "I did not send manufacturing jobs overseas for higher profits. I sent them overseas, because I needed 30,00 engineers, and America did not have them." It was a reply to an accusation made by a certain President.

    As for autos, ALZ is correct. Their are many foreign automakers that have assembly plants in this country. And their are many American auto-makers who have their cars assembled in Mexico. You can check out the VIN# online. It will tell you exactly where the car was assembled.

    There was only 1 automaker in recent history that assembled their autos in America, using only American made parts. That was Saturn.

    Let's face it, the administration is not moving fast enough with job creation. Let's give 'em some help. Not for them of course,(F##k them) but for our fellow Americans. God Bless.

  6. You must be a racist for not wanting chinese drywall and poison-leaching materials being used to build homes for Americans!

    Haven't you heard that America has sat on top of the heap for too long and it's time to "be fair" and screw American companies in favor of foreign ones?

    Sorry...I thought you might have been missing muddy and northwest ohio nitwit!