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Monday, December 12, 2011

Uh, er, when do you need my decision?

On December 8th, we lost a chunk of machinery somewhere over Iran.  The chunk costs about as much as Obama is worth (I can hear you all chuckling and saying the chunk can't possibly be that inexpensive).  Some poor general had to come to Obama and tell him we have a situation.  Obama would have quickly said, "Uh, er what exactly, um, do you, uhh, mean?"  The general would have then told the Comkmander-in-Chief that one of our extremely high tech drones was spying over Iran, and it went down.  Then Obama would have started his decision making process:  Hit the links, and hope the situation either goes away or resolves itself before he has to do his job.

Sorry, Mr. President, but the Iranians have our drone.  It is possible that the drone malfunctioned, but the Iranians are claiming that they brought it down using, get this, electronic ambush.  Uh, who, um, er that is, uh, they can do that?

Officers in the Revolutionary Guard, Iran's most powerful military force, have claimed the country's armed forces brought down the surveillance aircraft with an electronic ambush, causing minimum damage to the drone.

Iran captures US Drone.jpg

As you can see from this photo, the drone does not give the appearance of having crashed.  It does apparently have an "auto land" setting, but could the Iranians have decoded it and given it commands to land? Maybe.

In 1980, the US military attempted to rescue the hostages in our Iranian Embassy.  It was a total flop.  We had to destroy several aircraft that had been disabled.  We did that to keep the technology in those aircraft from falling into the wrong hands.  In 1973, my dad destroyed several howitzers before being overrun at An Hoa.  He did that to keep those guns from being used by the enemy.  The point is, when that drone went down in Iranian territory, it should have been destroyed immediately.  But our chief decision maker is pretty slow off the ball, and before he could weigh the pros and cons, the Iranians were posting pictures of our drone all over the world.

As a result of Obama's dereliction of duty, Iran is, among other things, going to sue us for invading their country.  Part of Obama's piss poor decision not to destroy the drone was because he was worried that the Iranians would consider it an act of war.  Well, Captain Dumbass, they already consider the drone an act of war, but now they have the drone, chock full of high-tech secrets that THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD DOESN'T WANT IRAN TO HAVE.  Smooth move, asshole.

Iranian lawmaker Parviz Sorouri, a member of the parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, said Monday the extracted information will be used to file a lawsuit against the United States for what he called the "invasion" by the unmanned aircraft

Maybe Iran isn't smart enough to glean much technology from this farce, but:

Sorouri also claimed that Iran has the capability to reproduce the drone through reverse engineering, but he did not elaborate.

Obama should be immediately removed from office for dereliction of duty.  If Joe Biden is a real patriot (not just a taxpaying patriot), his duty is to relieve the President for being unfit for the job.  If Biden doesn't consider him unfit, Boehner needs to have them both removed for incompetence.


  1. Tenth,

    Are you sure that this isn't just another way that President Obama is just "spreading the wealth around?" I think you have to at least hold out the possibility that he gave the high tech drone to the Iranians so that they could feel good about themselves.

    There is a rumor that other drones are scheduled to pancake into North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Sudan. If we hand out enough drones, everyone will be happy and pleased with us. We are building up the self esteem of their respective armed forces.

    If that doesn't work, we are going to ramp up the "spread the wealth around" program by landing stealth fighters in those same countries and instructing our pilots to walk away and leave the keys in them.

    You see ever since Americans attacked the fourth largest army in the world and kicked the living sh*t out of them - there has been a deficit of personal self-worth in the Middle East and elsewhere. Destroying the Taliban and al Qaeda while planting functioning Democratic governments in Afghanistan and Iraq really pushed these people into a dangerous deficit of self-love.

    President Obama may be trying to actually earn his Nobel Peace Prize.

    Give the guy a little credit will you?

  2. Liberals believe that our military should never have anything that our enemies might not have...just so war is "fair".

    Sure, the drone may have been comprimised by the Iranians however doubtfull but, since they have not yet even figured out how to make electricity from a nuclear reactor properly 50 years after the rest of the planet, I'm inclined to believe that a 3 point landing from a stealth drone that they don't have the technology to detect wasn't just a lucky guess on their was a gift from the Obama administration.

  3. Fellas,

    What both of you are describing would be treason. Who can charge the President for that crime? Can I? How about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? How about Allen West? Somebody needs to draw up some papers.

  4. "Hello? Amadinajad? Barry here...sayyyyy could we have our spy drone back?
    Ok, bye-bye!"

    TGP, it's not officially "treason" because the bow and the card blew off of it while it was in flight.

  5. TGP,

    Slight correction and I noted it on my blog, was that the downed Marine helos WERE NOT destroyed, because KGB Karter forbid an airstrike because Iranians might be hurt, the classified material was sold to the Soviets, AND BOTH helos are currently serving in the Iranian Navy!