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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call off the amber alert

About three months ago, a commenter on this and other blogs went missing.  No one filed a report, cause no one wanted him back.

After reading the comments of a new poster, we decided that Jio was holding Jeff hostage, and forcing him to write comments in Jio's name.  As soon as we figured this out, Jio sold Jeff to Northwest OhioNative, who also forced Jeff to make incomprehensible posts in attempts to "educate us lesser life forms."

Since Jio, NWON, and Jeff are so sensitive to accusations of idiocy, they all lost what little marbles they had, and in embarrassment, disappeared from our presence.  The last one, NorthwestOhioNative, left in a huff, unable to cope with the fact that we didn't believe any of his made up credentials, such as his USDA stamp of non-racism.

Well, good news.  Jeff has managed to escape his straight-jacket and is now posting demented bullshit under his own name.  This absolutely proves that Jeff, Jio, and NorthwestOhioNative can't be the same person, as NON has promised (on Muddy's blog at least) that he will not return to our "alternate universe".

Northwest Ohio Native
(psssst……Mr. Mud……over here, I want to confess something.)
(It was Sunday morning, and I know I should have been in Church, but I was home on the computer instead. I was bored so I wandered over “there”. I couldn’t help myself, the temptation was too strong. I blame the Devil for making me do it. Please forgive me.)

Begging forgiveness from his master?

 Northwest Ohio Native
12/08/2011 at 1:38 PMLOL – Good Lord! Just this morning I deleted the links to those blogs off of my computer. I tried being nice. I tried finding common ground. I tried pointing them to their own sources if they wouldn’t believe me.
Nothing worked. All I got in return were threats, name calling and persons trying to disclose more personal information about me than I wanted posted on the Internet.
However, I did learn a few things. My God but there are some uninformed people who write and comment on blogs. And I have never seen the extent of outright lying in my life.

Really?  Are you implying that anyone lies more than you, Jeff?  Get a grip.  Or some sedatives.  And quit accusing people of "using" sick children to make some point.  You obviously use your illness as a crutch.


  1. Tenth,

    Jeff might be like the kid who no one ever looked for in "Hide and Go Seek." He had to surface because no one cared that he was missing.

    I didn't miss him - did you miss him?

  2. CS,

    Of course I missed him, and so did you, you big kidder. And no one ever mistreated him as a child. Everyone loved Jeff, and wanted to be his friend. But they all thought Jeff would never want to hang out with losers like them, so they never approached Jeff.

    (He is reading this, you know.)

  3. TGP- It's sad, I never had anything against him personally. I even apologized to him in regards to the post I published. But now I see him for what he is.

    NON- I believe you are a coward. You read the comments Mud left, and said nothing. You knew they were bullshit, but you just kept high-fiving each other as if you two put someone in their place. You didn't do anything of the sort, you're just one of those people, that will go right along with the captain, instead of rocking the boat. It's sad.

  4. My problem with him was that he posted some of the most bizarre shit. I read his posts several times and few made any sense at all.

    He also never responded to any questions, even simple ones. For that matter neither did mud PILE.

    I will never miss any of them.

  5. Hardnox,

    There's no point missing them. Jeff is already back, Mud won't be far behind.

  6. "You read the comments Mud left, and said nothing. You knew they were bullshit, but you just kept high-fiving each other as if you two put someone in their place."

    Johnny, THAT is what is known as a "circle jerk" over at muddy's moonbat factory.

    If you're going to post there, thats what you're going to deal with.

  7. If there is one thing lib's cannot deal with or even understand is the definition of "facts." They dribble their propaganda and they don't even know where in the hell their idiotic thought came from. Show me just one lib that is willing to stick around and comment back; once they have been confronted and asked to provide facts for their opinion. It's impossible; they're embarrassed at how their ideology has never done anything good . They can't name one damn thing lib's have ever done in this country that was productive or good for our nation.

  8. Gents,

    Liberals post ignorant shate BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORAMUSES! That is WHY they ARE liberals!

    Facts are to libs as garlic is to dracula.

    Once you understand THAT, the rest falls into place.